"This point is not much," the wave said deeply. "What is a person alive? Just met the captain has a separate office, and there are isometric chairs … The captain’s face is everyone’s face … "

"How many points are there?" The cockroach asked, "It was agreed yesterday that I would be a part of this boat."
"Well … five points is enough"
"veto!" Everyone, including Bai Wen, even asked for the construction of a captain’s room before the escalation point, not sharing weal and woe with everyone, but also occupying resources.
Bai Wendao: "I suggest that two points should be taken out to build protective walls on both sides of the ship to reduce the probability that we will fall into the sea when the dread is drifted by the captain. Please look at the chase. Our lookout is greatly restricted. We will spend another upgrade point to transform the lookout, which will not only protect the lookout from facing the tall ship, but also protect the crew. Please raise your hand if you agree."
Brush all crew members’ hands, including waves.
Chapter 56 haunted house
Wu Xin jumped to the steering wheel except for the cable surface, which was high. "I propose to build a Diaoyutai to ensure the integration of leisure and entertainment, tense games and relaxation."
Youer immediately said, "I firmly agree with Brother Shepherd’s suggestion of integrating leisure and entertainment, but support the construction of chess room."
The cockroach said, "I think it’s good to build a small garden. The environment is romantic and elegant."
Langdao "Fencing Hall!"
Dragonfly "shooting range"
"…" Everyone looks at Bai Wen. "Lao Wang depends on your vote."
Bai Wentan hand "According to the choice, everyone chooses to start by themselves except Friend. For example, fencing, others are not interested in shooting, fishing, and gardens. I think it’s the same as Friend’s suggestion to build a chess room, at least shepherd, and I still play cards."
Wu Xin sighed, "Lao Wang speaks very tactfully. You can understand that the captain has to steer and watch, and he can’t afford to watch. Comrade Cockroach, the boatswain will play mahjong if you want to come. If you don’t come, we will fight the landlord. You didn’t vote one-on-three."
"…" Cockroaches, dragonflies and waves all talk. Do you want to be so frank?
"Face is the topic!" Langdao: "We still have 14 upgrade points. How should we arrange them? Things, people, defense, durability, speed and flexibility. "
Wu Xin thought about it for a while and said, "Why don’t you upgrade three four-point facilities and then deduct the dragonfly observation deck to make up three points to build a Diaoyutai?"
Wave said, "I don’t think the shepherd can express his opinion on the ship upgrade. Please raise your hand if you agree … Very good. Five to one shepherd is out."
Cockroach said, "We want to build a pirate village and become a professional pirate. In this case, we must be fast. At least manual operation can outrun the military fleet. I suggest upgrading the speed by two points."
It’s better to run faster than to be beaten. Except cockroaches, everyone has seen the military fleet’s prestige and heavy guns ringing, tearing the pirate ship to pieces directly, and then being beaten and not running fast, there is still a chance.
Wave discussion "why don’t we take the point of strengthening the watchtower to the extreme and increase the speed again?"
"good!" We discuss the dread second-generation ship even if it is finalized.
The upgraded pirate dhow was renamed as a light armed pirate speedboat. The durability and defense data were twice as high as that of the original ship, and the manpower increased by 20%. The original ship was 4-changed 6-11 after three times of increase. According to the calculation, it was 55-11. The headwind was rounded off by adding half a point at a time, but everyone did not expect that the flexibility of the ship decreased by 6%.
From the outside, the change of the ship is not too big. At most, the skin wood looks smoother and more beautiful. Some decks have reinforced fences on both sides, and the ship knows that there is an additional chess and card game room, and there is an additional glass room in the center of the deck. Once in combat, the room will disappear.
"If you want to get some smuggled coffee machines and coffee beans, you’d better have a blender." Bai Wen expressed his views.
"Smuggling changes life," Wu Xin said. "I hope to have a camera."
Luxury needs to be smuggled in how to smuggle. Many players in the world have studied this problem, such as how to get the rules of smuggling, and so on. At present, at most, one or two lucky players have bought some low-priced smuggling, such as selling 100 gold smuggled and selling 10 gold mobile phones, and not selling notes. It is also heard that some players in France have got a black-and-white video camera to watch the reality satellite channel in the game, which has largely solved the problem that housewives can catch up with each other when playing games.
Many people get one thing, but they will complain about losing something else. For example, if they earn money and have a successful career, they will complain that they are old and play, and they will complain that they have achieved one thing. They will lament the lack of true love, and they will lament the lack of color in their lives.
Lang complained, "Are you kidding me? It’s just a little early to know that we should leave some for defense, durability and a position. Isn’t the flexibility too bad?" The former feeling is that Mercedes-Benz now feels tractor. "
Wu Xin was surprised and asked, "Have you ever been in a farm car?"
"no!" Lang Naidao "is a metaphor"
"Metaphor!" Wu Xin thought, "Then you will experience the supersonic pleasure of a jet plane."
"During World War II, the maximum speed of warships reached 35 knots, but by the design speed of modern warships, it was about 25 knots more," Youer said. "Because modern times are the missile age, no matter how fast you run, it will be 5 kilometers per hour, but the speed of the front ship is a sign of life."
Cockroaches clap their hands for "mahjong", and it will take several hours to know who received the two-way call.
Wave way "sheep! Don’t you come back after a night snack? "
"You’re no match for others’ cockroaches," Wu Xin said. "I knew he was not only a woman friend but also a mahjong friend when I saw him rubbing his hands and fingers."
The wave of "going, going to see the shadows" gave Wu Xin a gold.
Wu Xin received money and asked, "Do you think you have a monthly card?"
If you want to cook noodles for three people, Hua Yingying is more sensible. These days, she occasionally buys some things in the refrigerator. This is the experience. Don’t be polite to others and get used to it. Others don’t owe you anything.