"Wait for the boss!" Frank suddenly jumped in front of him and raised his hand. "Something’s wrong."

"What’s wrong?" Chen Bo asked with difficulty in his heart.
"It’s too quiet," Frank said, gesturing to the little black Walter behind him. At the same time, both of them pulled out their waist guns and stood on guard like an enemy. "This is the second floor of the basement. When someone comes here, it’s on patrol. Look, the lights of the closed-circuit monitors on both sides have gone out. It’s very likely that someone has tampered with it."
The two men scanned Chen Bo and Xin Gongwei behind them and found nothing unusual about him. Frank carefully walked over to Cadillac suv and didn’t hurry to the door, but carefully observed whether there was any situation through the window glass.
The front of the car, the rear of the car and the car body were inspected one by one until Frank got up quickly and ran and waved and shouted, "Run to the back of the column!" !”
Passing 18-wheeler, Walter immediately pulled Chen Bo and Xin to the nearest load-bearing column and then heard a loud bang.
Strong waves hit the cochlea and shot up to the forehead. Venus has appeared in both ears. Fortunately, Chen Bo didn’t move slowly just now, and he hugged Xin tightly in his arms and was shivering at the moment.
But fortunately, the load-bearing column blocked most of the shock waves and was not directly damaged
Walter’s forearm was cut directly by a flying iron piece, and his arm was blood.
"Frank Frank!" Although the ears are still buzzing, Venus is circling around, but Chen Bo hasn’t forgotten that there is still one person who hasn’t come over yet. He shouted anxiously
"Cough … boss … I’m fine!" Frank stumbled into the back of his sight, and the clothes were incomplete and fragments were inserted. It was obviously the explosion just now, Jay.
"What did you say? ?” Chen Bo saw him open his mouth, but he couldn’t hear clearly what he said, so he tried to shout, "Are you all right? !”
"I … have nothing to do!" Frank can also give him a gesture, word by word, and then he will be relieved for the time being.
When the hotel staff heard of this scene, they immediately called 911 and treated Frank with simple wounds when he was seriously injured.
Xin, although he was a little scared in his arms, there was no trauma and his hearing recovered faster than him.
Chen Bo turned around from behind the pillar and looked at the parking place. He saw that the black Cadillac suv was burning with flames, and the surrounding cars were also impacted, not only severely deformed, but also the window glass was shattered all over the floor.
D is really tough. What if people don’t turn into a pile of scorched earth?
"This is 4 explosives 15 times higher than the strength of N, and the detonation speed is very fast! The fire was caused only after the fuel tank was broken down by debris, "Walter explained, clutching his bandaged arm." It’s impossible for a professional to play with this kind of thing, and its plasticity is hard to detect even by light. It’s always made by the military’s anti-equipment weapons. "
"So this kind of thing is hard to get?"
"It’s hard to be native to Czech Republic, but the United States is the largest producer now, but it’s very strictly guarded, but it’s not impossible and easier if it’s obtained in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Then the LAPD and ambulance finally arrived late.
Although the body feels nothing serious, no one knows whether the shock wave will affect the internal organs or not, and it can only be ruled out by going to the hospital for an orientation examination. Moreover, Frank was the most seriously injured and just held his breath. Now he fell into a coma after seeing the police coming.
"Did you do Sakurai?" Chen Bo took an ambulance and immediately dialed the words.
"Call in the middle of the sick isn’t it? What have I done to me! " There is still a time difference of about three hours between the east and west coasts. It is really midnight in new york.
"You’re not the best, or I’ll never let you go!" When Chen Bo finished speaking, he closed the line.
Although I have a grudge against this crazy woman Sakurai, if I really want to fight him, it will never drag on until now, and this woman is arrogant and will not make this extreme means to retaliate. She wants to defeat him in a head-on confrontation.
But who else can she be?
The Dalit group? Since the incident at Harvard University, the Toubert YMCA has been banned, and they have all gone from place to place.
Although European and American countries still engage in political begging, according to the information he has, Tsering, the right-hand man who advocates violence, has been abolished by him, and the situation of the Dalits is getting worse and worse
The strengthening of the country’s economic and military strength will make him have all kinds of thoughts and forces more and more afraid to be involved with Dalit.
Attacking an unimportant person like him is not only of little significance, but also will completely anger the White House. This is the land of the United States, and terrorism has risen to the topic after 9/11.
Is it the Bilderberg Club? Or a trilateral commission? !
Chapter IX Doing Things
The hotel bombing attracted not only the police but also the reporters who heard the news, but the next day Los Angeles was still crowing and dancing.
He, Chen Bo, talked to old David overnight, which also made him angry. The Tripartite Committee had just absorbed him into the organization and had not even attended a formal meeting before there was a violent attack. What does this mean?
