"All the crew members of the Yuyun spacecraft Feiyan spacecraft are sick, which has completely ruled out individual differences."

"The cessation of the course of the disease after Taizhong’s return to Phoenix means that the cause of the disease must be in Taizhong."
"The target star has a different environment, which will completely rule out the possibility of disease caused by the star."
"When all the other factors are excluded, it is only possible to get sick during the voyage … If it is not caused by unknown radiation in Taizhong, what other possibility can make the crew get sick?"
"The blue Danube spacecraft passengers a disease this is for what reason? The experimental animals have also never been ill. Is there any difference between the space shuttle Yuyun and the space shuttle Feiyan? "
Going to sleep for a long time, Wang Hao simply got up and marked different coordinate points on the brain star coordinate map, trying to find suspicious places, but the suspicious points did not find a news, but it caught Wang Hao’s attention.
"Astronomers announced that through the joint observation of data by 17 observatories, they have confirmed that an interstellar dust cloud has moved to the same position of Phoenix Star, and it is very likely that Phoenix Star has been wrapped. The size of this interstellar dust cloud has been temporarily determined, but according to the staff of the observatory, the dust cloud will not affect us except that the brightness of distant stars will be slightly reduced …"
Chapter four hundred and six Bread Nebula
"interstellar dust clouds?"
This used to be a very common news, so that almost no one would inject dust clouds. This kind of thing is very common in the universe. The recorded dust clouds observed by human beings have reached a million, spanning hundreds of light years, and less than a light year. After human beings left the sun, they once crossed hundreds of dust clouds.
They are hotbeds for breeding stars and ancestors of all macroscopic celestial bodies. The more dust clouds in a river, the more vitality there will be, and the more new stars will be born. However, as for the dust clouds, it is really not worth noting.
However, a bold idea was born in Wang Hao’s mind in combination with the current situation.
"Maybe the dust cloud that we are facing now is related."
As soon as this idea was born, it was like weeds after the rain. Wang Hao’s mind was crazy for a moment, and there were more ideas. The basis of this idea was born. "Atypical genetic variation syndrome is a disease. At present, it has been observed that all the patients have the experience of sailing too far from the stars, and the strong star wind is enough to’ blow’ the thin interstellar dust cloud, so that the dust cloud method can enter the star part and enter the star circle less."
"This seems to explain why no cases have ever been found in the stellar part."
"Interstellar dust clouds also move. In the process of their movement, there must be uneven distribution in the interaction part of the residual celestial bodies. There are places with high density and low density, and it is very likely that there are some cavities, which can explain that some spacecraft crew members are sick and some are not sick."
"It is possible that the rain cloud spacecraft passed through the place with high stardust density, but there was no case. The blue Danube spacecraft passed through the cave."
"Although it is strange that a cluster of interstellar dust clouds is accompanied by deadly radiation, it is also common that some strange things happen in the vast universe, such as this is a possibility and worth verifying."
After a long period of no harvest, a little hope was enough to make Wang Hao excited. At this moment, all the tired and sleepy parts of Wang Hao disappeared. He immediately picked up the words and planned to contact those observatories to obtain some detailed information about this interstellar dust cloud, but suddenly another idea appeared in his mind, which would douse the excitement caused by the possibility of the truth.
"It’s enough to say that there are fewer dust clouds and light years to calculate the span. If it has completely covered Phoenix, doesn’t it mean that we can escape from any direction before it leaves? No, it doesn’t have to be like this. If I guess that the true blue Danube really happened to pass through the stardust cave and there were no cases, our fleet needs to evacuate through the cave and carefully avoid the coverage of dust clouds to avoid being affected. The most important problem now is to find out whether it has any diseases or not. "
Think for a moment. Wang Hao pressed the call button.
The coordinator stationed in the biochemical research institute immediately contacted the astronomical observation base according to Wang Hao’s instructions, but instead of returning the information Wang Hao wanted, he told Wang Hao something else
"It’s not news. Astronomers have observed this interstellar dust cloud a long time ago before we left the sun, but because it has no scientific research value, astronomers have roughly measured its volume, density, coordinates, direction of movement and other information and recorded it, and then they have not re-recorded it. Maybe some small media are too short of news materials. People at the Observatory told me that the data has been inaccurate for too long. If you want accurate information, they will re-observe and calculate this interstellar dust cloud, but it will take a little time."
