It’s a feeling for no reason, like a kind of bioenergy.

The nearby waters are calm, but Chen Senran just feels strange.
Dead air
It’s too lifeless, just like walking into a dense forest without birds or insects.
This sea area here seems to be dead.
Have no vitality
"Do you feel it?" Nohles suddenly mouth.
"Well" Chen Senran nodded, which made him a little uneasy.
"When we first came here, we found that it was unusually quiet here, and there were no fish." Nohles’s speed did not decrease. "Although we also experienced many strange situations, the weirdest one was that we would have turned around and returned to the war college …"
He is a sigh.
"Speaking of what made you come here at the War College, do you know why?" Chen Senran remembered that Arielia said that she and Parliament were sworn enemies, so it was necessary to know about an opponent.
"Well … actually, I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t know exactly what the captain seems to know." Nohles seemed to be remembering but didn’t say anything in the end
"Could it be that they are looking for that black substance?" Chen Senran guessed that he suddenly felt that this speculation was very likely.
"… should …" Nohles said a should never say no more.
Because he also thought of this possibility.
If that’s the case, then everything is …
War college
"How far is it?" Chen Senran felt the situation around him, and the uncomfortable feeling became more and more obvious.
"It’s not far away. Yi …" Nohles exclaimed a little "unexpectedly … gone"
"What … those things?" Chen Senran froze and reacted immediately. Obviously, they are very close to their destination.
And Nohles can already see the sea area where he once had an accident.
There is no such black substance there.
"They’re gone. We’ve arrived." Nohles stopped his progress and floated on the sea. "Nothing is gone."
There was a faint loss in his words
Maybe deep down in his heart, he still wants to become a human again with the help of those unknown black substances.
"The sea is not so deep? Go to the bottom of the sea and have a look. "Chen Senran doesn’t give up. How can he leave so easily when he arrives?
The sea surface is not so deep. Maybe Nohles described it as a substance floating on the sea surface, so it is very likely to leak from the bottom of the sea.
"Okay, but you’re still human. I’m afraid you won’t stay up, or else …" Nohles made it clear that he left Chen Senran temporarily on the sea and went alone.
He’s not human now, but he can easily dive to a deep position.
"Don’t take me, I want to try first, maybe …" Chen Senran couldn’t say why he insisted so much. He felt as if something was calling.
Just like when I first met Nohles.
"Well, if you can’t, just tell me that you can’t die here." Nohles didn’t talk nonsense and told Chen Senran to dive in a few words
He dived very fast until he estimated the unbearable range of Chen Senran.
"Did you find anything?" Nohles hit his eyes like two huge searchlights again.
The faint yellow light searches for clues in the deep sea
Chen Senran’s method in the sea is to hold his breath and search for spirit carefully.
This is much better than Knowles. After all, Nohles is the naked eye and Chen Senran is deeper into the energy category, but it is more detailed.
But to Chen Senran’s disappointment, he found nothing.
Seeing that the breath is coming to an end, Chen Senran knocked on Nohles’s back three times. This is the floating signal that he discussed with Knowles before the water.
Nohles didn’t hesitate to go with a wave of his hands.
But at this time, the mutation suddenly occurred.
Surrounded by Nohles, some black substances like octopus tentacles suddenly stretched out in the seawater.
They quickly rolled to Chen Senran and Knowles.
It’s like swallowing them directly. To be continued.
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