Li Xu is the first time to come to the Chen family. To be honest, he has some rejection of the Chen family and knows Yao Shangqing. If it weren’t for the original thing, Yao Shangqing should have married Qin Dage.

Chen handed Yuan Yuan a big coating to Zhou Xingyue and took Yuan Yuan’s hand.
"You can slow down and call grandma when you miss her, okay?"
Yuanyuan nodded seriously.
Chen looked at the cart behind and the soldiers knew that it was not good to keep blocking it.
"All right, let’s go. Let’s go."
Yuanyuan took the bus and waved to her family.
Li Xu asked the guards to start the car.
Chen looked at the car and ran all the way, and slowly he couldn’t see the tears and fell to his heart.
"Mom, stop crying. It’s a good thing to go to a big place to study. I can’t stand the injustice with my grandparents."
Yue-e Li quickly advised
Chen Shaoer came last night and his eyes are swollen today, which will make him cry again and he is out of breath.
Chen Shaoyuan’s mood won’t be released. For the first time, he didn’t discipline Chen Shaoer. He silently went back to his room and picked it up in the drawer, but he didn’t turn a page for a long time.
The villagers are naturally watching a circle.
Wang Fen didn’t expect her child to be sent to the capital in this way. What is that place? In ancient times, it was always the place where officials lived. It was stupid for her to say that the Chen family was also stupid enough to pick one up if her child didn’t send it.
However, this smelly girl should thank herself well, otherwise, how could she have such a good life and go to the capital to think about it and then she leaned forward and went home.
Yu Xiuxiu is doing laundry at home. Zhao Wanwan is hiding in the house to study. She doesn’t want to work.
"I’m telling you, that smelly girl has gone to the capital." Wang Fen got a pony to sit next to the well.
Yu Xiuxiu asked, "Who is it?"
Wang Fen didn’t good the spirit snorted. "Who did you say it was? Chen Laosan’s father-in-law and mother-in-law didn’t sin. They went back to the capital and then took Yuanyuan away."
Yu Xiuxiu surprised stare big eyes "niang Chen family head there is something wrong with them that smelly wenches grow a little bit have what good!"
Wang Fen looked at her this kind of abandon up mindless.
"I mean, if she can earn money after going to the capital, you can go to her and cry for poverty and let her pull her own brother."
Yu Xiuxiu doesn’t like that girl. She doesn’t want to curry favor with her, but it’s different when she’s young. Her mother-in-law said that she won everything for herself.
"Mom, when she comes back, we’ll quietly go over and recognize her. The Chen family certainly didn’t say I was her own mother. Is this blood?"
Wang Fen, look, she finally got it.
"What’s wrong with you? It’s because you’ve been pregnant for so long that you didn’t report it, right?"
Yu Xiuxiu felt that her mother-in-law was right.
Li Xu sat in the front passenger seat and looked back at Yuanyuan. This child is so beautiful that it doesn’t look like this at all. It seems that it is better to grow up than the children in the capital.
"Uncle Yao Shusheng has also gone back. I came to pick him up in Qiao Liu County before him." Then I said what he usually did when he came over.
Yao Zhizhao was a little surprised that he really didn’t know that this situation had been working in Shengjiyuan provincial capital.
"How is his body? Are you hurt? "
Li Xu smiled and shook his head. "Not really. He is a doctor and takes good care of himself."
Yao Zhizhao listened with relief and nodded. It’s good that they are all old friends.
Li Xu’s eyes slowly fell on Yuan Yuan.
"How old are you?"
"Nine years old" Yuanyuan answered with a smile.
Li Xu, well, there was no sound in the car. He has been on the road for several days and closed his eyes and rested.
They arrived in the capital early in the morning two days later.
Li Xu sent people directly to their door.
Yao Zhizhao has been uneasy since he entered the capital. There is an incredible feeling that he can come back after so many years, which is just like dreaming.