This strength shocked the monks when they saw the scene!

"When did the ancient religion produce such a statue of young Yingjie? He must be killed. Otherwise, the king’s dream of annexing the ancient religion will be shattered again. He must be killed!" Qi Wang Ye’s eyes are deep and flashing with terrible dangers, keeping a close eye on Xiao Yu.
"What? !”
In the eyes of Lao Liyuan, the head of Li clan, generate was hysterical, horrified and angry. "It’s impossible that a monk who just woke up with a vision actually killed four young geniuses of Li clan!"
Anger towards the stout descended directly, and the right hand grabbed it directly to Xiao Yu.
"Come on!"
This grasp of divine brilliance with a strange smell seems to disturb the people firmly locked by grasping and difficult to break free!
Xiao Yu eyebrows a wrinkly looking at Ethan came at him without saying the vision in the palm of your hand directly to split in the past, he will be powerful and fierce, and another vision blessing is even more violent to the extreme.
"Ah “`"
Almost a cliff-to-wall Ethan was chopped high, like a piece of paper flying in the wind for more than ten miles. Li Yuanti constantly bombarded a destructive body, a destructive yuan god, and made Ethan vomit blood, seriously injured and dying, and then chased him back.
Day lack of elders is also a full face of shock. It’s incredible to look at Xiao Yu. How long did it take for Xiao Yu to have grown to this point? The elders of the hermit family can also split the other hand and fly seriously and die!
Although he can repel Ethan, he will never be as relaxed as Xiao Yu!
This strength is also better than him!
The qi report eyes a clot more carefully looked at Xiao Yu eyes pitfalls brewing like a volcano surge looks like it is possible to sell at any time.
"Good Xiao Yu!"
Heaven is short of elders’ applause.
Qi Wang Ye’s eyelids drooped, ha ha, and he laughed. "I can’t believe that the declining ancient religion can also cultivate such an outstanding genius to impress the king. What’s your name? Who came to me? If you want to come here, Wang Ke will give you all the prosperity to rule the hordes. In the future, after Ren Huang Bin Tianwang wins the throne, you can make you a famous government official! How about it? "
He directly made a condition for Xiao Yu to come over.
Day lack of elders and others are all face a change. I didn’t expect this Qi report to be so insidious and make such generous conditions in front of them. They were afraid that Xiao Yu would promise to come.
But see Xiao Yu’s face suddenly smiled and laughed heartily. "Ha ha ha, good conditions are really good conditions."
The heart of the elders is bitter and bitter qR1.
Several of his elders were even more surprised and angry, and one by one they secretly gritted their teeth and became angry and murderous.
"Damn it, damn it. I knew it was a baiwenhang. Look, he really agreed!"
"Kill must kill this baiwenhang!"
"It’s a shame for me to respect the ancient religion. I should take refuge in Qi Wang Ye and must punish his nine families!"
Seeing Xiao Yu suddenly burst out laughing, Qi Wang looked at Xiao Yu with a flash of his eyes. "So you promised to come?"
Xiao Yuxiao a big drink a way "I promised a fart what do you also want me to minister? I respect the ancient religion for nearly 10,000 years, and I have a strong foundation. You dare to tell us what to do. You are just like a squire and landowner. It’s wishful thinking! "
"What did you say?"
Qi Wang Ye was so angry that he was smoking and shivering. His hair stood on end and he was murderous. "I pity that you are a talent and want to cultivate you and give you a chance. You are so unappreciative that you don’t know how to live or die. In this case, don’t blame the king and kill everyone for me!"
He was angry, but he didn’t expect Xiao Yu to refuse directly. It was a slap in the face when he issued an order to kill everyone.
Days lack of elders’ heart is tight, and there are many strong men over there, and there are only a few people on their side in total. If they fight, they will probably be wiped out by the Ministry.
Elder Tianque shouted, "Prince Qi, my leader is in the rear. Do you really want to fight?"
Qi Wang Ye grimaced and said, "What nonsense leader? I don’t believe that you are immortal. He really came over. Shou Yuan will have a few days to live. I dare to come over and kill him first and kill one for me!"
"You “`"
The days are short and the elders are in a hurry.
Many masters of Qi Wangfu in that building rushed over with a grimace of a grin and murderous look, and rushed towards the elders and others who were short of days.
"Dare to offend my prince is really reckless!"
"Few people in this world dare to offend my sovereign except Ren Huang."
"A group of soil turtles will be completely extinct if they are shameless. When you die, the whole ancient religion will be our palace!"
"Prepare to defend against the enemy!"
The days are short, and the elders drink loudly.
At this time, there was a loud noise in the sky, shaking all the sunlight, surging out and covering the sky with a horrible breath, which instantly covered this area.
The monks who are rushing are all stopped, and they can’t move a fraction when they stop.
In the glow of the sunset, a purple lotus blooms quietly, and nine flowers are graceful and graceful, and there is a trace of unspeakable rhyme to settle this side.
Those monks who rushed to Qi Wangfu all looked frightened and felt an unimaginable murderous look. It seemed that they would be killed if they moved a little.
This fear is so terrible that they have no resistance at all, just like a weak ant facing the gods.
"Great power!"
"It’s great power!"