Zhang Jiayin, who has been promoted as a Taoist official, has no change in appearance and temperament compared with hua county. Considering that he has come to see old friends and specially changed his new clothes, this brother worship is obviously not very well off. I want to remember the affair in hua county at the beginning.

Zhang Jiayin, Yang Chengzu, saw you again at this time, but it was particularly close. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry to lobby, but Yang Chengzu said that he was homely. "Yesterday, when a lot of colleagues came to visit the heir, my foolish brother stayed in Beijing. You know that I am now a Taoist official, that is, everyone said that the desire depends on the strength of character to eat. If I also came here to worship the pier, I wouldn’t have a good time."
"Eldest brother days in Beijing, such as? It is said that kyou-kan is good, but the younger brother seems that kyou-kan is not as good as an official at large since this day, even it is very interesting. "
Zhang Jiayin said with a proud face, "Words can’t be said that kyou-kan is really austere. Especially, officials like us dare not accept ice and charcoal, and there is no routine to take. Where local officials don’t get along with dajia, the ground gentry, they will take out money to invite us to attend these people. Anyway, it’s hearsay that they are not responsible, but the first emperor has always despised us and handed it over to Kodo. It’s nothing but white paper, ink and ink, which can’t be sold. A copy of ginseng and disintegrated magistrate’s discount is also sold for fifty taels
He is a Yang Tinghe native of Datong Township. When he first went to Beijing, he showed filial piety in all aspects. Later, his integrity and reputation were good. It was faster to pull up the official. The promotion road was much wider than that of the people-friendly official. Yangyang Chengzu was his benefactor. Two people chatted a few words. Yang Chengzu took out several hundred taels of gold and sent Zhang Jiayin to fight the situation.
Zhang Jiayin shook his head and said, "This is unnecessary. Don’t look at my official’s failure. This is to show others a clean life. Otherwise, someone will come out to gossip. The real foolish brother’s day didn’t reach that point, but he deliberately wanted to show that he was poor. Even when he was eating, he should pay attention to eating more vegetarian food and eating less meat. It was really not as easy as when he was in hua county, but there was also one advantage. I was a Feng Xian official. I could check and correct Wenwu and catch them drinking sanhua, but I was impeached and blocked my mouth. Even if the
Yang Chengzu repeatedly praised this and asked, "Eldest brother, are you here to be a lobbyist? I’m just a little military attache. Who will move my brain to me? "
"Don’t sell yourself short. How can you be a small role if you can walk in the same car? Yang Ge is really interested in you. "
Zhang Jiayin doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to lobby, but he is telling the truth seriously. "Yang Ge and I are Datong Township. You know that my foolish brother also had some friendship with Yang Jiamen after he entered Beijing. Most of the money you gave me was spent there. I finally got through the festival. Meng Yangge summoned me several times, and I was familiar with it. When Yang Ge sent me here, I said that the credit for guarding Wangfu was suppressed by Jiang Bin, a dog thief. When the heir ascended the throne and raped be beheaded, these credits will always be returned. The hero who was suppressed by the traitor will get everything they deserve."
Speaking of this, Zhang Jiayin’s face has also changed from the joy of meeting an old friend to serious and solemn. "My good brother Wu Chen is not the right way after all. If my good brother can persuade your successor not to continue to ascend to the throne as soon as possible, it will not only be beneficial to your own future, but also to your own future. I hope that you can put in a good word to mobilize your future and let you go to school."
This is Yang Tinghe’s offer. A chance to study is really good. The price is very generous. You can take the imperial examination when you come out of the state prison. If you have the influence of the saying family, you may have the opportunity to turn to a civil servant. From a fair point of view, this condition is really sincere. Maybe this is the result that the League brother is striving for himself in front of the saying family.
Yang Chengzu smiled. "Eldest brother’s kindness is appreciated, but younger brother is not a reading material by nature. It’s better to cut off my head for lunch, but eldest brother’s heart and younger brother remember here that it’s not impossible to make it, but I hope you really want to solve it. Let Yang Tinghe talk about it himself."
Chapter five hundred and forty This meeting (a)
Zhang Jiayin’s face changed as if he had been punched in the face for a long time before he digested this information. He would not be stupid enough to ask who this means, and even if he did, he would not get any answer. This attitude made him feel incredible from the heart, but some could not believe it.
Although he is an heir, in the final analysis, he is a foreign vassal king more than him. Even the vassal king is not a world, but also an immature teenager. Who gave him the courage to have such perseverance and be able to say such conditions? Yang Tinghe today which is so active?
