The ability of "the sole dominator" enables him to strengthen himself in situ by "modifying reality" at all times, that is, by changing what has happened and what has happened.

for example
Divide a second into a limited number of time units, that is, one second is limited to one minute.
The current limit is one second.
He will rise to a limit of one second by consuming the strength he has at that moment, where he already has strength or various defects
after that
The strength consumed by automatic recovery within one minute and one second depends on the [limited energy] is very automatic +n characteristic, and at this time, the strength base has repeated a round of exercises to achieve the goal of repeated snowballing!
And this kind of thing that sounds unreasonable is only the most basic exercise of Olga.
Not the other body
He can do similar things easily in two places at once.
It belongs to one of the many channels of automatic upgrade in Olga.
After all, there are more than one or two abilities that can be automatically upgraded in his six main abilities …
And the "sole dominator" belongs to the "branch ability-spell wheel", which automatically condenses various "talent abilities", and there are also various abilities with similar effects.
For example, let his existing strength change with time to achieve the percentage enhancement effect [talent ability]
can say
All this looks very good, and it is actually very good.
Ordinary people can rule the universe by owning one at will.
For his arrival at the Devil King, he always needs more fundamental help.
Just like when you run hard on a limited road.
How can you speed up the pace?
That kind of action has no decisive influence except that it makes you run faster.
You will still spend a long time on that limited road and sometimes you won’t reach the finish line.
The distance between the old lady’s walking and your running at two speeds is always less than the total distance …
And that kind of help that is decisive enough to get yourself out of trouble.
For the eye Olga, only the "original pain" lies in directly destroying the "higher plane" and killing the same level … which is extremely difficult to do directly.
And when one day he successfully reached the [rank] of [Demon King]
Similar dilemma
Will still appear
For [the demon king]
The problem of trying to reach another level is still a limited road.
And this time it is really meaningful. There is no shortcut to answer eucalyptus. I don’t know if I can get help.
Even with "blood inheritance" and "abyss demon", I can’t see what the end point is.
More than even won the abyss will 】 【 more awards will still be useless for things …
Of course, Olga doesn’t need to think about that step for the time being.
How to mix himself with the throne of the Devil King is what he needs to think about now.
At this moment
Feel the satisfaction brought by the digestion of the other person as the "original pain" enters the abdomen.
His eyes slowly looked at the crimson heaven somewhere.
[Greer] They are sitting in soft chairs in a beautiful courtyard and chatting about all kinds of urgent things.
Occasionally, my face will show a satisfied soft smile and gently touch my belly.
Unlike ordinary pregnant women, they will bulge with pregnancy, which will bring all kinds of inconvenience to their stomachs.
Young life
Still pregnant
Life characteristics have long been stable 2.
Every fetal movement will suck up the energy of hundreds of millions of creatures, so that they can grow stronger.
The blood belonging to Olga’s mother will continue to endow the unborn children with many extraordinary qualities.
That is born immortal, even when everything is annihilated, it can’t be stopped.
[Crimson Heaven]
Will make the Olga children’s final backing last forever.
And the knowledge in the blood will make children know everything at birth.
I don’t need any extra study, chat and trial, and I don’t need any meaningless tempering.
Olga children are born with [higher life forms]
Need to absorb a negligible part of their natural knowledge.
You will become the most powerful warrior and the most knowledgeable scholar by yourself, from chopping people with your hands to being skillful in art.
It is far more exquisite than [everything] or the so-called [ghosts] working hard for hundreds of millions of years!
At this time, I look at my children who are still pregnant.
After thinking about it, Olga’s fingertips shed a little bloody brilliance.
That’s pure [power quality]
From Olga
There are no attached properties in.
Then, soon, the little star [demon Lord quality] dissipated in a flash.
"… Father, although the law allows you to reach the" abyss Lord rank "naturally."
"But it’s really not difficult to pave the way for you before …"
"I hope you can become really strong …"
"Of course, if you fail, that’s all. Anyway, I can afford it …"
After talking to myself here,
Olga’s face is also a casual smile.
There are not many expectations and demands.
A bit of a happy-go-lucky hedonist
He’s really going to semi-graze his heirs …
Finish this move
Then Olga immediately looked at the corner of the crimson kingdom …