Wind walk was upgraded from level 1 to level 3.

The three skills cost a total of up to 14 Reiki, but just three skills rose to full level, and a new force came to the body, which made Hang Yu clearly feel the rapid increase of power.
"Get the second-order’ Blast Messenger’!"
【 Blast Messenger 】 Second-order permanent agility +5 permanent strength +3 permanent physique +1 permanent vitality +6 permanent spirit +6 physical attack +2 permanent movement speed +4.
Not the kui is a second-order bearing.
This increase is awesome!
The intensity of the increase is about three or four times that of the first-order bearing!
It is true that the second-order bearing is expensive, but it is definitely worth it. After all, this increase is a permanent increase, not a temporary increase like equipment.
Hang Yu’s current base attribute has become
The basic attribute of level 7 fighters is vitality 73 spirit 47 strength +12 agility +15 physique +7 spirit +3, consciousness +3 physical attack +6 physical defense +4 movement speed +55 life recovery +1 spirit recovery +1 bow and arrow weapon range +1% reiki 622/3.
Streaking situation
Hang Yu also has 12 points of strength and 15 agility.
This is higher than the comprehensive increase brought by many people wearing equipment from head to toe.
This is also the reason why Hangyu’s strength is far superior to that of his peers. Even if he knew the minotaur’s weakness, even if he built a stone spell bow, it would be impossible for Hangyu to brush the minotaur like this.
The effect of three skills has also become stronger.
The sudden attack speed of the high wind is faster, but it is shortened by one-third when it cools down. It can be attacked every few seconds, which is very powerful for actual combat, and it is so powerful that there are no friends.
The blast attack lasts for 45 seconds, and the increase of physical attacks is also high, which makes it sharper. It is simply a nightmare for minotaur opponents with low psionic attributes.
Wind walk is Hang Yu, who has never wanted to upgrade his skills.
Why don’t you want to upgrade? It’s not that this skill is not effective, on the contrary, this skill is very effective, but it is a continuous consumable skill, which will cause a great burden to Hangyu’s insufficient spirit.
I can’t do it if I don’t rise now
Level 3 enhanced wind walk movement speed +15 agility +5 consumes 3 points of spirit per second!
Hangyu’s basic moving speed bonus is 55, plus some bonus of wind walk 15 equipment surface and its own speed level.
He can easily reach 40 meters per second even if he is not suitable for the fast-dash type skill.
Constant speed of about 40 meters a second
What kind of concept is this? It’s awesome!
Wind walk’s blast instantaneous attack and blast dark attack can be superimposed.
Hang Yu felt that he could easily overturn three tauren captains by picking three with his current skill and speed without making the stone spell bow.
There will be no pressure yet!
Hang Yu’s only lack of confidence is that the short board of spirit is still obvious.
His basic spirit has 47 points, and his combat equipment can increase his spirit too little.
At present, the battle must rely on intermediate drugs with a large recovery amount, such as Goblin’s recovery drug. He can’t be strong for five seconds, which is a serious injury.
We must find a way to solve it.
Hang Yu walked directly to the barracks center.
He is confident enough to turn over the BOSS monster inside.