Chapter four hundred and sixty Changping! Changping!

Linevich rage "we are a group of waste waste! I really want to shoot them now, and they are all imperial shame! "
Shen Moninkov and others bowed their heads and didn’t dare to answer this battle. It was so humbled that they had already won the battle. As a result, they were easily attacked by a small group of Qing troops, only at the cost of one person, and the head of their own department was destroyed, resulting in thousands of elite riders being beaten to death and returning to Russia. They dare not experience such a war themselves. It will certainly be laughed at to death!
Linevich roared, "The children are all dumb! Children usually throw their weight around? The order to reorganize the seventh brigade into an independent regiment, Shen Moninkov, to take the lead in attacking Changping is about to start. We will write off the sins of the striker with Changping, and if we can’t take Changping, the number of the seventh brigade in hell will be cancelled forever! "
Shen Moninkov looked up and shouted, "Commander Pavilion, even if our men died in battle, we should get back the honor of Cossack cavalry!"
Linevich drank "immediately rectify the lack of weapons and equipment, immediately replenish them, and after an hour, we will rush to Changping to get Changping as fast as possible!"
Less than two days later, the Russian army had arrived in Changping, and it was already after midnight when it arrived in Changping. At this time, Linevich’s three brigades merged into one place. At this time, Russia had already invaded China. The most powerful force was more than 35,000 people. The army cavalry was so powerful that it was the largest invasion since the Opium War except the Sino-Japanese War!
Linevich Shen: "The army is currently resting for six brigades to surround Changping City. They want Changping Qing Army to fight to the death for two days and two days, and they will be given Changping County!"
Early the next morning, the Russian army can take action, just surround the four gates of Changping and start storming Changping County. The former Linevich was worried about tackling the shortage of heavy weapons. Well, Dong Fuxiang surrendered dozens of cannons of the Qing army in World War I, and seized cannons and ammunition from Zhangjiakou, Hohhot. The Russian cavalry regiment has more than 100 cannons.
The Russian army began to besiege Changping from four directions. This Dong Fuxiang Ganjun couldn’t hold on to the Russian artillery fire. Just one afternoon, he wanted to launch a thousand shells with Changping. The small Changping county was bombed and devastated. Soldiers and civilians were dead everywhere. Changping City was like hell. Broken walls were everywhere, and there were countless bloodstains everywhere.
Clouds of smoke rose all over the sky, and the defenders in Changping could hardly see the shells flying from Russian positions.
Good Ganjun deserves to be the first-class elite main force of the Great Qing Dynasty, led by Dong Fuxiang, who will fight to the death and launch all the cannons in Changping to fight back.
The key attack direction of the Russian army in Changping North Gate Linevich North Gate deployed two brigades and sent the independent regiment directly to the front line.
Compared with humiliating the Independent Cavalry Corps, it launched a charge to Changping City one after another. Gan Jun tried his best to block the independent regiment and hit it back again and again. Now there are only less than 600 people left in the independent regiment, and the death and injury of Gan Jun are more serious. The siege on all sides gives Gan Jun room for manoeuvre.
After noon, the casualties of Ganjun have exceeded 3 thousand, and the troops are even more stretched.
At that moment, Chongli led Wu Wei Zhongjun to arrive and look at the besieged Changping City. Chongli was a nerve-racking, and the Russian offensive was too fierce, so Dong Fuxiang could never hold on to others.
Chongli can’t take care of many immediate orders. The artillery positions are immediately locked and fired. The elements stormed the Russian positions to reduce the defensive pressure in Changping City.
At that time, the Russian army had already discovered the arrival of Qing reinforcements, and more than 10 thousand troops were neatly displayed opposite the Russian sixth brigade, ready to attack
Tymoshenko, the brigade commander of the sixth brigade, immediately sent a letter to Linevich, and at the same time mobilized two cavalry regiments to face Wu Weijun and began a confrontation between Wu Weijun and Zhongjun.
Linevich soon got the news and did not hesitate to "order the second brigade and the third brigade to dispatch a regiment to support the sixth brigade Changping south to open up the second battlefield. We must take the position of nailing the Wuwei Zhongjun to death before Changping!"
The two regiments galloped away and rushed to the south position to help.
By then, more than 10 thousand Russian troops had settled in the southern position. Although the troops were slightly in the wind, the Qing army had gained the advantage
Fierce fighting broke out in front of the positions of the two sides.
Tymoshenko, the brigade commander of the sixth brigade, frowned tightly. The artillery of the Wuweijun was too fierce, and the equipment was up-to-date and no worse than that of the Russian army. Moreover, the Zhongjun of the Wuweijun carried a large number of cannons, and it was necessary to consolidate its superiority in heavy weapons in order to be able to fight against the Russian army.
Tymoshenko ordered the cavalry to disperse to avoid the enemy’s shelling, and at the same time, the pure artillery was guaranteed to meet the enemy.
The positions of the two sides have been at war until the night, and Wu Weijun can take advantage of the Russian army. The fighting in Changping City is more intense. Dong Fuxiang was injured by shrapnel, but Dong Fuxiang still personally commanded the war in the northern city. In the afternoon, Ganjun repelled the Russian army’s three attacks. Ganjun’s actual consumption was too great. Now Ganjun can continue to fight, and the soldiers are less than 6,000 and exhausted. Dong Fuxiang has sent the most elite part of his forces to the northern city to defend the Linevich attack here.
