It’s strange to shake your head if you can know the answer to this question. "Have you thought about it? What will happen? "

"I didn’t think much before, but not long ago, I probably understood that water in the sea can flow into the river, and the water in the river can also flow back into the sea." Su Jing spoke slowly. "The ghost king Jiang Cai died before entering the Yanhai Sea … before he died, he was a bottle full of ink. I was very sensitive to the mana of Mo djinn."
Willy got it. Everyone got it.
The mysterious magic can make believers "gods" flow back and forth!
Willy stared at his eyes. "If we ignore the 21st chain, after his death … will Moli return to the murderer after killing him?"
Sue nodded at the scenic spot, and the topic in her mouth returned to saving people. "It will cost me some real money to return the 21 chain to its original shape, but it will have little impact; The consumption of refining other devices in the small refining world is even more negligible. Although there is a key called refining, it is actually not refining, but washing. I need to refine it into my treasure, and I need to add new magical powers to it. It is enough to return it to him. The fire is like a torrent. It’s just a waste of hands and feet to cross the 21 chain and return to my acupoint. When Sao and Qi Donglai advised me for the first time, I should have.
Su Jing paused and continued, "I didn’t expect to get rid of and burn out the ink color of the chain. After I found it, I had to do it. It would cost me a lot of money, but this is already a fight … fighting takes effort for granted." After that, Su Jing looked at throb.
A thunderous Buddha raised an eyebrow. "This … is already fighting?"
"suddenly!" Sixteen master promised the Lord this question.
Su Jing seemed to think of what smiling face reappeared. He reached out to his splendid bag and touched it. Before others saw his heart, after exploring the bag, they all said that he had thought of what was a great treasure. Everyone was so excited that he reached into the bag and waited for him to take it out.
Soon Su Jing took out a pair of shoes.
A pair of shoes are light and soft. The soles of the boots are not thin or thick, and the waist of the boots is not high or short. There are hidden embroidered moiré and auspicious unicorn exquisite and beautiful shoes.
Then Su Jing changed shoes.
The demon fog didn’t understand. "Why do you change shoes?" While asking, I looked at Su Jing’s new shoes hard, trying to find out some ups and downs and flashing jewels, but where can I find an ordinary pair of shoes?
"That is his daughter-in-law to do! Wearing new shoes came to blows with more spirit. "Willy winked at Su Jing and smiled at the poor kid."
Su Jing opened her eyes when she changed her shoes … The rising sun and warm sunshine are gently brushing away the thin fog; In the mid-autumn season, a piece of forest is red, and the green hills are less delicate but more enchanting; Insects, songbirds, birds and birds are singing happily, and there is a faint croaking in the distance. Is that a crow?
"ah! Ah … "The little syren screamed with her eyes wide open!
In the nether world, where is the rising sun shining, where is the green hills and red forests, and where is the crow making trouble early! Besides, in the eyes of this mountain, she is no longer familiar with it, but look at herself in this shiping again … Master Tian, terrifying is the place where she set off when she went to the nether world in vain, and that’s why her mother-in-law Qiu launched a jade preserved egg to send her and the Great Sage.
Why are you back?
I don’t listen and feel crazy except screaming … even she didn’t realize that screaming could only make her heart shake and her face was horrified.
Screaming has just started for two breaths, and a foul wind in the sky is rolling and rising. As soon as it approaches, it comes out "Yi", a foul wind is scattered, black trousers and black coat are wrinkled, and the little old woman shows herself. "You are back? Where’s Su Jing? Where is the Great Sage? "
The little old woman fell down and didn’t listen to the black peas in front of her. She cut a lot in her small eyes.
"Qiu Popo!" The little witch is really flustered, and tears are almost coming out. At first sight of a close elder, I felt kind and rushed from the bottom of my heart, reaching for the old woman’s hand. At this time, several demon winds surged in succession. Black wind evil spirits, little golden toad and just business came to the southern wilderness to visit the mountains, and they came to see if they didn’t listen to each other. They could see the little witch’s expression and their hearts were indecisive.
