A figure gallops forward, and the dragon is eager to know the truth. If it is really cheated by Lin Feng, it is simply that Lin Feng loses the threat and those people are easy to deal with.

The dark street is fast, and the wind is whistling in the back ear. The Long Yiyi people rushed forward with a knife, and his hands could faintly hear the messy footsteps and heavy breathing behind him.
There are many people shaking in front, and there is nothing wrong with the dragon slowing down and approaching again in the dark. It is Lin Feng and his party who are talking and laughing. With the small people joining the team, one of them has a steady pace and a strong voice. Even if he hides behind, Long Yi can also hear clearly. It is Lin Feng.
The dragon stopped holding the handle and raised his arm. He couldn’t wait to rush to solve Lin Feng immediately. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make the most correct judgment from the other party’s sound and pace. Even if he was injured, he didn’t have a big man. He said that once a serious person was injured, especially dirty, he was injured by external forces. At this time, Lin Feng was out of danger and didn’t need to install it.
"My Lord"
The thin man took the lead in getting to the single theory of flying skill. Long Yi may not be his opponent, but he fell behind at this moment. In the evening, the fight took a lot of physical strength and he didn’t want to be too conspicuous. The strength of the other side was good, especially the woman hidden weapons was fast and ill. If she wasn’t experienced, she almost suffered several times.
"Are they going to do it?"
"Go back and take a long-term view"
The dragon pressed the bass and his eyes were still glued to the shadow in front of him. Even at the last moment, he still refused to give up. At this time, even if there was a flaw in Lin Feng, the dragon would not hesitate to pounce on Lin Fengxiao’s chest position like a fire, and a burst of idle blood kept pouring into his throat. Without absolute pressure, he must not let people see that he was seriously injured, even these people around him could not.
As soon as the dragon turned around, there was no way for him to be unwilling. Windson was fine, and there were a few more strong men around him. At this time, he rushed over and had a bad revenge for you for ten years. Kuang Long was not a gentleman. There were still many opportunities to keep his strength against Windson.
The big wheezing guy has just arrived and is soaked to the skin. He has really put all his strength into it, showing that he can’t run or gritting his teeth behind him.
"Why don’t you chase?"
"Go back"
Long Yi’s figure flashed over the big guy. This time, there was no room for recovery. Good casualties did not die. A woman who likes money only had a pity that three experts who went to the door spent a lot of effort to get in the door, just to deal with Lin Feng. At this time, there was only one person left.
"Why don’t you chase?" Big can’t help but ask 1 again.
"What’s chasing after Lin Feng? It’s not hurt!" At this moment, a thin person happened to pass by the big guy, which was really confusing. It was such an important ambush that he chose this person instead of himself.
The big stereo got up and passed the companion quickly. "Don’t shout for adults to say what to do!"
Big guy waved his head and was hit twice and still felt dizzy. Isn’t it really that his head doesn’t care about the feeling of hitting the other side? Even if Lin Feng reacts faster, he can’t think of hiding several pitfalls behind the wooden door. hidden weapons perfectly attracts Lin Feng’s sight. At that moment, he is close enough to Lin Feng’s position.
"Let’s go"
The man took a look at the big guy, his face was full of sadness, and he was carrying an iron hook and rope around his arm. The original four people were left alone at this time.
"What is the injury?"
The atmosphere in the inn was tight, and everyone quickly gathered around. Feitianyan, Tang Niu and others were all good walkers in the Jianghu. They were used to fighting and killing, and injuries were commonplace. It was the first time I saw such a serious injury. It was unimaginable that Lin Feng was dragging such injuries against Longyi alone and there were four experts who made iron hooks.
The scene in front of me can be incredible. "Nothing will happen. Adults have said that you can’t give up even if you are desperate. It’s this little injury."
"It will definitely get better for the Lin brothers." Tang Niuli squeezed a few eyes and didn’t want his tears to flow like this. A real man not only needs a blood test, but also can bear all kinds of hardships, even if he is in love.
At this time, the sky was dim, and everyone was sleepy all night. Lin Feng was lying on that face, and even a cough made people worry. Li Xiuer knelt by the bed and held on to Lin Feng’s hand, muttering, "Brother Lin must get better soon. Remember to promise to take care of Sa’s generation and keep his word."
A figure turned and pushed out the door and disappeared. Lu Jun hurriedly ran out with Feitian Yan, who could understand everyone’s mood at this time. Don’t be impulsive at this time.
Fei Tian Yan’s back kept ups and downs, and Liu Junshen stopped. Although she can understand a woman’s heart, it is certain that she tries her best to suppress her heart pain. This way, people will be more painful. It is better to cry out and have a good cry.
"Ernian is fine. It’s really fine."
I know. Thank you, Lu Jun. I want to be alone.
