"That person may be the venerable one?" If the wind sighed

"Consultant Gao is the honorable person" Director Liu hurriedly said.
"Sex can only be tortured before interests, such as saying that venerable persons are greedy for money. In fact, people love money and take a proper way. Those who rely on powerful exploitation of others are very different. The demons and bodhisattvas are reluctant to give up such a generous special allowance, but he can still insist on being honest and rare. I didn’t see it wrong after all." If the wind is worried, he said.
"Well, old man, you are accurate, but it is also a matter of course. The venerable master has always emphasized self-reliance and never benefited from it." Hongyun Jiao also sighed.
You know, ten tons of vitality materials and the bottom line that he has to abide by can be obtained in vain. For these just arrived on the earth for a few years, it is equivalent to doing nothing every year and enjoying human services in vain.
They must be blind when they are prosperous.
However, these materials are urgently needed at this time to consolidate the foundation, forge ahead and restore strength, which is of great significance. If the emperor is in trouble, a wowotou will be more delicious than once.
Of course, this large sum of money will definitely not be paid by a family in China, and it will definitely be paid together with other countries. If it cannot be paid out, it will be easy to use his resources to pay off the debts. But in the era of vitality, the oath of Heaven is fierce. Everyone knows that defaulting on debts can depend on the weak and cannot rely on the strong.
Chapter six hundred and sixty-seven Salvation Society
A few days later, a tropical island in Central America and the Caribbean, the Zerg Secret House.
It’s been very lively since the sun projected the first ray of sunshine on the island.
The island is green and lush, and several tropical trees flourish. The wide leaves block the blazing tropical sun.
Colorful insects are circling and dancing on this tropical island. Butterflies, dragonflies, bees, and Xia Chan still wants to shine fireflies during the day …
Butterflies can often jump out of a large circular dance at most, and bees fly out a word from time to time 2.
The number of dragonflies and fireflies is not too broken, flying around in twos and threes.
These are all normal, but occasionally there are a few flies and mosquitoes caught in the fun and swarms of insects retreat everywhere.
Probably because insects are beautiful and can fly, and butterflies are the most common
Choosing to be reincarnated into the butterfly body is the mainstream choice; Being reincarnated into a bee is because some honest people who don’t want to eat for nothing are so blessed that they can be reincarnated into adults and want to work to repay the bodhisattva …
Among several insect choices given by the Ghost King Bodhisattva, bees are the easiest to produce expensive goods in large quantities.
It has been a year since the Truth Office helped the Dragon Venerable cultivate the beeswax in the secret realm.
From caring for god bees to the end, they also follow those old bees to learn to take nectar and brew honey to secrete beeswax in the secret realm of zerg.
These are all normal, but the flies and mosquitoes are a little wonderful. If they are wild, it’s just a key. They can also talk, and it’s like being reincarnated in the past …
It can be said that there will be wonderful things among good people.
A big green-headed fly followed by a small mosquito chased bees and butterflies on the island, but it was a pity that insects drove them away everywhere.
"Brother Ying, do you think we chose the wrong reincarnated object? None of the flying insects welcome us …" The mosquito flew dejectedly behind.
A big fly with a green head is nothing more than saying, "Wen Di, you don’t understand that when we died by accident, you said that we should cast a strong vitality. According to my observation, these two kinds of flying insects have the strongest vitality. You see, before we were human, we tried our best to kill mosquitoes and flies, but people still lived well …"
"I heard that there will be a lot of great gods coming to the island today, and everyone wants to get some grace. Will the two of us care about us?" Small mosquitoes are very depressed way
"Features Do you know what features are?" The big green-headed fly proudly said, "Everyone else has become a butterfly bee. Who can tell if there is a lot of pressure?" Only the two of us look particularly fresh. "
"I’m afraid it’s too rare to be beaten to death by others. Yingge …" The mosquito said strongly.
"Don’t worry, there is one advantage when we turn into flies and mosquitoes. First, the intelligent flies or mosquitoes have been automatically sheltered by the two communities. We will not die until the flies are extinguished." The big green-headed fly proudly said.
"Ah, why didn’t I know about it?" The mosquito was very surprised. "Brother Ying, don’t lie to me."
"Wen Di, rest assured that I won’t lie to you when I read more. Hey, that Fluttershy girl doesn’t run …" The big green fly suddenly flew towards a colorful butterfly with a bright eye.
"Welcome to the French king …" At 9 o’clock in the afternoon, an old monk with a yellow robe took the lead in coming to the island.
A group of butterflies, bees and dragonflies immediately gathered around to form a welcome queue. It was obvious that it had been rehearsed more than once.
"Come on, Brother Ying is coming to the Great God. Don’t chase you Fluttershy." The mosquito shouted anxiously.
"Coming", the big green fly quickly gave up and fled, and the seven-color butterfly followed the little mosquito.
King Tianjing smiled slightly at the dancing butterflies, bees and dragonflies around him, nodded briefly and waved his robe sleeves as a golden breath floated past.
Those butterflies, bees and dragonflies are all as strong and light as if they had drunk honey, and they have grown a lot.
The heavenly crystal king walked along the long passage of butterflies and bees to the entrance of Zerg’s secret land, the only stream source on the island.
The big green-headed fly flew quickly, followed by the small mosquito.
"Gee, I didn’t expect that there were flies and mosquitoes in the fairyland of insect spirits …" First, King Tianjing frowned, then a face suddenly admired, "Is it true that Bodhisattva is familiar with the operation of heaven and the mind of the old monk is still too far away?"
Then he found that the fly, a mosquito, fell to one side of his shoulder without timidity.
"Well, it’s really spiritual. Let’s see if you and I are destined to be you today." The King of Tianjing should stretch his finger to drop two golden Buddha lights on flies and mosquitoes with big heads …
"Brother Ying, I’ve learned … from now on, I’m a road flyover mosquito." Small-headed mosquito muttered.
"Wendi, I also realized … from now on, I will be a fly monk." Hundreds of thousands of compound eyes of big-headed flies shine at the same time.
"Ha ha, congratulations, insect spirit clan, two more dharma protectors." King Tianjing nodded and then stepped into the land of insect spirit.
At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, a golden river appeared on the island …
At 12 o’clock in the afternoon, 14 songs of men appeared on the island …
At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, a bald young man appeared on the island …
At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, a mirage with a hexagram compass descended from the moon and land.
A flower-filled hill in the secret realm of insect spirits