Su Ying’s mind suddenly turned into a fire when she moved her palm. The sun in hell really burned, and the demon in this holy blood was burned clean, leaving more energy than pure energy!

"Good thing, if this holy blood is refined into the monk’s body, I’m afraid it can easily change the monk’s qualification and make him have a trace of the holy emperor in his blood!"
Su Ying’s heart was full of joy and she moved this holy blood directly into Xiaoqiang’s body!
Xiaoqiang was fast asleep and suddenly Su Ying put a mass of holy blood into his body. There is still something wrong with this stupid goods. "Boss, what are you doing?"
Sue should wave and smile at him waiting for the holy blood to react.
Xiaoqiang DengYuan eyes some uneasy heart don’t know what Sue boss to do.
"the effect of holy blood should begin to play."
Su Ying couldn’t help wondering when Xiaoqiang didn’t respond. "Is it too long out of date that the holy blood has failed?"
sound of crying in pain or suffering
He just thought of here, and suddenly he saw Xiao couldn’t resist the prototype, and the roaring waves blew out of the sky. Suddenly, Lei Yun was densely covered with thunder, which made it crash!
Seeing this dragon-swallowing python suddenly become a thousand feet in size, its body is getting more and more magnificent, its wings are getting bigger and bigger, and it’s dark and covering the sky!
His whole body is filled with wind, thunder, scratching and roaring wind, and he rushes around his body like hundreds of dragons rampaging through the flesh to make his blood boil!
"So strong?"
Sue should face rain or shine uncertain path "this holy blood can be determined by the monk refining method. Just take this guy to test first. If you can accept him, if it is impossible to refine these demons into ashes, it will breed evil demons everywhere …"
Xiaoqiang would have bitten him if he had known that Sue should experiment with him, but he was deaf at the moment and felt that his body was tearing everywhere. Hundreds of dragons were getting bigger and bigger, and his body was getting bigger and bigger, and he couldn’t help screaming.
His body exploded and his blood flowed, and then he turned into clouds of golden flames. However, he was unable to repair and refine the holy blood. His blood was slapped by the energy in the holy blood, and he would soon die of blood loss!
Sue should frown slightly into a magic power to help him refine this holy blood. He has refined it ten thousand times. Yu Xiaoqiang easily integrated the energy refining in the holy blood into the blood of swallowing dragons and pythons.
Seeing Xiaoqiang growling lower and lower, his figure is getting taller and stronger, and he is climbing steadily from the seventh to the ninth in Lei Jie’s territory, and he is beginning to impact the heaven!
The three-phase barrier is directly washed away by the huge energy in the holy blood, and it is easy for Xiong Yi to condense himself!
"What a powerful energy!"
Sue should move this holy blood energy slightly, but it has not been refined by a third at most, but Xiaoqiang has been a monster all day!
Release it regularly. I made a mistake when I saw Nima just now. It’s scheduled for tonight.
Chapter nine hundred and twenty-seven Holy Emperor avatar
The energy of this holy blood is almost incomparable to Xiaoqiang. Although it is an ancient swallowing dragon python, if you can finish refining this holy blood, you will be able to enter the peak of heaven!
And Su Ying also felt a little bit of blood from Xiaoqiang’s body!
This is the blood power that can greatly improve people’s qualifications and make a mediocre person turn into a genius!
Godsworn’s cultivation, growth and generation will be great, and his own blood will contain his own blood force, and his descendants will have his blood force.
The higher the realm of cultivation, the stronger the bloodline of the heir. The difference between the bloodline of a master of law and that of a great heir is very different.
This is also the reason why those ancient families are prone to appear talented people. Because the descendants of ancient families have their ancestors’ blood, they are superior.
However, the blood flow of grandchildren from generation to generation will gradually weaken.
Su Ying has now cultivated to the realm of Lei Jie. If he has children and grandchildren, his descendants will have his blood. If he becomes an emperor, his blood will definitely be stronger and easier to cultivate than the children of Lei Jie.
Moreover, the blood can be deprived. At the beginning, Su Ying practiced swallowing the Monty Sutra by absorbing their vigor and blood gas to achieve himself. This kind of thing is not to talk about, but to be implemented, so Su Ying will advance by leaps and bounds all the way.
Now Su should inject the holy blood into Xiaoqiang’s body, which is to deprive the blood and let those who are not the heirs of the holy emperor have the blood of the holy emperor, so as to upgrade and qualify.
"These celestial demons are really good things!"
Su Ying was quite happy in her heart to recover her mana and let Xiaoqiang enter her own sea of knowledge. She slowly refined the remaining holy blood.
He has no idea about holy blood, and he doesn’t want to refine it to raise his blood power.
Refining other people’s blood force will cause their blood to be impure. It is better to cultivate and improve their blood force step by step, so that their descendants will have their own pure blood force and be proud of having such an ancestor.
There are still many rivers of blood attached to that world tree fragment, all of which should be demons born in holy blood, and one golden river of blood should be the blood of the strong in heaven.
Most of these strong people in heaven were injured during the battle, and the blood flowed out to breed the devil. It can be seen that the heaven is not without fighting. The pure land there is more cruel than the primitive mainland, and even the holy emperor and God are honored, and the heavenly king will be injured and even killed!
Although he doesn’t have the holy blood, it is a panacea for Xiaoqiang to raise his blood strength and cultivate his realm!
Su Ying has decided to destroy all these holy blood demons and refine them.
All the rivers of blood in the world tree have turned into demons at the top, and a golden emperor has turned into a heavenly palace, and hundreds of demons are as powerful as the celestial demons just now.
The golden emperor’s solemn eyes looked at Su Ying coldly and snorted, "I’m the lower creatures in the celestial world who dare to kill my people! I think if you are not weak, I will hand over your body at once and I will forgive you for your death! "
Hundreds of demons are greedy in their eyes. They are the strong in heaven, and the devil is born by blood. There is no real body, but a mass of blood. If you can occupy a strong body, you can make their strength advance by leaps and bounds!
"A few regiments of celestial strong blood just dare to call themselves me!" Su Ying laughed and strode to these celestial demons.
He stepped out of the ancient demon body and poured into the flesh, and suddenly he felt that his flesh, the Yuan God and the virtual world around the law of heaven and earth could borrow magnificent power from all things in the world!
At this moment, Sue should feel that she is the heaven and the earth, that is, all things dominate a kind of heaven and earth. I have great courage and I can’t help but feel it from my chest!
This is the law of heaven and earth, the law of heaven and earth, the law of heaven and earth, the law of heaven and earth, the source of strength of the monk’s body!
Heaven-earth method, heaven-earth phenomenon, great strength and poverty.
"What a tough force!"
Su Ying’s heart was pleasantly surprised, and he couldn’t help screaming and rolling like a tide. His front was suddenly overwhelmed and broken!