Longyou, a big black bear with a right foot, has a wide back. With this, Longyou jumped high and hid from the crab, and took aim at the big black bear’s head with his left heel.

"Bang," the big black bear’s head rang out with a huge roar, and the whole warehouse echoed and the big black bear’s body twitched a few times and actually fainted.
Longyou smiled and looked at the stunned two opponents and said to them, "It’s your turn to pick up."
Longyou’s sudden outbursts solved the big black bear in an instant, which surprised Li Ran. He couldn’t figure out how Longyou’s small body contained so much strength and he could jump so high. Can humans do that?
It was not until now that Li Ran’s heart was a little confused. Li Ran took a deep look at Longyou, and it didn’t seem chaotic in the siege of two people.
"Damn it, European and American ghosts must have sent a few kids to paste me."
Li Ran heart dark scold but don’t know the crab and another person is also scold Li Ran "idiot yellow monkey also said that a more can hit people, if this is ordinary those international famous boxing champions are not as weak as children?"
Watching two black people attack can barely support Li Ran’s biting, pulling Yang Xiao out of her mouth and stuffing a few’ medicines’.
After taking the medicine, Yang Xiaoshen trembled like epilepsy, but after a while, Yang Xiaoyuan’s eyes suddenly lit up and his spirits returned.
Li Ran looked at Yang Xiao’s reaction and secretly calculated that when Yang Xiao trembled, he thought, "The medicine can’t hold her back. This matter should be solved quickly."
Thought of here, Li Ran told Yang Xiao, "Let’s go to the second warehouse."
When Yang Xiao heard the second warehouse, he gave a bloodthirsty look in his eyes, like a wolf who saw food, and his mouth was low enough to roar.
Aside Longyou although trembling with two black people, I have to say that this narrowing of black people’s’ legs’ is very powerful. Adding crabs to attack Longyou has broken through several times. Not only at this time, Li Ran realized that the situation was not good for him, but wanting to leave Longyou would not let this happen.
The crab’s fingers were clasped and held together into a fist as big as a stone hammer, and it hit the back of Longyou. At the same time, the black monkey ran a few steps and his right foot slammed with this power. The black monkey’s left foot was aimed at the top of Longyou’s head at 9 degrees vertically.
Two people at the same time take out their killer weapon, which is also a decisive moment.
This time, I can’t avoid feeling that the two men have made the best choice in their hearts.
Longyou sank to hide from the black monkey flying’ legs’ while the crab hammer had severely hit Longyou’s back.
Longyou stuffy hum a crush pain waist force a shoulder hit the crab’ chest’ before listening to click a crab’ chest’ bone has been broken a few mouth spit out one mouthful blood eyes turn unconscious.
However, the Longyou attack is far from over. After hitting the crab, Longyou grabbed his hands and grabbed it. In the middle of the game, the black monkey looked at the black monkey and panicked. The corners of Longyou’s mouth floated with a sneer, and then he smashed the black monkey to the ground.
One enemy and three dragons also paid some price. As heavy as a crab, one hammer and three dragons broke a rib.
But at this time, Longyou quickly followed Li Ran’s escape route without considering the injury.
Several vans rampaged through the streets of Shayang City, causing people around them to avoid them. The goal was the second warehouse of Xidu, and a big battle was coming.
"Hurry up, hurry up." Wang Jingang looked impatient and drove the driver to accelerate.
The inch-haired driver was yelled at by Wang Jingang in a cold sweat, and the oil’ door’ and the brakes were quickly’ handed over’ to flexible vehicles hiding from the road. Since this is the case, Wang Jingang is still extremely dissatisfied
At this time, how much Wang Jingang misses his loyal follower Xiao Si. He believes that if Xiao Si’ fuck’ the car, it will be twice as fast as this inch-haired driver. It is Xiao Si who has been injured twice because he has not done anything in Shayang this time.
Looking at his hand, his eyes are cold and sweaty, and the lame tiger is afraid that this hand will miss for a while. If there is an accident, it will be even more timely. So the lame tiger comforted Wang Jingang, "Gorilla, don’t worry. The dragon brothers are so good, they must be fine."