Bilderberg Club has a greater political advantage and likes to provoke local wars to make profits, but all of them are in turbulent areas. Their main purpose is to safeguard the interests of western hegemony, while the white orthodox trilateral emphasizes peaceful development and fish farming seems to be controlled behind the scenes through moderate means. Although political differences exist, it is not such an off-the-shelf move.
Moreover, at this juncture, nothing can affect the process. On the one hand, old David immediately launched all trilateral resources to block the news, while on the other hand, he investigated who D was so bold?
For the time being, the social platform for broadcasting on the Internet has not developed the kind of situation that the degree of passing the ball can be traced, and the orange company can easily kill the news in the cradle.
And Google’s Chen Bo personally went to make a phone call, and now the search engine is the strongest. Although there is a conflict between the two companies, who has no black background yet?
Although Google claims that it is not evil, it is not less evil. Chen Bo is clear in his heart that he does not want to reveal it. If that is not good for anyone, it will really set off an attack on the Internet. In the end, both sides will lose, and it will be regulated by governments all over the world.
Both Chen Bo and Page rely on the Internet and are most afraid of it. This private agreement is naturally reached and it is also a tacit understanding between the two sides.
According to his personality, he can’t wait to preach that the whole world is full of it to win public sympathy and occupy moral high points, but at present, the situation is very different, and he can’t see much of what he is doing, let alone make mistakes.
After a thorough examination, all three of them are fine except Frank who needs rest.
Chen Bo quickly sent more people to ensure the safety of his family, and he took extra care to ensure that it was lost.
The international situation is becoming more and more confusing, take the crude oil market as an example.
The armed conflict in Nigeria, an African oil-producing country, has intensified, and there have been frequent attacks on oilfield equipment and pipelines, which has led Royal Dutch Shell to directly close the local oil field with a daily output of 450,000 barrels.
The pe organization announced that it would reduce production by 120,000 barrels a day, while the Latin American regional committees Rilla and Ecuador announced the nationalization of energy and nationalized many oil fields.
The U.S. government signed the new energy bill, which requires that a certain amount of renewable fuels such as ether be added to the total composition of gasoline, and the proportion should be increased year by year to get rid of the dependence on crude oil.
Iraq dragged on for a long time and failed to solve the problem, which made Bush feel capable of betraying his family, but the Republican Party won the congressional election.
This series of game events will once soar to US dollars, and the price of a barrel will hit US$ 6 forcefully.
It’s the 15th interest rate hike in four years, and what will happen? Obviously, the people who invest in real estate are all loan money, and high interest rates will lead to increased repayment pressure.
Trilateral Committee economists advocate the financial crisis in the media. On Bilderberg Club, Bian Midian boasts that the currency adjustment market is positive.
Echo each other’s excitement really deserves a sentence: "The rain is coming!"
Nicholas successfully entered the Bank of JPMorgan Chase, although it was a middle-level management, but it was a qualitative leap.
James Jr. Europe encouraged the rich in continental Europe to donate generously to raise a huge sum of 200 million euros with the help of the Lochiel family flag, while Abu and Usmanov, Central Asia and Russia also transferred more than 300 million dollars to prepare for Bo-Bo bicycle to motorcycle in the financial tsunami.
Chen Bo’s oil field in Texas has been kept low-key until ExxonMobil’s oil and gas volume is not very high, but Nicholas managed to get $2.3 billion, of which 300 million belongs to Julio, and he also has a share. Of course, Chen Bo will not be greedy for his brother’s money.
In order to escape the high taxes, we also came up with various means to avoid taxes. Finally, when we arrived at the b&p fund account, we still lost more than one billion dollars in re-entry funds, but about 400 million yuan. It was only when Abu’s money was credited that we could barely be regarded as a low-middle allocation player.
Chen Bo threw out a novel of the same name and turned it into a screenwriter, and handed it to the great directors Martin Sikes and Xiao Li, who have combined many times and cast another film to test the water. This classic visual image is definitely not lacking in audience support.
Then he took Angelina and one-inch Wan Yu to Cannes, France, to attend the film festival and then to Namibia for labor.
The mastermind behind the explosion, whether it is the police station or trilateral, can’t give him a definite answer. Only one definite news is that Ha strangled.
Not to mention, I almost forgot this enlightener who lured Dalit to escape from Nazi, but his death and Chen Bo didn’t.
It’s not peaceful for people who are born, sick and dead, but it’s not peaceful to walk away. The Nazi mask has long been exposed by him and everyone spurned it. The Dalits didn’t show their condolences and there was not enough evidence to show that he was involved in the attempt to plan the bombing.