"Say" Jiang Xue nodded.

"First, I have some money to leave for my family. You have to let me make a few words to deal with things, make sure that my family is safe, and I will cooperate with you to do the rest. Second, I want to die quickly after the incident," Jia He said flatly.
"No problem, I will definitely kill you." Jiang Xue nodded.
"Ha ha" Jia He blanched at this and smiled "Go ahead and ask"
Jiang Xue lit a cigarette and squinted at Jia He and asked, "Tell me more about the stabbing case."
Jia He took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a few seconds before he said smoothly, "At that time, Shen Wanzhou stayed in a theater headquarters after the chaos in Beicheng, and he was also afraid that he would be attacked. He went to the ground fortifications with the core generals of the headquarters. The most Shen Wanzhou should have wanted to save Lao He, but he changed his mind as soon as the rescue team set out … I heard that he and the Chief of Staff privately finalized the plan of congratulations."
"Well" Jiang Xue nodded.
"After deciding to do Lao He, the Chief of Staff contacted me and Shen Fei, and then informed the war troops to transfer specific officers and soldiers, and then we made specific plans." Jia He bowed his head and said, "Actually, Shen Fei and I didn’t suggest that the people in the war troops were difficult to manage later because they were not a unit, and soldiers were also very wild. But at that time, Fengbei City was too chaotic and few people could do it. It was urgent to work overtime. Lao He could get out of trouble at any time, and we could finally transfer our own people according to the meaning."
"Are you sure that Lao He can get out of trouble before you do it?" Jiang Xue frown asked
"I’m not sure he can get out of trouble," Jia He answered truthfully. "At that time, the idea of ZongCan was that if Wu Yuanshan could kill Lao He, it would be best if we didn’t do it ourselves, but if he couldn’t, we could. Shen Fei was a capable man. He was the first person to find He Chong in the field and had already bombed the tunnel … At that time, we had no choice but to run away if we didn’t do it. The Chief of Staff ordered the workers to ambush and assassinate outside, and I was when they evacuated.
Jiang Xue paused for a long time. "Do you have any direct evidence in this respect? For example, what does the recording affect the information? "
"No," Jia He shook his head. "The chief of staff is a careful person. He doesn’t allow us to act privately, and he also allows us to supervise each other. Plus, we know the seriousness of this matter and dare not leave our hands for fear of being silenced."
"Then where are you to me?" Jiang Xue frown asked
"A lot of things that happened recently are auxiliary evidence," said Jia He truthfully. "I can expose all the details of Lao He’s assassination. On the 13th, military observation showed how more than 50 officers and soldiers died, and … Fengbei was secretly handled by some informed officers."
Jiang Xue nodded slowly.
"But even if we put the hard evidence in Shen Wanzhou’s face, he won’t admit it." Jia He continued, "The name of the former war zone commander, the director of the regional security department, secretly mobilized troops to assassinate the military and political affairs is too bad …"
Jiang Xue immediately turned his head and shouted, "Someone will give him a detailed record."
Five minutes later, the three officers detained the details of the case, and Jia Hecheng cooperated. He was a wise man. From the moment when his beard was dried to death, he knew that he would have another chance to escape. Since he didn’t struggle, don’t let himself suffer in vain. Explain early and get rid of it early
More than four o’clock in the morning
Jiang Xue arrived at Qin Yu’s home to sit on the sofa and narrated the whole case again.
Qin Yu reached out and patted Jiang Xue on the shoulder after listening. "Thank you, Lao Jiang!"
Jiang Xue grinned and said, "The case is clear, but I’m not sure how to pay attention to it. It depends on your meaning."
Qin Yu thoughtfully stretched out his hand for a long time and immediately called Meng Xi.
"Hello, teacher?"
"Lao Jiang has found out …" Qin Yu told Meng Xi all the details of the stabbing case and immediately ordered, "We have lost a lot because of this Jia He. This person must have a blade. You should find a way to contact with He. I will let people show it to you."
"No problem" Meng Xi nodded immediately.
"Well, that’s it …"
"Wait for a teacher!" Meng Xi called a.
"What’s the matter?"
"I want to ask what we should do next after Jia He sends a wave?" Meng Xi asked
"What do you say?" Qin Yu asked
"Well, I’ll go back to Chuanfu after dealing with Jia He." Meng Xi thought for a moment and said, "I have some ideas I want to talk to you."
"Can" Qin Yu nodded.
Wengcun village
More than a dozen helicopters arrived in Shen Wanzhou, and the wife and wife had been around before they came and cried.
Shen Wanzhou didn’t want to say a word and waved his arm impatiently. "Go out and leave me alone …!"
Chapter DiYiSanSi How can you not report for killing your father?
More minutes earlier.
Taiping Shen Wanzhou, a military general political department hospital, has been sitting here in wait for a while for more than an hour. He is smoking a cigarette and lowering his head. The cold mortuary bed next to him is his son Shen Yin.
It is difficult for ordinary people to understand the sadness in their later years. The dim light has always been sharp and decisive. Shen Wanzhou seems to be very decadent.
What is it after a generation of struggle?
If you don’t become a talent, it’s all your hope after you’re buried. But now what will it be without Shen Wanzhou?
A wise generation of old Shen is sad at the moment and has some confusion at the same time.
As the minutes passed, Shen Wanzhou suddenly felt a burning pain from two fingers. He suddenly came to his senses and looked down at the cigarette butt and burned his fingers.
Shen Wanzhou woodenly threw away cigarette butts and got up.
Vertigo, severe dizziness.
Shen Wanzhou unconsciously stretched out his hand to hold the wall and suddenly felt that there was liquid flowing in his lips. He stretched out his hand and touched the palm of his hand with blood.
A large amount of nosebleeds and severe dizziness in the head made Shen Wanzhou sit on the ground.