But at this moment, a light came from the sky and a violent scream came from the sky.

Boom!’ A demon as big as Tyrannosaurus rex smashed its burning body into the bush from the sky, and the flame immediately rose with it and spread rapidly in this jungle.
"Ga!" Some jadeite dragons that didn’t escape were swallowed up by the flames, while the remaining jadeite dragons quickly retreated from the jungle.
"Find another way!" The general shouted at once that the Jade Dragon troops immediately fled to the other side.
"The general has no way!"
However, the Emerald Dragons found themselves in a dead end, and saw that the surrounding jungles were ablaze, and the fire spread and surrounded the troops here. They could leave this place again, and the demon ship could be destroyed at any time, and then they would be instantly flooded by bullets and rain.
But there is still a place to escape.
"Ga … can go here!"
The general immediately turned and ran to the woodland, and the jade dragons around him followed. They all gathered in a big hole.
This is the big hole in the filter that can be seen before they explode.
"We have to get in here!" The general said, "This should lead to the river outside!"
"Ga …" The Emerald Dragons looked at each other and when they hesitated, the general jumped in first. It quickly grabbed the blown filter and swam to the shore.
"You come in quickly!"
The jade dragons jumped at once when they saw it. They swam to the bank of the cave river in a general way.
But the holes are not big. They can jump in one by one. When the tenth Emerald Dragon jumped in, there was a violent roar outside …
"Ga!" The whole cave jade dragon screamed and shook, and the entrance of the cave was covered with a lot of rubble. The cave suddenly fell into darkness.
And the Emerald Dragon outside has no way to enter this place again.
"Let’s go!" Looking at the situation, the general did not hesitate. He led the troops along the edge of the cave wall to the counter-current direction.
It knows that the cave leads to the outside river, and if it goes against the current, it may be able to leave …
Beep!’ Suddenly, the general heard the sound of the foresight ball in his pocket.
"This is …" It picked up the foresight ball and saw some messages written when it met. "The core also destroyed it."
"The core … still?" The general looked at the foresight ball doubtfully. The foresight ball never changed the information, and a message would be displayed only after they were completed or failed.
The general turned to look at it, and the contact soldiers in front of the Emerald Dragon behind him were here, but the balls foreseen by these dragons didn’t seem to respond. Through the sparse light, the general could see them, and the balls still showed the retreat information …
"This is … belong to me? So that’s it. This is the foreknowledge ball for me … "The general looked at the back of his foreknowledge ball again, and the Jade Dragon noticed it." Is there any information in the general’s ball? "
"honk! You go first! " The general threw this sentence and then jumped into the side of the river and swam in the direction of the current.
The Emerald Dragons exclaimed in amazement that they were getting farther and farther away from it, but the general didn’t go back to plan that it would dive its head into the faster and faster river. Not far ahead, the filter was broken. When it approached, it swung its tail, jumped from the water like a fish, jumped over the filter and continued to swim deep …
If you go downstream, you should be at the core position soon.
After rebirth, the general has regarded the foresight ball as equal to their king. If the foresight ball is given to him, he will try his best to complete it …
Although it’s a little strange that the Jade Dragon foresees that the ball has no information, it won’t stop it from moving.
Now that the current has become stronger and stronger, the general’s strong body enables him to move forward steadily in the current. After several bends, he finds that the cave ahead is going away.
The general immediately dived into the water and followed the current, which flowed deep into the darkness.
And after its rebirth, its body has some special ability, which allows it to get oxygen from water and see its surroundings clearly in the dark.
It’s like a water passage drifting around with the general, and there are a lot of dead wood and gravel along the current. After the general saw a big hole in front of him, he found that he had entered a wide space.
"Ga … is this the core?"
In front of the general, a huge column stands in the water. It seems to be tightly wrapped by several silk threads. Although its appearance is different, the general immediately recognized it as the core when he saw it.
"Just destroy it, but …"
The general swam to the core. He found that the core was too big for him, and there was nothing to explode. Looking at the huge core, he became a little upset.
"Maybe you can smash it bit by bit by attacking a fragile place?"
With this idea, the general immediately swam around the core, and his hand gently touched its skin to try to find some fragile places.
And touch the core that moment the general suddenly had a strange feeling.
A sharp pain spread from its heart and instantly spread to its body, and the general’s body expanded like an inflatable sphere.
One second, the general’s swollen body melted in the instant water, and the bright red blood drifted and spread in the fog.
Chapter three hundred and forty-seven Tear it
Revenge can give creatures an advantage
Creatures who know revenge are usually more powerful than those who don’t, whether fungi or more complex creatures. If they know revenge, they can quickly occupy the ecological advantage and climb to the top of the environment.
But this situation is reversed occasionally, especially when you want revenge and the creature knows that you want revenge.
For example, now
It’s muddy here. A tiny army is moving quickly in the deep water.
Their goal is that trunk-like thing in this water.
When the pre-filter was destroyed, turbid river water poured into the cave of the little creator, because the cave not only had a water inlet but also a water outlet, it constantly sucked in fresh river water and discharged it through another hole, and the water inside kept flowing all the time.
However, after the filter was destroyed, a large amount of sewage poured in here, causing the small creator who was sucking water to grow up to be attacked by several river microorganisms.