After the words, there was silence for two or three breaths
A moment later, I saw the ancient golden eagle knife of Lingyuan cut to the light curtain, and the hammer of Lingshan shook the light curtain. Lingyoudao Yin and Yang Xuanguangjian stabbed the light curtain, and waved a five-color fan in his hand to smash a golden energy to the light curtain.
Redjade flapped her wings, and her flashes flashed. She heard "whew" and a hundred illusory feathers shot at the screen.
Five attacks were launched at the same time in no particular order.
The six collided, and a strong light accompanied by a loud noise came out.
A sudden loud noise made six monks at a certain place get up and look at the sound direction together.
Xu Mao pointed to the direction of Ling Youdao and said, "The sound comes from that direction."
Sichuan Baichang also immediately said, "In addition to the loud noise, there was a white light."
Some people don’t understand, "What is this? Is there anyone else in this room besides us? "
A man next to him shook his head and said with a smile, "How can anyone still be alive when this place has been closed for more than 10 thousand years?"
"What’s impossible? Since the monster beast can live in this life? "
The man who just spoke at the smell speech was asked one leng and didn’t know how to answer.
Xu Mao said, "It is also possible that the monster beast did it."
Everyone was amazed, "monster beast?"
Chuanbaichang waved his hand and said, "Well, whether it’s wild animals or this place, we really have a monk’s life. We must not take it lightly."
They nodded to him deeply.
"Let’s finish things here first, and then we’ll go and find out."
Immediately, he said, "If the third-order monster is chaotic, we will leave quietly. If the monks live in this place, we will first blend in with them and spy out the secrets in this place from their mouths."
Everyone smoothed their beards and their eyes narrowed.
"Miaomiao, Sichuan Daoyou, this method is wonderful. Hahahaha …"
After the white light, the light curtain that covered the attic finally disappeared, and the four people’s faces lit up.
Immediately ling edge ancient sink a way "just a lot of noise has attracted the attention of the advanced to the group of people"
After hearing what he said, three people recovered their composure.
"Uncle, we are not afraid when they come, but grandnephew, we should still hide in the dark."
"What’s there to hide? Since the other party’s strength is not as good as ours, we don’t directly destroy them. "
Lingdingshan unhappy said
Ling Youdao laughed. "This place is very dangerous. We take risks to search every other place without them!"
This person laughed at each other.
Chapter two hundred and seventeen The sutra depository
Laugh at Lingyuan Ancient Road. "Well, hurry in and have a look."
Four people went in together, and suddenly there was danger in the mental height.
Outside the attic is a compound, and it didn’t take long for four people to reach the center of the courtyard.
The courtyard is also messy, but it is much better than outside.
After looking around for a while, four people pointed directly at the closed attic in front of them.
Ling Youdao’s right hand was holding hands before, and suddenly there was an aura of water mass in his heart.
The water mass was thrown out by him and hit the front door of the attic. The huge force instantly smashed the door.
In fact, this side has also drawn a rune ban, but with the passage of time, the power of the ban is getting lower and lower, and now it has become an ordinary thing, so it can easily break the door.
"Most of the bans in this have failed."
"Be careful."