Does the report think her life is cheap? Korea suddenly asked, and her expression couldn’t tell. Maybe it was the nerve that was wrong. She just couldn’t bear the evil spirit. She felt unworthy for these lowly maids and unwilling for her.

What do you say
I asked your majesty.
Base Mo Xie first one leng and then casually picked up his shoulder and rubbed his brow to hear what his little girl could do to him.
Handmaiden don’t think they are not cheap and noble than those who are lazy and lazy and know how to relax and hate work. Many handmaiden are also maids. Our hands and feet respect us to do what we think is worthwhile and earn money to support our families. What about the report? Handmaiden dare not tell you that you are born with noble clothes to open your mouth and know the sufferings of poor people. How can you know that a person comes to make a living is to wait for hardships? Unless you have to, who likes to come to this rule? Wangfu Mountain is always waiting to lose his head and be a maid. Who doesn’t want to eat enough and wear warm clothes to find one? A good family is married with a low status, but not a low life. I’m sorry for a conscientious sovereign, don’t you think? We are not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door in the middle of the night or cordate telosma. We should be careful to behave according to who has less meat and listen to the Lord’s orders. Where can this life be low? Korea can’t wait to stretch out its sharp teeth and bite the demon in front of us, but she may die, but she is unwilling and not afraid, as if she expected.
Are you saying that Wang is lazy, lazy and lazy?
Handmaiden dare not.
I don’t know how many words to say about him if I dare not rather than Korea.
I think you dare, hehe
The handmaiden wants to say that the sovereign should not rot and kill the koo. You said that she seduced you, but that the sovereign dared to climb your golden soft couch.
That’s true, Wang isn’t. Speaking of which, it’s quite interesting to see that she is flushed and Mo Xie is full of dangers and fade away. No one has ever dared to speak to him before. He just likes new games and suddenly doesn’t want to kill her.
Hehe, it should be said that the report leader is too handsome to be fascinated by the little girl, and it is easy to kill people when she is infatuated with lessons. Korea laughs when she sees less, so sweet and greasy. Snow Mo Xie can’t help laughing, so evil but gentle as water. It looks good. My house has a ghost girl who specializes in Wang patience.
The handmaiden just made a slip of the tongue, sir. Please don’t take it amiss.
In the wing, Mo Xie laughed half-heartedly. When the attendants came to the corpse, he rarely added, "Have a good burial and raise her eldest mother."
It’s your majesty
The attendants carried the servant girl, and in the check-out, there was Korea, dropping Mo Xie, and the thick breath was getting heavier and heavier. The night was deep, and they stared at each other as if they wanted to see through each other. For the first time, Wang discovered that Mo Xie, a hobby of corpse, took the lead.
Then the sovereign will stop killing.
I don’t kill people. This is the way of the world. There is no violence to solve the problem.
If there are more people like Wang Ye in the world, the handmaiden will be a doctor, and it will be in vain.
Wang always hates being too kind, but you are an exception. Mo Xie smiles and stares at her as if God has never seen such a beautiful man. He can’t help but look at Korea and be crazy. If Kasre grows up like this, she must not be ashamed to hit the wall and die. She is always called Yangzhou’s first beauty. She doesn’t think that she didn’t know her beauty until she met him. Compared with him, it is nothing.
What’s your name?
Mo Xie asked as he stretched out his arms.
She was wise enough to gather together for Mo Xie to carefully solve the special belt. I don’t know that Cass’s wolf belt is very similar
Your majesty thinks it’s strange
It’s better for the king to call you a little maid than this. It’s better to hear that Han Yan slammed her eyes. Listening to this, it was so harsh. She drew her belt outward and carefully put it on the bed. Han Yan respectfully repeated that if you didn’t tell the handmaiden, you would have to leave first. It’s getting late and you have to cut and prune the flower beds. She is awake. She is a gardener.
Does the report still command you? You’d better mutter in your heart that Cass, the smelly guy, is still waiting for her at home. She, he still pays the bill well. He clears up the torture matrix. She has to force him to sneak away every time.
Wang didn’t call you here to scold you and then pat your ass and leave.
An interesting game, you come to accompany Wang Mo Xie. Half a ring orders the attendants to bring in a pot of withered flowers, saying that it is a flower from the western regions, but there is no bud. The tip of the narrow leaves is green and the tip has withered into a yellow color early, but judging from its shape and characteristics, it is actually precious. If you can save this flower, you can do it for you. If you can’t save the king, it is not difficult for you, but
Wang Ye said
Korea curled her ears and listened carefully, but two big word secrets were revealed from Mo Xie’s mouth. The goblin-like man plopped back into the bed head and fell into a soft, loose hair, spreading a coquettish charm. When you are half-scented, glance at him and then glance at Hua Han. Eyebrows are wrinkled every time, and she bites her lips and doubts every time.
This is a naked spite. The flowers are dead, the roots are broken and the soil is broken. It’s a good flower, but it’s not a good person. If he really sets a trap to make her jump, she really dares to jump to him.
According to the doctor, she didn’t spend that thing with Cass. It took half a ring to lift her bangs at the couch and half closed her eyes. Mo Xie said that the sovereign handmaiden couldn’t save the flower.
Can’t you save it or don’t want to save it?