Will there be some conflict in the future? This is exactly the opposite of the prospect that he envisioned in advance that you would join hands in the same boat. Yang Ge chose such a vassal king, and it would never have come to this point.
Yang Chengzu said, "If eldest brother finds it difficult to tell the truth, it is needless to say that Yang Ge is a wise man. I think even if you don’t tell him, he can understand that what is lacking is a step. Sooner or later, someone will give eldest brother a hand in this matter. It depends on his own mind."
He wanted to think again, "DuChaYuan is really a good place, which is very suitable for raising eldest brother. If DuChaYuan keeps eldest brother for a few years, maybe it will be promoted to the general constitution in the future. At that time, the court will be in awe of you. It is also a wise move for younger brother not to participate in these things."
General constitution? Yourself? Zhang Jia’s initiation was crazy, and he felt that the blood flow in his whole body was several times faster than before. If he hadn’t studied for many years, he might have rushed to call Yang Chengzu a good brother. The implication in this statement is very clear. If he can be in line with the new king, he will have the opportunity to win the throne of Zongxian in the future.
During this period, he naturally knew what the General Constitution meant, which was also the fact that one of the princes in the hall was holding a hundred famous officials in his palm, and the mad dog could attack recklessly. The target he wanted to attack was not only a leader in the clean stream, but also a lack of benefits. Although the nominal General Constitution was clean and flaunted, in three years, the magistrate of Qing Dynasty was a hundred thousand snowflakes and silver. If the General Constitution didn’t get hundreds of thousands of furniture, how could it be against the emperor?
That position is hot and hot, and his qualifications and resume are a little insufficient, so he never thought of such a high position. When Yang Chengzu threw this position, Zhang Jiayin’s heartbeat almost stopped at that moment, so he played a vigorous and fiery competition in his heart, and finally won the championship in the future.
"Good brother and foolish brother is a civil servant who reads sages. I want to talk about ethics and reason. I am still a clean stream. If even I can be bought, what is the character in Douchayuan? But I know what to do now that Li Min has given birth to a country. "
"There are many people in the inn, so I won’t be far off. Be careful."
"No pains, my dear brother. By the way, Shi Yangge is really optimistic about you. He has seen you write and thinks you are a material …"
"Big brother, take care. I won’t send it."
Zhang Jiayin was one of the first lobbyists to walk, and the others dawdled until the sun was setting, only to become dejected and despondent. Only then did they have to admit that they were faced with a stubborn opponent, such as dry mouth and cleft lip, and they could not shake each other’s will. The Queen Mother of the Palace also sent two imperial decrees, which were also pushed back. They had to say that this world was too stubborn.
Adults, they don’t believe that this is the personal will of young people. What is the mind of a teenager? So many people came over and scared him. He had promised to support him. Most of them were Yuan Zonggao, a sophisticated man.
This 70-year-old Wang Fu’s long history is straight as if a drawn sword is about to drink the enemy’s blood. Wave after wave of guests are sent away by him. From his eyes, many people can feel the burning fighting spirit. These people secretly shake their heads. "Zhongde is complaining about what happened in the past after all. This is to retaliate against us through the hands of heaven."
The imperial edict of the Queen Mother of the Imperial Capital also reached the cabinet, and her tone became more and more tough and impatient. As the heir team got closer and closer to the capital, the attitude of the cabinet became more and more tough. Everyone was sure that the new king would not be United with the Queen Mother after he ascended the throne.
In the past, the combination of the two was just to fight against Jiang Bin, a heavily armed minister. Now that the enemy in this department has gone to the two and lost the foundation of the combination, Yang Tinghe also doesn’t want to compromise with the Zhang family again.
Co-discussion outside the original country has become an arbitrary cabinet. The Queen Mother is just a stamping machine. Due to her own cultural limitations, she can’t even understand what those memorials have written in most cases. She doesn’t know what to say even if she wants to say a few words to show her feelings.
She has already felt that she seems to have been given a dream by the pavilion. The force is just that the hand turns around and disappears. It is this time that she finally caught the opportunity to knock on the pavilion. How can she let it go?
Zhang Taihou, one of the top bulls, also found an opportunity to benefit himself. Although Wangfu has a feud, now that everyone doesn’t like Pavilion, why can’t we join hands? Even if it’s temporary, it won’t hurt. Besides, this new gentleman will definitely recognize his mother in name in the future. If he can be controlled …
For this reason, the queen mother lost no time in putting pressure on the cabinet. Because she mastered the sense of honor and birthright, even Yang Tinghe also refuted this reprimand. Another official in charge left Mao Ji’s way: "Shizhai is indeed in a dilemma until now. I didn’t expect Xing Fan to be afraid that the future would be like the first emperor."
