If eldest brother Changfeng doesn’t wake up, her heart will stop beating.

If she is unlucky, she will still live in another way, in the heart of eldest brother Changfeng.
The two of them have been United ever since.
You give birth to me, you give birth to me, you die, and I die!
That’s all!
Star sat by the pond and listened for a summer. Cher looked at sky full of stars and missed him.
Miss the doting but harsh father, miss the cheating but can’t hate him. Nine brothers miss the freedom to accompany them in the palace for several nights. Miss the figure in front of them when they were assassinated outside the city … Miss is a beautiful thing. It can seal happiness or sadness in memory and ask for it.
The next day, in the cool blue morning, the bird garden played happily and pecked the oil flowers all over the ground.
A purple dress Cher carefully cleaned the whole room inside and outside after washing.
She arranged the baggage of the college students decorated with ten robes and the stack of letters sent by Yanbeichuan, put it in the crescent moon and gently closed the door.
She dressed in a small wooden bucket full of water and watered all the vegetables and flowers in the garden.
Wiping her cheeks and sweating with a charming smile in her eyes, she held out her little hand and picked a small bunch of cherries from the tree beside her. She picked a cherry that was ripe and crystal clear and put it in her mouth.
Sour and sweet feeling
Cher sipped her mouth and frowned slightly, then closed her eyes with a sour face.
The Pu Garden is very big.
Cher walked for some time before she came to the small courtyard where Dean Zhuang lived.
"Teacher" Cher held the ceremony with great respect.
Dean Zhuang is mending the hoe.
He turned to look at Cher.
Then I couldn’t help looking at it a few times. He found that he was a little different today.
Cher is wearing a purple dress.
That’s not her student’s decoration. That’s her favorite dress when she was Princess Ning Xue in Dayan Empire.
She put on some light makeup.
After waking up from a deep sleep for three months, I put on makeup for the first time, green eyebrows, autumn waters, eyes, pink face and light lips … and that soft hair.
Today, Cher is really brand-new.
Today, Cher really makes this teacher, Dean Zhuang, feel beautiful.
Dean Zhuang looked at Cher and smiled gently.
The Princess Yan Bailou, the princess of setting snow in Dayan Empire, holds palm beads, which is what it should be.
Because this is what his favorite disciple should look like.
"Have you thought about it?" Dean Zhuang asked
"Cher has thought it over."
"But there are still many medical skills that have not been given to you." Dean Zhuang felt sorry.
"Teacher, Cher knows all those medical classics by heart."
"It’s not as simple as knowing it by heart."
"How many times did the teacher repeat this sentence?"
"Ha ha ….. you wench" Dean Zhuang smoothed her beard and smiled.
"Come on, come on, you and the first few steps" Dean Zhuang waved.
Cher came forward.
Dean Zhuang stretched out his forefinger and gently touched Cher’s forehead.
In my mind, Wang Yang’s knowledge seemed to flash.
Cher some shocked to open your eyes.
"Leave a yuan of divine power in your knowledge. This yuan of divine power can protect your life at a critical moment."
"There is also this hand-picked book, but it records the essence of the teacher’s life. Don’t neglect your studies after leaving the hospital."
"The jade bottle contains Yangxin Dan and Huxin Dan. You should pay more attention to your health before your injury has healed."
"Before he left, he collected the broken net in the garden. Now, the tenth magic can’t play much."
Cher went to indifferent Sichuan and looked at Luo Changfeng, who was unconscious. After that, she said goodbye to the courtyard, and the dean of the courtyard kept nagging and urging her to leave the courtyard.
She didn’t go back to her native Dayan Empire.
She went to Dongsheng alone.
No one knows more about the character of Brother Jiu than she does. Cher knows that if the same distress letter appears in front of Yan Nanfei, the life of Brother Jiu will be really worrying.
Cher doesn’t want to take part in these brother fights, and she won’t choose any position.
She didn’t want to watch Yanbeichuan die in a strange land.
After all, she and Yan Beichuan are both blood of Yan’s royal family. After all, blood is thicker than water.
So after receiving a personal letter from Yanbeichuan, Cher went to Dongsheng alone.