"There is no difference between killing him and not killing him. I don’t want to get my hands dirty." Li Cheng’s face turned serious. "In the end, everything I did completely offended the forces behind him. His forces behind him also knew that I did it, didn’t they?"

Qiao smoke nodded his head.
"Then don’t kill him. It’s the same thing to abolish him, so as to save him the chance to turn over." Moreover, Li Chengzhu also needs a spokesman. He needs someone to report to the outside world. The reality of Acacia can’t be settled by a few pick Jin Xian.
"It’s good that you can think of that," Ye Zhiqiu nodded.
"Father, can you tell me who is behind him now?" Li Chengzhu squinted at his two grandfathers and asked.
Qiao Yanluo and Ye Zhiqiu looked at each other and shook their heads naively. "I can tell you that we both belong to that power."
Shit! Boss Li stare big eyes and turn hard.
"Thank you, Father!" Silent for a while, Li Chengzhu bent down to bow down and said to the two men, Li Da, the boss, and Bai, the two grandfathers are now standing by and doing nothing, which will surely bring them any harm.
"Nothing" Qiao Yanluo waved his hand. "How can we say that our strength has reached the point where we won’t be punished so easily in the later period of Jin Xian?"
"Alas, I pity the four pick Jin Xian in the celestial world!" Ye Zhiqiu is quite sad. The battle in the sky is coming to an end. With Luo Badao’s participation, eleven people who are no longer rivals have already lost their lives, and many scars have been added. Ye Zhiqiu knows that these people fall into the hands of his disciples. It is just a fate-the abandoned cultivation of immortals has reached the level of picking Jin Xian, so there is not much left. The man behind is expected to fly into a rage. He felt that Acacia was very strong and sent four picking Jin Xian to the town. I didn’t expect it to be so strong.
"squeak!" The little thing sounded a warning from far and near, and Li Chengzhu’s look changed "Danger!"
With his voice still intact, his hamstring was abandoned, and he flew up from the ground and shouted "disposal!" Then fly to the eleven people.
Ye Zhiqiu and Qiao Yanluo’s look changed. They never imagined that a person who had his hand tendon cut off and was banned could recover so soon. They knew that they didn’t have the job. You know, the hand tendon is the main tendon, and the reiki circulation has to be cut through the tendon, and the whole body repair base is discarded by half.
Li Chengzhu squinting, he saw a white light on his left wrist. That white light is very familiar. It is a white light after applying white jade to continue body lotion.
Careless! Boss Li didn’t expect that Zuo Mingshen had white jade body lotion that could instantly repair the injury! And how did his body ban break Li Chengzhu?
"Let you be careful after the twelve synthetic law power irresistible! Unless there is a Luo Tianxian mid-term repair "Ye Zhiqiu mouth awake.
"Ha ha Xiao!" Zuo Ming was so proud that he laughed wildly regardless of the two air leakage front teeth. "The scene of Longyou being caught in shrimp in shallow water will show you what strength is today!"
Li Chengzhu looks a little dignified. Why do you look old when your opponents are in the middle?
"knot!" Zuo Ming shouted for an instant and left the battlefield. Eleven people gathered together to form an inexplicable attack law.
Li Chengzhu, the PFDJ’s main attack array, has not seen many red rock platforms before, and its power is greater than all the people put together. This is the array.
Four Luo Jinxian’s early Jin Xian’s late Jin Xian’s repairman and a powerful Li Chengzhu shrank his neck and shouted at several people, "Stop them!" Boss Li saw that Zuo Ming humiliated himself, and now he has turned his attention to himself because of his abnormal menstruation.
"If you don’t die today, you won’t believe in the left!" A fierce elephant in the left name will hold his fairy sword high.
"get out!" Luo Badao monty’s blood-turning magic knife waved forward, and a wave of his hand could stop the knife from attacking twelve people in the formation. Qin Suge and Gu Linglong then released their own attacks.
"Instant!" Left name light drink a knot array of twelve people incredibly teleport at the same time to avoid all attacks.
"Raytheon strike!" It was not until Zuo Mingyin came from the other side that Li Chengzhu and the two founders discovered that the twelve people did not know when they had teleported behind them.
Strong reiki attack mingled with the sound of Si, like a fangs snake, thundered at Boss Li as a chest attack.
Qiao Yan Luo and Ye Zhiqiu’s face became discolored, and they both released their magic weapon of defense at the same time to stand in front of Li Chengzhu.
"Boo!" One or two grandfathers took a step backwards at the same time, but they still struggled to hold on to their magic weapon. Qiao Yanluo knew that if the disciples were hit by such a blow, their fate would be inevitable.
Li Chengzhu’s face turned white as soon as he brushed it. What were the two founders? It was the late period of pick Jin Xian. Joining forces in defense could actually stop an attack. Boss Li rolled his eyes and wanted to find a place to slip away.
Ye Zhiqiu!’ Left name spit out a mouthful of blood in the mouth, and the front teeth spit out the unclear words "What do you want? Today, you have made a mistake by standing by. If you don’t want to die, get away! "
"Don’t fart!" Ye Zhiqiu’s forehead oozed with sweat. Twelve people repaired it, although it was not good, but it specially developed the converging attack method. The power is not small. "Today, even if you are desperate, you have to maintain a acacia Sect."
"Very good! Then take your head first! " Left name face hey hey sneer at.
"get out!" Luo Badao’s magic knife with monty turned into blood once again flew in front of him with the same knife and the same result. Twelve people disappeared as one and then appeared in another place.
Want to know teleport is the most difficult to grasp the accuracy of a spell, and the array position also needs to be precise. It is impossible for the array to be launched, and these twelve people actually teleport together like a person. The most rare thing is that the array can still be maintained. From this point, it can be seen that there must be an inexplicable conjoined way for this array, otherwise these people can’t calculate it so accurately.
Everyone has not folded. Li Chengzhu is in mourning.
Seeing that the two fathers were busy defending themselves against the attack, but their own strength did not make Li Chengzhu scold Mo Xie in his heart.