Wang Hao immediately asked, "How long will it take?"
The coordinator talked a few words before replying, "To ensure the accuracy of the data, they need to observe together with several observatories and make repeated calculations. It is estimated that it will take about a month."
Wang Hao looked up at an old-fashioned calendar on the table, which clearly showed a number of 135.
This means that there are 135 days left before the Fuehrer announces his return. If there is nothing left, the human fleet will set sail for the sun on time.
Wang Hao knew that before the fleet really set sail, he had to find the answer to the question, either completely eliminating the possibility of interstellar dangerous radiation or finding tangible evidence to prove that the will of the Fuehrer would not change because of his delay, and now there is not much time left for himself.
"Let them as soon as possible"
Full of worries, Wang Hao finally went to sleep. The next day, no new spacecraft passengers came here, but there were still many inspection targets here.
These signs are not the Phoenix crew who returned after the Yuyun spacecraft incident, but Wang Hao, a former member of Yuyun spacecraft, speculated that not everything happened before the Yuyun spacecraft incident, but some people should have suffered from this disease for various reasons, and now Wang Hao is testing this idea.
Although we are about to set sail, there are fewer and fewer spacecraft returning from the outside-the data shows that there were less than 60 spacecraft returning from Yuxing in the first three years, but the total number of attached health information sent from all over the star still exceeded 4 thousand, which made all the staff in the laboratory busy.
Five days after the test results, the first batch of 500 samples appeared in batches. According to the analysis, about ten samples showed different degrees of gene mutation, but they did not reach the point of causing significant expression
"Sure enough, someone was affected by this radiation before the Yuyun spacecraft, but it didn’t attract our attention."
Among the 500 samples in the second batch, a military test ship sample attracted Wang Hao’s attention. Records showed that there were 13 people in this ship. When the ship arrived in Phoenix, the crew all developed some quite serious physical discomfort symptoms and received phase treatment after arrival, but those treatments did not work. These people died one after another six months to one year later.
Medical records show that the causes of death are different, but Wang Hao knows that there is the same reason behind those deaths.
Atypical gene mutation syndrome
A month later, when all the standard departments were analyzed, Wang Hao made a statistic and found a phenomenon.
"The first recorded case was recorded by the ship’s doctor a year and a half ago, and then there were a steady stream of patients. This seems to mean that the mysterious cause of disease appeared a year and a half ago and something happened a year and a half ago?"
Wang Hao did a random search and found something that happened a year and a half ago.
"No.PSR B159ANo. PSR B159B Two middle stars have merged into a black hole. The data show that one side of the poles is just opposite to Phoenix, which means that a gamma-ray burst will directly hit us, but the distance is too far, except in the laboratory, you will observe the signs of this collision."
"Is there a collision between satellites?" Wang Hao looked at it a little and then closed the page. "This is too far away for us, and it is unlikely that we will happen."
Apart from this incident, there was nothing worth noting in that period. Wang Hao searched for it and finally gave up the idea.
"It seems that it has been almost a month since we searched for the cause of the disease from the interstellar dust cloud that enveloped us. I think those materials should be sent to me soon."
As Wang Hao expected, the next day Wang Hao received information from an observatory.
"No.YAA5 Cloud informal name Bread Nebula The strongest point is 173.36 light years, the widest point is 59.52 light years, and the thickest point is 73 light years. The relative motion speed is 369 kilometers per second. The total mass is about 3,700, and the average density of solar mass is 37,000 particles per cubic meter. The classified dark nebula consists of 73 percent hydrogen, 21 percent helium and more than 6 elements …"
In addition to the description of physical properties, there is also an image of the nebula at the end of the data, which is a rectangle in general but slightly raised in the middle and looks like a bread. In the image, the location of the Phoenix Star is specially marked-it is located on the left side of the bread nebula and has been completely covered. According to the scale conversion, it has probably penetrated into the bread nebula for about 20 light years.
"Twenty light years?" Wang Hao was slightly dazed and Zheng. After a simple mental calculation, Wang Hao calculated the relative motion speed of the bread nebula, which is 369 kilometers per second. It takes a full 16,000 years from contact with Phoenix Star to covering Phoenix Star for 20 light years.
Chapter four hundred and seven Knot
"Sixteen thousand years? How can this be? "
This figure obviously means that Wang Hao’s conjecture is wrong.