Dong Fuxiang’s eyes were full of fatigue, watching the Russian army slowly recede and sat down on the ground. Now Dong Fuxiang is over 60 years old, and he is not young and strong. Such a large-scale offensive and defensive war makes him exhausted.
The generals beside him hurriedly lifted Dong Fuxiang up, and the Senate officer Dong Yiwu asked, "My Lord, we have always been beaten up for one day when we went to the middle of Ganjun. Now, at least 40,000 Russian elite reinforcements have been formed outside Changping, and it is difficult to break through the isolation of Russian positions. It is difficult for us to join hands to hold a tiny adult like Changping. What do you think we should do?" Dong Fuxiang sighed "? Let’s do our best to obey our destiny and keep it as long as we can. Now if we withdraw from Changping, there will be Beijing behind us. Where can Lafayette be? "
Chapter four hundred and seven Occupy change in Wu Wei
Dong Yiwu asked with a shock in his heart, "My Lord, do you mean to let Gan Junchang die together? My Lord, this is our brother and soldier. We brought them out from Gansu and Shaanxi. They are all dead. What about their parents, wives and children? My Lord! "
Dong Fuxiang’s face was dark, and a light appeared in his eyes. It’s been seven years since he followed his brother for decades, even if it was the shortest. Do you really have the heart to let the children bury their bones?
Dong Fuxiang sighed, "Hold on for a day and look at the situation of Wu Wei Zhongjun. If Wu Wei Zhongjun can break through the Russian military position, let’s hold on to Changping and hope that if Wu Wei Zhongjun can’t break through the Russian military position one day later, Yi Wu will lead the brothers to break through."
Dong Yiwu was surprised and asked, "What will you do if the adults leave?"
Dong Fuxiang sighed, "At such an age, there is nothing to miss in the world!"
Dong Yiwu roared, "No, my Lord, I firmly disagree with you. Where did you come from? Are you still called Gan Jun?"
Dong Fuxiang desolate smile "Yi Wu let’s GanJun glory can continue to go? It’s impossible for China’s strong army to belong to the Chinese tiger outside. It’s time for our Ganjun to make a curtain call. If we want to help the imperial court get through this difficult time, the athletes in Shaanxi and Gansu will really be relieved. We don’t need the dying dynasty to bleed desperately. We will be able to hold on to it if we enter Zhangjiakou. Maybe we can see that waste Fu Wei actually let the Russian army capture Zhangjiakou Qing in less than two hours. Can such people save it? It’s time to follow Zuo nave when we are old … "
People around you don’t feel dim when they listen to Dong Fuxiang’s desolate language. It turns out that Dong Fuxiang is not heroic and unruly, except that Zuo Zhongtang’s outsiders were able to drop and his colleagues were very nervous. If you don’t leave your adult’s insight, Dong Fuxiang will not be where it is today.
But now Dong Fuxiang is really old, the hero is dying, and the foreign enemies have repeatedly met, and I feel a little bit old. Now I am trapped in Changping, and the old and disabled people support Changping’s defense. Faced with such a dilemma, Dong Fuxiang seems to have been indifferent to life and death. Death is the ultimate choice for serving the country.
Dong Fuxiang sighed, "Let’s not do this first. We still have to fight against the fatigue of Yi Wu Yi Xuan. We will take turns to guard against the Russian sneak attack. We also hope that Wu Wei Zhongjun will break through the Russian position and we will be able to support it for at least half a month and wait for the arrival of follow-up reinforcements."
They nodded and escorted Dong Fuxiang back to camp.
Changping City is quiet, but the south of Changping City is doomed to a chaotic night.
During the day, there was a big battle. The Russian military and the Chinese army were evenly matched, and no one could stand it. Both sides suffered casualties and each retreated.
The temporary commander-in-chief of Chongli Wuwei Zhongjun was not a qualified general. With the help of Tie Liang, the general staff of Wuwei Zhongjun, otherwise the commander there would have to use force to defend Zhongjun. For the March, the root of the war was a layman. After a day of war, he was extremely nervous and exhausted, leaving everything to Tie Liang to rest.
Tie Liang is also very tired, but the way to do this is that Lord Rong Lu is most interested in his family. Now he has been sent to the front line, how can he be a big deal? Tie Liang had just arranged the combat readiness patrol, and when things were about to rest, the front of the position was in a mess.
The iron quantity was shocked and quickly walked out of the big account and asked, "What’s going on?"
A soldier quickly ran over. "My Lord, it’s not good. The Russian army took advantage of the cover of night to charge the military position!"
Tie Liang’s face changed. The Russian troops can all be cavalry. If they are really rushed into their own positions, Wu Wei Zhongjun can’t resist it with the help of the powerful impact of cavalry.
Tie Liang hurriedly ordered that "the heavy machine gun battalion and artillery battalion should be ordered to immediately fight back against the secret fire to stop the Russian army from charging. They must suppress the front of the position and not let them get close to the cavalry battalion and be ready to fight at any time!"
In an instant, the artillery submachine gun position at the front of the Qing army started again, and countless shells and heavy machine guns poured out to the Russian army in front.
However, the Russian army on the opposite side did not show weakness, and the artillery also started to suppress the Qing artillery attack. At the same time, thousands of cavalry launched a crazy charge on the opposite Wuwei Zhongjun, and a torrent of steel rolled towards the Qing army
The Russian Koxar cavalry fell to the ground, but the eyes of the cavalry behind them were full of madness.
Finally, the Russian striker hit the front of the Qing army
Tie Liang some impatient to drink "make cavalry battalion attack Russian troops to play back! Quick! "