"D you worry too much. He’s a foreign fan, and he’s naturally underhanded. No matter how sexual he is, he won’t be like a great emperor." Yang Tinghe thought for a long time and finally seemed to make up his mind. "Now that he wants to see me, he will go and see him and see what he really wants to say and do, and why he can overthrow the cabinet and does not draw up a good resolution! Come and prepare the sedan chair. "
Chapter five hundred and forty-nine This meeting (2)
Yuan Sijun, the magistrate of a county in this good country, must put all the residences in the gatehouse to stay overnight and wait for the call of Long Live. He should be responsible for preparing to raise money at the first time if necessary, but when Yang Tinghe’s team was still 20 miles away from the good country, the county magistrate called Zuo Er in the yamen to Dinggang and claimed that he was ill and ran out of sight.
Zhu Houzong also suppressed his anger after hearing the news, but he hasn’t ascended the throne yet, so he can’t really punish the magistrate. He can suppress all his anger and complain to Yang Chengzu, the elder brother.
Yuan Zonggao didn’t know that he was excluded from the core circle after the meeting that day. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and some opportunities to gain a person’s trust, and it may be a matter or a sentence to destroy this letter.
"When I was twenty miles away from Liangxiang, the county grandfather was even sitting in the yamen. When Yang Tinghe arrived, he was going to meet them. Who is the emperor in their hearts?" There are also people in Wangfu retinue who are responsible for asking for information. Before Yang Tinghe’s ceremonial arrival, someone reported the ostentation and extravagance and snooping.
The retinue force of this team has reached 3,000 people. Although it is said that the new king has died today and the court has not been established, it is in a state of panic. It is not uncommon for the records to strengthen security. However, it is a bit of a fuss to act as a guard at the 3,000 Beijing Camp. This ostentation and extravagance is also slightly weaker than the day. A vassal imperial clan does not have this style.
Yang Chengzu comforted with a smile, "Long live in the palace is too far away from these people. After all, it is not time for them to go through the cabinet and the official department to take care of them. They want to please Long live, but it is really necessary for Yang Tinghe to say a word or throw a clip casually to demote the county magistrate of Liangxiang to a bird-less place. When Zuo Er goes, he will definitely try to curry favor with them."
"Eldest brother, remember the name of this magistrate of a county for me. When I became king, I was the first to send him to faraway Yang Tinghe … he is finally coming."
No matter how you plan ahead and cheer yourself up, the thought of facing the role of being the first real player, Zhu Houzong’s face is still ugly. He is still a child after all, and trying to make himself mature doesn’t mean that he is really not afraid.
Yang Chengzu said, "Long live the peace of mind, I will live forever and protect the material around me and hinder the brothers from being United …"
"Break the gold!" Zhu Houzong should look a little better, thinking of Weihui’s fire, the crisis, and helping the elder brother to save himself. He is his own noble, he will be very reliable and he will win.
Yang Chengzu encouraged him carefully. "Tao Immortal’s practice in the room cost him a lot of money to get Yang Xindu’s birthday words, facing the birthday mantra to ensure that Yuan Changshi has gone out to receive Yuan Changshi’s first meeting and can also eliminate his momentum."
Outside the inn, the huge team has stopped for dozens of roads, and after the earth-shattering noise was screened out, it gradually returned to silence. Someone spread rolls of carpets from the front of the inn to the front of the big sedan chair. A close-fitting captain carefully lifted the curtain of the sedan chair, and then another long-term attendant helped the first real person to walk out of the sedan chair slowly.
On the other hand, Yang Shen has stepped forward to help his father and his servant escort and walked towards the inn. No matter how imposing and ostentatious the road is, the fact is that Yang Tinghe is an old man in his late teens, and it won’t feel good to walk so far in a sedan chair. Even if Yang Tinghe is energetic and healthy, Kangtai’s long-distance action is too much for him.
Time and tide wait for no man. If I were ten years younger, I wouldn’t be so sad. Yang Tinghe looked at the high-spirited son and felt quite sad. I’m afraid I will be able to assist the new gentleman in the future. I’m still myself. Although he is only tall, he is a young man who can’t rely on his pride. I hope he won’t suffer in the future.