It’s a big thing to practice the highest plough power perfectly. Meng Fei is practicing its shape without seeking charm. Soon after, he saw that a purple beam suddenly appeared behind him, shooting a purple mountain and directly penetrating a tree not far away.

Meng Fei nodded slightly and was quite satisfied with the sudden transformation of the external vitality cover into a purple cover. The purple energy was transformed into a little bit of star awn, which rippled slightly in his body and seemed to be arrogant.
His body is filled with purple and purple, and the power is majestic.
He walked radially to other valleys and laughed. From now on, I am no longer everyone shouting and killing Meng Devil, but Zixing sent a younger brother. Truly, a good man Zixing sent his brothers and younger brothers.
Meng Fei went straight to a valley, but when he saw this place, the sun was blazing and the fire was raging, and the earth was so brown and dry that even the rocks were burned and cracked that it almost turned into a yellow sand valley.
In the valley, six or seven practitioners have poured three or four bodies in each other’s fighting.
Bai Yutai’s ban has been broken by them, but no one has come to take the spirit vein in Yutai. Obviously, these two batches of cultivation have taken a fancy to this spirit vein at the same time.
Meng Fei walked radially to the vein. A black robe practitioner found that he was close to the vein and immediately threw his opponent at him. A hydra with nine heads suddenly jumped from the ground and opened its mouth to bite Meng Fei like a flash of nine heads.
Meng Fei reached a finger with disdain and immediately counted the purple light and winked from behind, then drowned the practice of Hydra. At the same time, other skeletons wandered in the purple light and tore Hydra to pieces.
The magic way of uniting the repair has just reached the realm of life and death. Seven paragraphs is better than not being given a few moves by Meng Fei when Hu Rendun. Chapter four hundred and thirteen But it’s dark enough.
The evil spirit demon way dies Yu Gu Meng Fei goes to Ziguang righteously way
He continued to walk to the spiritual pulse, and two groups of practitioners stopped to see him go to Baiyutai and said with a smile, "You younger brothers, don’t importune this spiritual pulse."
A black robe uniting the gas pole and grinning hideously said, Where did Zixing Paidi dare to be so arrogant? Is it because he wants to die?
Well done, Purple Star Sect Brothers. A white robe cultivates your eyes and says, Let’s send you Purple Star Sect for generations. Let’s kill these three devil cave guys together first and then discuss the spirit vein genus.
The three devil’s cave practitioners rushed to Meng Fei in anger, and the other three Shui School practitioners immediately greeted the three men and attacked them not to bother Meng Fei.
One of them, the Hidden School, worried that Meng Fei would take the spiritual pulse alone, so he secretly let one person go. The devil cave practitioner immediately killed Meng Fei.
My purple star party is a dead end. Meng Fei is watching the devil’s cave at the edge of Baiyutai. He said, "You’d better come back now if you retreat, or I’ll let you die as soon as I have the highest strength."
The devil’s cave practitioner’s face is ferocious, and suddenly there is a small banner in his hand. When he shakes in the wind, his banner is ten feet high and his face dances with a grimace. I have worked so hard to sacrifice the animal refining device, and I have been psychic to see who died.
He shook and trembled, and suddenly the black fog filled Meng Fei.
This kind of black fog is extremely poisonous, and it hurts people’s health and vitality. If you hit it, you will be ruined by heaven and man. You are sick, weak, tired, and mentally disoriented.
Black fog is not close to see Meng Fei grabbed Bai Yutai with both hands and suddenly blurted out that Bai Yutai was abruptly lifted.
This white jade platform is more than 100 meters in size in Fiona Fang, and it has sealed a spiritual pulse. Only Meng Fei can easily lift this jade platform with such great strength. Others don’t even think about it. They can use witchcraft to move their noses.
Meng Fei waved the white jade platform crashing down like a fly and directly covered the science of uniting the face.
Bang bang bang.
His hands fell on continuous shooting three times and immediately made the devil cave practice into a pile of mud and couldn’t die any more.
Well done. Not the kui is a purple moon sect. Three white robe practitioners can’t help but praise them.
Meng Fei strode to them with a jade platform in his hand, waving a white jade platform with great integrity, and then patted them and shouted, "You evil spirits and evil ways are punished by everyone."
This brother, stop it. We are Shui Pai people from generation to generation. Good people. Three Shui Pai brothers are horrified. Seeing that Bai Yutai and Yan Tianyun are crashing, they are included in the attack range. Hurriedly shouted,
Meng Fei lifted Bai Yutai and slapped his mouth again, scolding you evil spirits for saying that you are a hidden faction. Is that really a hidden faction? You can’t hide it from me. Today is your be beheaded Day.
Five practitioners were smashed by his continuous shooting, and they had to be transported to repair their resistance.
Give it up. You can die in the hands of an apricot, the first Junjie of Zixing School. You should feel that Hao Meng Fei’s blow will weaken two of them and make them into mud and sorrowful.
Motherfucker, we are really hidden, sending people alive, practicing in white robes, struggling, roaring, Ziyue sending little old people alive to kill you, and Zixing sending people everywhere.
Meng Fei sneered, but it’s a magic thief who will destroy me when he keeps his mouth shut. Today, I will destroy you first for good. He took these practices into the ground hand in hand.
However, two of them were the most profound practitioners, and they almost entered the ashes. They actually joined forces to fight against Bai Yutai and fled to the valley in a hurry.
With a wave of his arm, Meng Fei roared with a white jade platform and smashed one practitioner to pieces, but the other took the opportunity to escape from this valley.
The Purple Star Sect has always remembered you. Since then, I have sent you to the Purple Star Sect. If you see one, you will kill one. That white robe is far away.
Meng Fei didn’t continue to kill, but the white jade platform cleaned the battlefield and couldn’t help but smile happily. The master of these materials is one step closer to refining magic weapon avenue.
A few days later, Meng Fei got into this strange place and cultivated more and more. In most of the valleys, jade platforms were broken and the spirit veins were taken away.