"It seems to have gone to Youzhou …"

Whispering softly and hesitating, the old woman is really determined.
Although Shou Yuan itself is close to the limit, I can ask myself that there is a method of insect-killing, and the old woman still feels that she should be able to persist until the day when Yin Shen’s method is really born.
"Want to go to deep and remote states? I’m afraid you can’t go anywhere now. "
When the old woman made up her mind to go to the three towns of Heshuo, a faint sound suddenly came from behind her, followed by her crazy warning.
At this critical moment, I don’t know when the green zombie body behind the old woman blocked the fatal blow for her.
"Wait, are you … an old locust tree demon?"
Suddenly stare big eyes, the old woman looked at the thick roots of the beating green temminick zombie, and for the first time she thought of a level figure.
It is said that more than ten years ago, before Zen master Lingyou officially settled in Tanzhou, a thousand old demons occupied Tanzhou territory all the year round, and their prestige was strong, which shocked several demons.
Nai, an old tree demon, seems to have a bad habit of cannibalism. When he was "hunting", he just touched the Zen master who was still very angry at that time, and then he was suppressed and sealed near Changsha County.
Not long ago, the seal left by Zen master Tian Gou, who ate the moon, began to decline
Plus, the old demon of Sophora japonica in the surrounding mountain of Danchen finally broke the seal again and became the first monster to appear among the demons suppressed by Zen Master Lingyou.
It’s a pity that a Si Chen envoy from Chang ‘an was carrying a plough sword to drive him out and almost killed him.
Even if there is some evidence afterwards that the demon who is close to the boundary between heaven and man has been forced to leave Changsha County, there are still quite a few monsters who don’t believe this.
Being a big demon limited to the realm of Taoist Yang God and Buddhist Dharma.
The old demon of Sophora japonica has lived from the Qin and Han dynasties to the present, saying that it can’t beat a practitioner, but after more than ten years, the younger generation was even beaten by the other side and fled. Who believes it?
However, a few old women who know the details of the Millennium old demon are quite sure that the timid character of the locust tree old demon is really possible to do such a "shameful" thing.
"Wait … didn’t you leave here for southern Xinjiang? !”
The old woman looked at the forest in horror, and an unprecedented sense of depression and gloom immediately came to her.
According to the information the old woman got, didn’t this locust tree demon uproot himself and flee to southern Xinjiang six months ago?
What will it hide near Weishan? Is this for fear that the plough blade master can’t find its whereabouts?
It’s a pity that in the face of the old woman’s horror, the old demon of Sophora japonica has no intention of answering each other’s questions.
But once again, I pulled out a root from the earth and pulled it hard at each other.
"This … damn old monster!"
It was not until then that the old woman found that the trees around her had unconsciously spread a huge maze.
Hundreds of huge roots are pouring out from the depths of the earth to cooperate with the trees that confuse the vision and constantly attack themselves.
At the same time, facing the whole forest that has been "activated"
Green temminick zombies suddenly face upwards whistling a shaqi accompanied by murder quickly eroded the roots that had just emerged from the surface.
For this zombie, it doesn’t matter whether these roots come from anywhere, it just needs to destroy them one by one.
"ShaQi into resin? Flying to the ground? "
Well-informed locust tree demon clearly recognized the head of the green temminick zombie.
Therefore, all the trees are resonating to shed leaves, wind blowing and insects singing together to build a vigorous and deep voice.
"You are a miko? And still a witch? "
Chapter 39 Xiangxi flying corpse
"You are a miko? And still a witch? "
Normally, zombies are born after death because of the geomantic omen problem, which absorbs the yin and evil spirits of the earth. They have no soul and are incorruptible bodies.
But there are exceptions to everything in the world, and so is this zombie.
If a male born in the extreme sun dies in his prime and is buried in the burrow after his death, a kind of "flying corpse" will be born.
Unlike ordinary zombies, these flying corpses have no soul, but they are not reincarnated.
But because of his exuberant sun be the spirit and the evil spirit in the crypt, his soul was put into the body before reincarnation.
In other words, the same soul zombie alien flying corpse can inherit everything in front of him, possibly including some memories and feelings.
This is also an important reason why the old woman can control the green zombie.
Because in a sense, the green temminick zombie was abruptly turned into a flying corpse by an old woman, which naturally inherited the method of being killed by moss in front of him.
"The daylights out of me are just so much!"
The calm voice revealed the unspeakable anger. Although the old demon of Sophora japonica has long seen that the cultivation of the old woman is a method of insect control.
But it never imagined that zombies around each other were actually another kind of witchcraft-corpse-driving technique.
Compared with killing creatures, practicing the method of insect control, manipulating the soul, and playing with the corpse-driving technique are really weird and evil witchcraft.
"oh! A man-eating tree demon deserves to talk to me about evil practice? "
In the face of the old tree demon’s anger, the old woman suddenly showed a mocking smile after a brief fright.
"I’ve always heard of such an old demon who is said to be entrenched in Sophora japonica in Changsha County once loved a witch …"
Although it was a secret of an evil practitioner in western Hunan, the old woman was almost 100% sure of the truth of the secret after seeing the old demon of Sophora japonica hate herself.
"It seems that this is the case. Are you also fascinated by the witch?"
Seems to be deliberately stimulate the locust tree old demon woman deliberately lowered his voice a tone of Yin is extremely extremely said.
"Just like this one in my family …"