Want to yell at that cruel woman to give something to eat, you will see Gu Mengmeng coming with a hot and delicious noodle bowl.

Ok, come and eat noodles and go to sleep. Gu Mengmeng put a bowl to call her.
Enya just showed a smile and trotted over to eat.
Eating and talking is more like it.
Gu Mengmeng nai smiled and went back to the kitchen to slice the leftover beef and adjust the sesame oil to make Enya rice miserable.
In a short time, Enya’s belly was eating melons and her mouth was full of burps.
She rubbed her belly with one hand and put it on Gu Mengmeng’s tight abdomen with the other, and said with a smile, Do remember me, I am your future godmother, and I will be very close to you. Oh, by the way, you are still fucking your father in a far, far place. He is a very good man, and you have to remember him, too.
Gu Mengmeng patted her paw and stretched out his hand and said that he would recognize the son without a gift. You want to be beautiful.
Enya, hey hey, said with a smile, it’s still possible to buy your own mother if you get less days.
Laughing and busy for a while, Gu Mengmeng suddenly said with a hint of worry that I always feel insecure. I was hospitalized a while ago and didn’t check many antibiotics. I’m pregnant. I’m afraid it’s not good for my children.
Enya is right to think about it once in a while.
She said I don’t know much about it. I’ll ask my mother for you.
Mrs. Xu once stayed in a military hospital for a long time, and she was quite familiar with gynecology.
Enya’s landline called her mother and asked Gu Mengmeng to pick up bowls and chopsticks and go to the kitchen to wash water. Enya’s coquetry and melody nowadays in the living room made Gu Mengmeng feel lonely before.
Later, Enya gave a general account of the situation.
Mrs. Xu said that it depends on the situation, but in general, doctors will suggest that if you really want it, you can have a regular B-ultrasound pregnancy test and puncture when you are pregnant for three months to find out the early developmental defects of the baby.
Listen to her say so Gu Mengmeng slightly relieved.
She has always been deeply afraid that the little life in her belly will not be tenacious and will want to leave her.
It took him Gu Mengmeng to bury all emotions, not to hate, not to hate and not to be sad as far as possible.
Enya Jian slept on the sofa outside. She said that Conway had slept in bed, and she would be diaphragmatic. Gu Mengmeng couldn’t help it. Now, she gave the baby a good growth environment. They turned off the lights early and slept in bed. They talked about embarrassing things without saying a word. When they talked about Iraq, they were all sleepy. Enya fell asleep first. There was no sound in the living room.
Gu Mengmeng was lying on her side in bed. She had seen the book of pregnancy and said that this posture was good for the baby to rest. Although she lay down for a long time, her body would be sore and numb, but she insisted on doing that. Later, her sight blurred gradually, and she looked at the curtains and the crystal glass shattered into a dream.
In her dream, she went to a courtyard where the warm sunshine filled with pieces of phoenix-tailed yucca with ochre roofs and white lattice windows. Through the glass, she could see deja vu. She was playing with her camera in the house, and the spring sun shone on her figure, which covered her with a layer of Phnom Penh and looked beautiful.
But outside the house, she felt inexplicably sad. She looked inside and couldn’t help crying. When she looked far away, she accidentally found a dark cloud covering the sun and a tornado coming at them rapidly.
Don’t don’t Gu Mengmeng wake up from a dream and suddenly feel her body fall into a familiar arms.
Fresh vegetation smells less noble and elegant perfume. He is him.
Kang Chapter two hundred and twenty-five How can I trust you?
When she woke up, she was in a daze.
Physical exhaustion can be recovered, but it is hard to let go of the unknown, and the desire for the status quo is actually so humble and insignificant.
Gu Mengmeng stretched out his hand and pushed her to open her heart and accept her arms, saying in a cold tone that Enya was still outside.
He stubbornly wrapped her in his arms and said that she had left.
Gu Mengmeng raised her eyebrows but had to drop her eyes and try to turn her back on him.
I’m tired, and I don’t want to say anything. Don’t disturb my rest if you still take care of me.
His eyes flickered in the dark to see if his mood was good or bad, but he was still a little bit difficult and relaxed. As soon as she felt her body recovered from the horse, she moved her body to the outermost part of the bed. She closed her eyes and tried her best to force herself to sleep, but at first sight, his shock still stayed in her mind, which made her more awake.
He really didn’t bother her again.
Gu Mengmeng finally fell asleep, but unfortunately he didn’t dream again.
When I woke up in the morning, the people around me were no longer there, and I just pulled a corner to be there alone. She didn’t know whether he was there or not, because she slept soundly and didn’t notice.
Get up and wash class
When I passed the living room, I found the sofa, and the traces left by Enya had been cleaned. The kitchen and room were as clean as when he was at home, like a model of a real estate company.
She knew that he cleaned it before he left.
Not cleaning the table, but also preparing a nutritious breakfast, a note.
She went over to sit on the thin piece of paper at the exhibition table.