Mrs. Qiu’s hands are as dry as a piece of rotten wood, but after she doesn’t listen to it, she feels that she can’t tell the truth. Her heart is at a loss and her horror subsided a little. "You said … I came back, so I really went there?"
I came back in a daze and didn’t listen. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been to the underworld. Will it be a big dream to get along with each other for more than five years?
"What nonsense?" Qiu’s mother-in-law frowns and the veteran warms slightly, and a demon yuan flows into the deaf body to help her stabilize her mind.
It’s another big demon wind rolling around. A group of children, big and small, hold less than half of their hands and hold hands. They are like Xiaojinchan and Qiu Pingan. Don’t ask, they are all Qiu Pingan dolls. Old Qiu’s family has a tutor. When they don’t listen, they immediately roll their heads and shout and kneel down to kowtow to her. The little loaches haven’t got up yet and rushed to the crowd first. They heard a strange noise and earth-shattering!
Where is Tiandou Mountain? The second lair of Su Jing, away from the mountain, was rooted here. At the beginning, several swordfish crows were brought out from the mountain. Most of them lived here and practiced. Just now, they were shocked by the screaming. A crow flew to find out that it was the little mistress who came back. It was also a big crowd of crows. Grandparents screamed and asked her about her trip, and then they discussed with each other without waiting for an answer … The morning sun just rose from the East Corner, and they were all teetering with noise.
The plain hand turns over a white jade bottle in the left hand and Moyeling must be quietly suspended; In the right hand, a celadon basin, a green lantern vine, lay on the ground in a soft way. Two "things" in the soil seemed to sleep, but they were placed side by side, and their heads were tilted to look at the reaction of the vine.
Xiaojinchan gathered around and looked at "What’s going on?"
"I also want to know" things are really weird. If you don’t listen to them, you can probably guess where you come back and have a specific connection. She really can’t figure it out. If you come back, of course, you can’t go back … Wait quietly for a long time without listening to a shallow sigh, put away porcelain bottles and flower pots, and at the first change of topic, you will probably tell your companions about this trip to the underworld. It’s not long before you say that you don’t listen to the lip angle hook and actually laugh.
Smile for a moment but don’t listen to narrowed his eyes and looked at the little golden toad "Qiu Menjin, do you look weird and miss your husband? Want to go to the west sea to visit him ….. "Here don’t listen to laugh out of the sound" to visit once come back to have a baby you really don’t go every trip in vain "
Qiu Menjin ignored the little witch and looked very strange. "It’s reasonable to come back inexplicably and can’t keep you away from Mr. Lang’s side, but to see you laugh and be comfortable." Do you not want to marry him again? "
"marry!" The Moyer girl is not as reserved as the Han family girl. Her affair comes openly and generously. "When I come back, I can’t reverse things and I will be depressed. There is just one big thing that I can do well when I come back before."
"What is it?" Xiaojinchan is curious to ask
"The scenery is big!" Don’t listen to should way
Xiaojinchan looked at Qiu’s mother-in-law and shook her head. "This child … seems confused."
"Back to my mother-in-law, I’m not confused." I didn’t listen to what I thought, but I was very happy. When I turned over a bunch of beautiful red flowers, she took out the wishful sleeve and floated half a mile away in Moya. The name of flowers is translated into Chinese. "Laughter" means that there will be such flowers where someone laughs.
The seemingly delicate "laughter" is actually the most tenacious. However, on Moyer’s theory, the flowers can take root and bloom in the bitter cold areas in the north, the Gobi desert in the west or the hot and humid places in the east and south.
Moyer’s world is silent, but she can’t hear that spirit beard. Soon, she accidentally discovered that a "laughter" flower grew next to the beard. It is the spirit of every flower, but it will be a treasure if she doesn’t listen. Now she has saved a large "laughter" flower in her sleeve.
Xiaojinchan took a "Laughter" hand from the flowers, looked at it, sniffed it, and licked it according to the toad’s nature. No wonder, he asked, "What do you mean?"
"Let this flower spread all over Middle-earth one day." The words of the little witch are puzzling.
"Then what?" Qiu Popo also took a flower to see.