Then inspired by reiki moist more and more severe. Shrinking from time to time Sometimes the expansion frequency is getting faster and faster!

Windson didn’t notice that at the moment when he absorbed the aura of heaven and earth, those strange symbols on the top of the rock began to light. The aura of heaven and earth on A star seemed to be summoned and rushed towards the top of the rock, gradually enveloping the whole body of Windson and forming an aura cocoon formed by the aura of heaven and earth in his body.
I don’t know how long it took. I don’t know when then stopped shaking, and the aura of heaven and earth poured into the elixir like free tap water. It is strange that so many aura of heaven and earth were absorbed. Then instead slowly began to shrink!
When then narrowed to the apex, the only ray of light left in Lin Feng also automatically entered chaos. Leaving only an empty body.
At the top of the rock, the light from those symbols becomes more and more dazzling at this moment and begins to slowly rotate around the forest air body.
Suddenly the sky is overcast with lightning and thunder!
A huge and pure strange energy is inexplicably condensed in the hexagonal rocks. Slowly invaded the windson defenseless body. This energy as if has its own consciousness generally carefully entered the abdomen of forest air.
Suddenly, 1 of "pa" shrank to the apex, and then exploded the furious Zhenyuan and scattered it all at once, destroying the energy that had just entered Lin Fengdantian.
Windson cross legs and sit on the surface of the body suddenly appeared countless cracks, blood mixed with energy pouring out. Under the cover of reiki cocoon, the energy and blood were blocked without flying far, and gradually condensed on the surface of windson to dye windson into a bright red blood person.
"click!" A huge crack appeared on the hexagonal boulder, and then the cracks became bigger and bigger. In the end, the whole rock collapsed with a bang, and the dust from the excitement buried Lin Feng’s body.
A star main base.
Lieutenant General Song Haiping frowned at the adjutant in front of him and said, "What’s the matter? Why did that boy Stephen go to the center of the circle? Going to the small base he drew by lottery doesn’t need to pass through the center of the circle! "
Just half an hour ago, Captain Stephen’s body was searched under a cliff at the center of the circle, and the soldiers immediately informed the main base. Lieutenant General Song Haiping’s adjutant came to report immediately after hearing the news.
"This … I don’t know, Lieutenant General." The adjutant also wondered, "Maybe he wants to go up the mountain and kill some wild animals as food in the future!"! Some people who have participated in the training in the past have also done this. "
"Have you read the records about Stephen’s whereabouts in the main brain of the base?" Hai-ping song will touch the chin asked.
"I have read it, but …" The adjutant faltered.
"But what? Say it quickly! " Hai-ping song will drink a sullen.
"But there is no record of Captain Stephen’s whereabouts in the main brain of the base!" The adjutant replied quickly.
"How is that possible? Isn’t everyone equipped with a signal instrument? "
"It’s like this, Lieutenant General." The adjutant explained: "But before all the personnel who participated in the selection training of mecha operators left the base, the signal receiving equipment suddenly broke down and was not repaired until eight hours later. Therefore, during this period, the main brain of the base has no record of the whereabouts of the trainees. And when the signal receiving equipment is repaired, all the other signal instruments except Captain Stephen’s are working normally. "
"Why did this happen? How was Stephen’s body found? " Hai-ping song will want to think and ask again.
"At that time, the base monitoring personnel now lost the trace of Captain Stephen, and initially speculated that Captain Stephen’s signal instrument was out of order. So the base immediately sent a searcher with a new signal instrument to search along the route to the small base that Captain Stephen drew, trying to find Lieutenant Stephen and replace the faulty signal instrument in his hand. " At this point, the adjutant gave a wry smile and added, "Who knows that the searchers couldn’t find Captain Stephen on that route for a long time, so they had to withdraw and start a spiral search around the main base again. As a result, Captain Stephen’s body was built under a cliff at the center of the circle. "
Lieutenant General Song Haiping nodded and added, "What was the cause of Stephen’s death? Where’s his signal meter? Is it broken? "
"According to the on-site investigation, it is speculated that Lieutenant Stephen should have accidentally fallen off a cliff and died. His signal instrument has also been smashed." The adjutant replied.
"Oh that other people’s situation? Is there anyone else staying near the center of the circle? "
"Everyone else is in normal condition and is on their own route. No one stays near the center of the circle!" The adjutant replied decisively.
"Well, I know about this. You are looking for someone to investigate. If there is no problem, it is an accidental death!" Lieutenant General Song Haiping gave the final instructions. All previous participants in the training of mecha operators have suffered various casualties. Lieutenant General Song Haiping didn’t feel surprised or think about whether the failure of the base signal receiving equipment was accidental.
"Yes, general!" The adjutant saluted and went out.
Lieutenant General Hai-ping Song will soon leave this matter behind and look at the center peak outside the window and meditate.
It has been more than 100 years since the A star was buried on the earth, but so far, ordinary people in the state have revealed this news.
Because there are too many secrets on a star that have not been solved. What is the energy that can shield all reconnaissance means above A star? Why does A Star Big 6 present a strange circular landform? Why can’t anyone go up at the top of the center peak? Is it also because of the strange energy above? All this is so mysterious.
After the beep, the holographic projector in Lieutenant General Song Haiping’s office suddenly flashed, and then a virtual figure flashed out and awakened the meditative Lieutenant General.
"Xiao Song, are you okay in A Star these days?" Virtual figure kindly asked.
Lieutenant General Song Haiping immediately replied respectfully after seeing the appearance of the figure: "Hello, Dean Sun!"
It turns out that this person is Lin Feng’s dry grandfather, that is, Dr. Sun Jingchang, the president of the Federal Academy of Science and Technology.
The two exchanged pleasantries before Dean Sun said, "This time I came to see you just to tell you that a new group of research groups are being formed and will leave for Star A in about one month, hoping to successfully crack the secret of Star A this time."