Chloe Wang said, "These cars are all transferred from various mines. They are usually responsible for transporting stones."

Lu Deshou is also astounding when he hears it.
It is hard to imagine that such a world-leading car is actually a truck transporting stones …
"Is this car in phase with controllable reunion technology?" Zhong Rui came into his mouth and suddenly the word came out.
He heard Lu Deshou say this last night.
After all, this is the topic of vagrancy.
Chloe Wang nodded. "Yes, those stones are reunited to become fuel."
He knew that people around him might want to ask further questions, so he took the initiative to say, "But I don’t know how this technology is realized."
If he knew, he wouldn’t be on the rescue team.
Zhong Rui into ha ha smiled a really didn’t ask in depth, but sat down on the bench behind the driver’s seat.
"That we can know a you now know our phase information? After all, when I heard that you would have a disaster? "
Chloe Wang touched his head and somehow felt a little embarrassed. Why did he feel that these people seemed to have become some kind of jinx?
"This matter needs the president’s authorization," he said stiffly.
"Then can I meet your president?"
Chloe Wang promised to come.
This is what they came here this time.
"Then when we make an appointment?"
Chloe Wang nodded and said, "I’m reporting this to the president."
Unified communication page has been opened before his eyes.
At the scene, everyone was stunned and didn’t understand Chloe Wang’s meaning
Already reported?
Lu Deshou looked at Wang Leishen and didn’t see him come up with any strange equipment.
Zhong Ruijin immediately guessed that there was probably some special communication mode, so he continued to say to himself, "I hope to make an appointment as soon as possible."
Whether it is a scam or something really wrong, it should not be put off.
Zhong Ruijin also wants to ask when Chloe Wang can meet at the earliest.
As a result, I heard everyone around me exclaim in a second.
Follow all eyes Zhong Ruijin also looked at the past.
When I saw a pure black square door, I didn’t know that the cab had appeared.
Chloe Wang rob all appeared before his reaction said.
"This is the president of the tunnel. He has come over."
They looked curiously at this tunnel with a little peace of mind.
Soon they saw a black young man coming from the opposite side, tall and calm, wearing the same helmet as Chloe Wang and others when they first arrived yesterday.
The young man was followed by several middle-aged or elderly people, all wearing the same protection and helmets outside.
Watching these people appear at the scene, others can’t help breathing heavily.
Lu Deshou even looked around in the cab, hoping to find that this is a magic evidence.
He couldn’t help but want to reach into the tunnel from behind and personally feel what it was like inside.
But his hand just stretched out and was held down by the young man who came out of the tunnel.
"Very sharp …" The young man smiled at him.
I am several rounds older than this young man, but Lu Deshou feels that this young man looks at himself like a child waving a knife.
But he soon understood why the young man would look at him like this.
Because that young man took out his regular pen from his breast pocket.
"This pen has no special meaning, does it?"
"No," he saw the young man put his pen into the time tunnel as soon as he finished answering.
Just like the scene just now, half of the pen disappeared in the tunnel and half was still in the hands of young people, and then …
When it is dark, the tunnel blinks and disappears.
Disappeared with it, and half of the pen ink sticking into the tunnel was dripping from the smooth fracture.
It took Lu Deshou a long time to get his pen back from the young man.
"There are many offenses against me. Zhang Tianyuan is now the president of the parallel mutual aid association."
Zhang Tianyuan smiled and shook hands with Lu Deshou, then turned around and looked at Zhong Rui in the crowd.
"It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Zhong Lao."
Zhong Ruijin couldn’t help but stretch out your hand in surprise. "I’m honored, too. I didn’t expect the president of the mutual aid association to be so young …"
He was just following the old people behind him, and he didn’t realize that something was wrong until he saw all those people focusing on the young man.
Zhang Tianyuan took off his helmet and shook hands with Zhong Ruijin. "Captain Wang just told me that you wanted to meet me as soon as possible, which is exactly what I thought, so I came directly. It may be a little sudden."
Zhong Ruijin laughed. "Suddenly it was a little sudden, but President Zhang also gave us a big surprise …"
It may be a shock to some people that a trans-temporal organization suddenly appears in front of them, but it seems that Zhong Ruijin is a surprise instead.
When they were talking, Chloe Wang had moved out all the movable tables and chairs in the cab.
This is what the driver put in the car, and a character is now temporarily used to collect one
Zhang Tianyuan and Zhong Ruijin directly sat around others, and there was also a sitting position, so they started a conversation with the car tacitly.
"President Zhang, we have heard from Captain Wang that we are about to have some kind of disaster, and the specific information will be mastered?"
Zhong Rui came in and was skeptical about this statement, but now he believes a lot after seeing the tunnel
Zhang Tianyuan took the materials from Liu Chunshi, who was also sitting next to him, and put them all on the table. "To be honest, we came to your time yesterday."
"But unlike Captain Wang, Liu Changyi and I stayed in Antarctica for an inspection yesterday and witnessed an ice shelf collapse."
Everyone can’t help but look at Zhang Tianyuan and several other meteorologists. They really found that there is a thin layer of ice crystal room in their protection, and the temperature has begun to melt on the surface of the protection, and the water is slightly bubbling.
And if you get close, you can still feel a cold feeling.
One second back to the South Pole, one second back to them.
Such a thing surprised Lu Deshou and others secretly.