Chapter 42 Dragon Right Ambassador

But then there was no news.
There are also many people who say that Nan Sin and his former girlfriend Meng Po have been together for Fairy Day.
Others say that he has gone to guard the tomb again.
Others say that his moon has entered the shares of the dead rabbit moon palace bathhouse and plays cards with a group of saints, Hong Jun and Heilian every day.
Anyway, Shen Gongbao hasn’t seen it. He just heard some secrets.
South crime is mysterious, but Wu Daoxian is not mysterious. Everyone knows that it is a fate, but it is broken halfway and there is no follow-up …
Although many people want to continue that road, everyone is not practicing that road, and it is even more difficult for laymen to make up for it.
Nan sin has no desire to fight and has not moved on.
The only disciple, the dead rabbit, can’t practice.
If you go to heaven, you will be a martial artist.
Thinking about Yu Huifei’s spiritual talent, Shen Gongbao almost gave up hope and sighed, "It seems that he is destined to be the weakest god in history."
I don’t know what Shen Gongbao thinks over there. At this moment, he has completely entered the enlightenment of Wudaoxian. There is no unnecessary distractions in his mind. There is an idea to stop us from dying!
The huge evil spirits killed me, and I had to move my hand. The pike sounded like a dragon, and I had to disappear for a moment.
Pike burst into flames and flew to fireball in an instant, running through the distance of 20 meters ahead!
I can’t believe that the huge evil spirits gradually appear behind me 20 meters away. I look at the huge fire hole in my stomach and then I cry and disappear.
Before those ghost soldiers say anything, I will not have taken the lead in launching an attack.
He shot one person at a time, like a tiger in a flock, and the number of evil spirits in the place where the pike passed turned into emptiness …
What is even more frightening is that others are more vulnerable to the Vietnam War, but he is different. He is more brave in the Vietnam War!
The pure yang is getting stronger and stronger, causing the flame in the pike to spread. He is like a flame god of war, manipulating the wild slaughter among the evil spirits of the dragon in his hand!
With those evil spirits, such as violent and fierce, they can get close to the rest of the meeting!
Along with the killing, there are not only pure yang internal heat, but also traces of blood color, which is the essence result of the growth of murderous look in the evolutionary battle with the unique symbol of Wudaoxian!
"Kill kill!" Yu Huifei roared, and the pike flame in his hand became more and more fierce, igniting the surrounding trees and burning the fields!
The burning flame is not directly melted into fly ash after being contaminated by fire and ghosts.
A moment ago, the ghost soldiers could go to pieces and flee.
But then a horn sounded again, as if it had some kind of magic.
Those ghost soldiers who tried to escape stopped at once after hearing this sound, and then let out a piercing cry and killed them again.
I will listen to the direction of the horn and then throw a ghost soldier and yell, "Get out!"
He jumped up and stepped on the trunk for 20 or 30 meters, and then stepped on the trunk again, and the flame burst out. He actually stepped on the horn and killed the past.
500 meters away, a man with long hair and black robes was sitting in a pool by a pool, advocating a good sleep.
Just then he felt the wind coming from the sky and suddenly looked up and saw a burning man coming!
He suddenly got up and said in shock, "I will not have you grow to this point?" How is that possible? It’s a rule that mortal practice can’t become a god! You can’t surpass it! "
Yu Huifei sneered, "You know nothing!"
I will not directly bully the pike in my hand!
Men in black stamped their feet and the black texture lit up and instantly wrapped the whole forest!
A gloomy shield blocked his head.
After a loud noise, the gun was blocked
But the shield was full of cracks …
At the same time, Shen Gongbao said, "Boss Yu seems that the other party is ready. They have arranged a large array here. That guy is not fighting you by his own strength, but it is not worthwhile to fight you with the help of this mountain forest and the strength of the earth and mountains!"
Ambassador Long You held his head high and said, "The two ambassadors around Changsheng Road have seen Director Yu."
I will have to glance at him and say, "That’s right to hit you."
Long You made a smile. "Director Yu, after all, you are an ordinary person. You are probably not too white to grow up. How powerful do I have now? This is the burial place where the island countries died, poisoned and starved to death during the war, and it is also the most dirty five dark forces in the world where the five turbid gases gather in Tokyo.
Tokyo has a population of 10 million, and gangs are rampant in the metropolis. It is never good to talk about how many people die every year.