Wang Jingang knew that he was too impatient, sighed and poured his seat decadent, and said, "I also know that longge is good, but his opponent has a great history."
This time, the lame tiger was lost in front of Longyou, but he found the lame tiger. However, he did his best. He not only requested support from Joe Er, but also moved himself to hide his contacts for many years. At that time, the whole city of Shayang took action on what department "door" and black and white.
You are welcome to say that even a lame mouse and tiger can know that its ancestors have stolen food from several families for three generations.
It was this kind of investigation that finally made the opponent surface. Li Ranguo, a famous construction businessman, suddenly came to Shayang City a month ago on the pretext of discussing the contracting of a certain construction site, but Lame Tiger found out that Li Ran had been to Shayang City’s’ Jing’ Psychiatric Hospital.
How can a construction businessman be idle to talk to the’ Jing’ mental hospital? This made the lame tiger suspicious, so he made great efforts to investigate Li Ran. The result of this investigation surprised the lame tiger and others.
Although Li Ran is a construction businessman in appearance, he is actually the president of the Iron and Steel Federation, Yu Longshou. This time he came to Shayang City, it must be because Yu Long was dissatisfied with Longyou’s sudden intervention in the Nanyang steel market that he sent Li Ran to deal with Longyou.
At this time, Li Ran stumbled upon Huang Xiaoyao, Yang Xiaozheng, and Li Ran in the hospital of "Jing" God Hospital learned that Yang Xiao had been found by the doctor to be completely crazy.
At this time, Li Ran sprouted a plan to kill two birds with one stone, relying on advanced’ medicine’ to make Yang Xiao’s’ essence’ recover briefly, and then told her that Huang was Yang Xiao in his own hand to attract Longyou and gave Huang to Yang Xiao.
Yang Xiao, eager for revenge, agreed to Li Ran’s request, which led to the scene in which Yang Xiao went to attract Longyou’s attention. Now Longyou went to the warehouse alone, and Li Ran must have a full grasp, which made Wang Jingang feel anxious.
After receiving the news of Lame Tiger, Wang Jingang wanted to go to support Longyou, but Lame Tiger said to Wang Jingang that he had sent people over there. Now Wang Jingang is trying to save Huang and let Longyou have no worries.
It’s that the lame tiger lost his blood after moving so much strength. This investigation ruined the profit of the green demon’s essence for one year. So much blood finally made the lame tiger find the yellow place, that is, the lame tiger went to his eyes.
Huang Dou second warehouse
"It’s okay. We already know about Huang Suo and the Dragon Brothers have sent people to support it."
Lame tiger comforted, but he didn’t have much confidence in his heart. The Iron and Steel Federation controlled the distribution of a large number of steel in the country. If such a behemoth wants to deal with a person, it will be embraced by several people.
On the other side, several identical vans stepped on the oil door, limped and went straight to Xidu warehouse with flying dust, but when they arrived at the scene, they were all frightened.
There was no dragon swimming shadow in the warehouse, and three dead black lame tigers were found in front of one hand, but they were scared to step back and fall to the ground.
Violent people like to watch violent things, so these people know more or less about black boxing and remember several famous players.
Big black bear, crab, black monkey, any of these characters can make the black fist shake. At this time, they all died here, and the death was terrible
The big black bear can clearly see that there is a deep footprint on the back of his head. I can’t believe how hard it is to crush the skull with one foot.
The crab’s’ chest’ cavity is sunken, like being hit by a train, with blood and dirty debris on its mouth and an incredible look on its eyes.
I’m afraid there is a black monkey among the three people, but it’s best when they come into contact with the black monkey’s body, but they give up this idea. The black monkey’s body has no fatal scars, but his’ leg’ bones are broken into several pieces. The two of them were fatally hit and died in different ways. The biggest pain in life is not knowing that they are going to die.
Regardless of whether the lame tiger hand has a psychological shadow, we will go back to Longyou and chase Li Ran after Longyou defeats those three black people.
