It seems that … came to the center.

Lin is mainly paying attention to the situation of Nautilus.
Nautilus is now in its original position.
That is, a warship synthesized from a large number of debris is now easier for Lin to call it … Death battleship.
Now this warship is sailing deep in the dead static field.
Lin also pays attention to the situation here while watching the suffering of the people in Ershi.
The warship almost reached the center of the static field. The environment here is almost the same as other places, and there are also … normal virtual biological remains everywhere.
And there are many cellular biological remains.
Lynn, Nautilus has adjusted its perception range to the maximum, and it can feel that there are many huge structures around it … like wood chips.
These’ wood chips’ are hundreds of meters in size. They are floating quietly, and the virtual death battleship is now moving slowly with this large number of’ wood chips’.
"I know them … I remember them"
The large wood chips around belong to multicellular creatures … This is what the creator told Lin.
The brain cells of the special creator that Lin found before are still … Nautilus.
Lin tried to communicate with it and found that it talked a lot … not that it was willing to communicate with Lin, but that Lin sent it some brainwave signals and it would reply to some words at the same time.
These words are usually not in response to Lin’s words, but more like it talking to itself, so Lin doesn’t communicate with it … but sends it the external environment scene.
It will evaluate different environments in different ways. For example, Xian Lin showed it the environment with wood chips floating outside.
It will tell Lin … This is a creature.
"They yearn for here but never live here … but they still keep rushing to here for tens of millions. Is that to pursue their own world aspirations? Or a journey of self-destruction? No, they don’t self-destruct. They have ideas and … they want to come here. "
"In the end, they disappeared. These are evidence that they were alive … meaningless evidence."
Although the creator’s speech is vague, Lin can detect its brain cells and know what it really wants to say.
These wood chips generally belong to a virtual creature that likes solidification very much.
They live in some places where normal virtual solidification often’ collides’
If you want to find out where the solidification cracks appear, they will pass in droves like … moths.
But they have no ability to live in a frozen void, so all these creatures are dead in a frozen void.
But they never give up.
It may be that I don’t know if all the same kind of people are dead or not. When I see any cracks in biological theory, I want to get into the solidification void like crazy.
These creatures have been doing this for a long time.
Until extinction.
It seems that the last such creature still desperately wants to get in after seeing the solidified virtual gap.
The special creator sighed for these creatures … No meaningful sigh.
The Death Battleship continues to move forward, and there are fewer pieces of wood around it, but there are still many other biological remains.
You can see some cell organisms that Lin is familiar with, such as skeleton species.
But these are skeletons that Lin has never seen. They are quite large and hundreds of meters in size.
And they all look like … ribs.
That is …
Lin was soon attracted by some special … situations.
Lin found some circular objects floating by, which looked like a platform with a diameter of more than 100 meters.
Mainly these platforms and moving creatures.
They are more than three meters tall and shaped like a column.
The roots of their bodies cling to each other like a sticky platform, and they also move slowly.
"Ah, we have come to this place … is this the deepest we can know? We used to think that everything here was static, but it wasn’t … "
After Lin showed the creator this scene, it said a lot of vague words
Overall, it means that this position in its memory and knowledge is the deepest part of’ stillness’.
That is, before solidifying the place with the strongest static ability, it thinks that everything here is static, but it is not.