Chapter three hundred and fifty The imperial city chaos (20)
"Want to be alone"
There are many people gathered in front of Zhu Biao’s residence. There are ministers who deal with political affairs on weekdays, as well as eunuchs and maids-in-waiting. In front of the door, there is a person who looks a little haggard. It is the toffee, Chang Ping, Wang Chang Yuchun, who is deeply impressed by something decisive.
What’s the big deal? It’s too much for so many people to gather here. Zhu Biao has been ill for a few days. Compared with his emperor, his bones are weak, but he has eaten a lot, but there is not much improvement. Zhu Yuanzhang also has a headache and no health, such as being a competent emperor!
You know, Zhu Biao is mostly a heart disease
Zhu Biao was born in the royal family, and being expensive is the dream of many people. However, being too respectful for Zhu Biao, who lacks sufficient physical strength and tough psychological endurance, has not brought him much happiness in life, despite his noble and affluent life.
Zhu Biao was born with the qualification to inherit the father’s position, and Zhu Yuanzhang placed high hopes on him. However, the more he looked forward to it, the more strict he became. He was severely disciplined since he was a child, especially when the Queen Mother was surrounded by many famous Confucian scholars and gentlemen who took turns to instruct and persuade him. Everything he said and did was strictly required to follow the etiquette. It is doubtful how many ordinary people could enjoy the childhood interest in such an environment.
As an adult, Zhu Biao lived as usual, and his father lived in a long shadow, waiting and uneasy.
Zhu Yuanzhang was cruel, just like Zhu Biao’s thought. Several times, the old minister of Dayu suffered. Zhu Biao pleaded and waited for Zhu Yuanzhang’s scolding. With the increasingly fierce contradictions and differences between his ancestors, he had to bear great mental pressure.
This is often fatal. A person who sits too much from a teenager to a thirtysomething is still too strict with his father and those distracting political affairs every day. If he does too much, he would rather not do it.
"Too sick?"
Speaking is an old minister whose hair and beard are all white. Toffee salutes, "The adults who are tired miss the doctor too much. After reading it, they say that they can recover after a few days of cold recuperation."
"That’s good. It’s just that everything is weak when you grow up." The old man said that he couldn’t help coughing a few toffees and exchanging pleasantries. The old man was guarded by people, and everyone’s wife taught too many scholars to do this. Only by having real talents and learning can he win.
Throughout the ages, emperors were all Confucian models, the most famous of which was the "Spring and Autumn Unification" and "Dismissal of a Hundred Schools of Confucianism" in the Han Dynasty, which emphasized the root of Confucianism and put an end to other ideological styles.
Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty adopted his idea that Confucianism became orthodox from then on, and the study of the classics of the Fourth and Fifth Classics became an outstanding study. At this time, Confucius had been dead for more than a hundred years
Throughout the past two thousand years, Confucianism has been able to dominate, on the one hand, because the ideological core, that is, the philosophical concept of heaven and man, the core of ethical "benevolence", the "three cardinal guides and five permanents" and the proposition of political unity have all adapted to the needs of feudal autocratic rule
On the other hand, because Confucianism has a strong sense of social responsibility, it can constantly change its face with the needs of the times. The pre-Qin Confucianism was not accepted by the rulers at that time, and it was also devastated by the Qin Dynasty, which was caused by the theoretical defects of the pre-Qin Confucianism when it was founded.
The pre-Qin Confucian style is full of strong, gentle and simple ethical family colors, and it seems to be "circuitous and broader than things". For example, Confucius’s "benevolence" aims to restore the era represented by "rites of rites" through "correcting the name" is gone forever, and Confucius’s thoughts will not be favored by emerging landlord forces.
Although Meng’s theory of "benevolent government" has been transferred to the position of emerging landlord forces, it is based on "valuing the people" and "neglecting the monarch", which excessively highlights the interests of small farmers and therefore will not be appreciated by the rulers. The historical development to the prosperity of the feudal country during the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty has created a stable feudal rule, and it is necessary to establish a suitable ideological system for maintaining the unified situation. With the conditions for the restoration of vitality, Confucianism must be established.
Confucianism advocates moral politics, rule by courtesy and rule by man, emphasizing moral influence; Legalists advocate "breaking away from the law" to implement the rule of law and emphasize violent rule; Taoism advocates obedience to nature and "governance", which are highly complementary.
Through the practice of governing the country in the early years of Qin and Western Han Dynasties, it is proved from both positive and negative aspects that it is difficult for warlords to separate their regimes in turbulent times. The Confucian line implements national unity, but the Legalist line can achieve such an effect. At the beginning of the turmoil, the population decline and production destruction should be carried out, and Taoist politicians should rest and restore and develop production; When the country is stable and on the normal running track, it can no longer be ruled by severe punishment and violence, but the Confucian line is appropriate
To put it bluntly, Confucianism is more conducive to imperial rule and stable royal status, whether it is the emperor or the common people, everything is to build a foundation of interests.
"You all go back!"