Two cars on the road are chasing the Dragon Tour, closely following the black’ color’ car in front, but the driver in Li Ran also added enough horsepower for a while, and the Dragon Tour could not intercept them.
Soon, Li Ranche rushed in front of this signboard in the second warehouse of Huang Dou without hesitation. As soon as Li Ran’s front foot arrived at Longyou’s back foot, he followed the unhurried.

Chapter 19 Life hangs by a thread
This warehouse is much smaller than the first warehouse, but it is more hidden than the first warehouse. If no one leads the way, Longyou really can’t find it here.
Li Ran’s bodyguards grabbed Yang Xiao and Yang Xiao and kept biting their bodyguards like crazy. Two or three bodyguards joined forces to temporarily stop Yang Xiao.
Li Ran glanced at Yang Xiao, who had lost his mind, and looked at him again. After doing these things, he didn’t think Longyou would let himself go easily.
So Li Rancai led Longyou here, which has Li Ran’s second trump card.
Looking at Li Ran without saying a word is like looking at a dead man. His eyes are dead and indifferent.
This look made Li Ran shudder. After seeing the horrible skill of Longyou, Li Ran knew clearly the gap between himself and Longyou, and Li Ran did not care about anything. He pointed to a room next to him and shouted at Longyou, "Yellow is inside. If you are one minute late, he will push her in."
The last sentence is obviously to catch Yang Xiao’s bodyguard and say that the bodyguard jumped into the’ door’ after receiving the order and pushed Yang Xiao in. When Yang Xiao entered the room, he shouted with excitement and excitement.
After that, Li Ran disappeared without looking back with several bodyguards. He was afraid that it was a one-thousand-plan accident, but now it seemed vulnerable. He had to escape from this place.
Longyou heard Li Ran’s words and rushed into the room without considering whether it was true or not, but everything made Longyou frown.
A small room of dozens of square meters. At this time, everything has a chair, and Huang is tied to the chair. His eyes are covered with black cloth. It seems that he has been injected with some anesthetic. At this time, Huang looks a little weak, and the chair is unconscious with his head tilted.
There are two balloons in Huangjiao, and Yang Xiao went crazy when he saw Huang, and went straight for the balloon like a poor child suddenly saw the joy of the balloon.
Longyou looked at the balloon and felt a sense of foreboding, but he didn’t respond yet. He just wanted to rush over to stop email, but suddenly he appeared. He pulled Longyou’s arm in front of him, blocked Longyou from facing Longyou and shouted, "Be careful that the balloon will explode."
It seems that in order to verify the email, Yang Xiao ran to the balloon and took a hard look. Huang shouted at him, "Go to hell."
Then Yang Xiao stepped on the balloon with a strong foot and broke a small flame in an instant, and then a huge roar followed the flame.
Longyou was’ made’ by Mei Er’s actions, but I just wanted to say something, but I felt a flame on my head constantly’ forcing’ my hair to be burnt.
Just at the critical moment, Mei Er called out "Give it to me"
The flaming fire that threatened Longyou’s life disappeared as if it had received any instructions, but Mei Er fell to the ground in weakness and then slowly merged into Longyou’s body.
"Email, how are you?" Longyou asked urgently.
"Nothing consumes too much energy to maintain the entity. Go and see Huang." Email replied weakly.
Hear email safely longyou heart stone also put a brisk walk to the side of the great Hu.
Just the flame suddenly came menacing moment surrounded Yang Xiao and Huang body longyou took one look at Yang Xiao, the’ female’ who was sunburned and dead.
Longyou held Dahu in his nostrils to find out, or because of his strong physique and vitality, Dahu still had a weak breath, but if he was rescued from time to time, the consequences would be unimaginable
Longyou took a deep breath and said to Mei Er, "Mei Er Qi Treatment System"
"No problem, according to Huang’s experience of borrowing money at least, if he doesn’t pay it back in three days, he will deduct three years’ life," said Mei Er with concern.