Both of them vowed to kill each other, and neither of them would take the initiative to withdraw their hands, so they both gave each other a chance to kill each other.

They each show that they can constantly set traps for each other.
You broke her trap and she saw through you.
You come and I fight to the present.
Xiao Lianqin may be covered with poison wherever she walks. Xiao Lianqin dare not drink water or eat food indiscriminately. He once didn’t beat his teeth for three days. Xiao Lianqin also wrapped up her ace. She was afraid of touching poison because everything she touched, including riding a horse and dragging the reins, could be poisonous.
Du You-xin is equally worried because all the people she meets may be Xiao Lian Qin, even a child, and she is also full of vigilance. There seems to be a shadow of Xiao Lian Qin behind every face.
Du Youxin also mistakenly killed an old woman who begged her on her stomach and killed a child.
Du Youxin can’t believe that a person is not allowed near her.
But she can’t avoid people unless she goes to the barren hills.
Du Youxin decided to leave town and stay away from people.
So Du Youxin led Xiao Liuqin to this mountain.
If she leads, Xiao Lian Qin will follow her when she gets to the daoshanhuohai.
But when Du Youxin entered the mountain, he left a signal that one of his own people could understand.
She needs help, otherwise it’s really difficult for her to deal with Xiao Lian Qin alone. Two days ago, Du Youxin was guided into the mountain by three close friends.
There is also a very powerful master 3.
Although they were very cautious in entering the mountain, they were discovered by Xiao Liu Qin.
Xiao Liu Qin exulted in his heart.
Du Youxin went into the mountains and helped her instead.
Otherwise, Du Youxin will be wary if he wants to meet people, or he will temporarily hide or set up a poison array to make Xiao Lianqin helpless.
Du Youxin will be less lax with his own people.
Xiao Liu Qin recognized the opportunity.
Xiao Liu Qin, like an experienced hunter, patiently followed his prey and waited for an opportunity.
Two hours ago, Xiao Lianqin assassinated a confidant of Du Youxin, and then Xiao Lianqin changed into him and stabbed herself, and then she called for help in a pool of blood.
Xiao Liu Qin knows Du Youxin is nearby.
Sure enough, Du Youxin came first.
When she saw that the wound on the ground was still bubbling with steaming blood, she hesitated for a moment before coming near, and then her arm shook and she flew out towards the "confidant". It seemed that she wanted to pull up the cloud sleeve of the seriously injured confidant.
But a color, taste and poison attack at the same time.
Shaw flow jean to react immediately roll to avoid.
But she still smoked some poison.
Du Youxin looked at first one leng and then gave an excited smirk.
Xiao Liu Qin was finally poisoned by her.
And Xiao Liu Qin had a hard time getting away and dumping Du Youxin to track them.
Xiao Liu Qin now feels chest colic, qi and blood churning like boiling water, which makes her feel very painful.
Fortunately, she inhaled a little. If she inhaled more poison, she would be dead now.
Although Xiao Lian Qin has been poisoned, Xiao Lian Qin doesn’t want to escape. She doesn’t want to miss this opportunity. Xiao Lian Qin wants to try again.
And Xiao flow jean also don’t know just now Lin Yi flew from here.
The fourth chapter plan is better (2)
Xiao Lian Qin also came to the edge of the frozen stream. She also broke a piece of ice and then fell down and drank the cold stream. Although the cold weather was biting, Xiao Lian Qin felt that her whole body was burning like a light, burning her seven orifices and smoking her five internal organs.
She really wants to take off her clothes and cool down the flames that barbecue her body.
Xiao flow jean heart bursts with wry smile this poison is terrible, although her antidote can alleviate the spread of toxic body, it is difficult to solve this poison. Fortunately, at that time, she reacted quickly and inhaled little, otherwise she would have died suddenly and violently.