The only one who died was the one who was injured before.

The momentum shock wave came quickly and suddenly, but it disappeared quickly. After everyone steadied himself again, look at the location of the strong shura, and the shadow of the strong shura can’t be found.
Obviously, the strong shura, in desperation, chose to blow itself up in an attempt to crash and burn with everyone.
Shura’s explosive strength is not small. The two beads flying in a white circle are suspended in mid-air in a dark color at this time, while the evil heart is reduced to one-third of its original size.
God emperor period of the strong explosive, really enough to welcome the city all these strong killed, but in fact, ferocity seems to be not as strong as imagined, everyone estimates that because the shura strong man was limited by the white screen and he was seriously injured, so he didn’t think much.
At present, there are three treasures waiting for everyone. After taking a little look around, everyone rushed over together.
Just let everyone didn’t think that everyone had just crossed half the distance, and the evil spirit suddenly stretched out a thick blood vessel and rolled up Jihongxuan impartially.
JiHongXuan also just had time to exclaim, his body has been evil spirit heart to the crowd, and then passed.
JiHongXuan so bizarre disappearance, let everyone’s heart is hitched, couldn’t help to stop the trend of hurtling forward.
It is precisely because of these frightened pauses that Xiao Lingyu, who is not as fast as the King of God, catches up.
Xiao Lingyu also saw the strange disappearance of Jihongxuan, but he didn’t stop, but he still accelerated forward. When those who stopped in shock came to their senses, he was less than ten feet away from the two white round beads.
Before, everyone could stand together tacitly for the time being in order to deal with the strong shura, but now the strong shura has obviously fallen. These treasures are naturally what everyone wants to possess, so those strong gods will not watch Xiao Lingyu take away the baby. They know that they can’t catch up, and they are all attacking Xiao Lingyu’s back.
Once these attacks hit Xiao Lingyu, no matter how strong his body is, he will only die.
It happened that these attacks were all aimed at the location of the two round beads. If Xiao Lingyu didn’t pick up these attacks, he could only choose to dodge aside first, so he lost the opportunity to take the lead in grabbing the two round beads.
No matter how good the baby is, it is not as important as his own life. After a moment’s hesitation, Xiao Lingyu ducked to one side.
The attacks of the gods and kings were rushed, and they did not lock Xiao Lingyu. After Xiao Lingyu dodged in the past, they all roared by the two round beads.
Although the two white round beads were not hit, they were all impacted by the momentum of those attacks and flew involuntarily to both sides.
The flight route of one of the round beads happened to be in the same direction as Xiao Lingyu’s dodge, and Xiao Lingyu grabbed it in his hand by the load.
Although Guan Yiwei is fierce, his speed is much worse than that of the strong God King. At present, he falls behind several God Kings, but he boldly unfolds his folding fan and shoots more than ten streamers from the folding fan to all the God Kings except himself.
Even the King of God would never despise the attack of the best artifact, and those kings of God had to stop to resist or dodge to one side.
With the obstruction of Guan Yiwei’s hand, the housekeeper’s woman, the God King, naturally took the lead and held another round bead in her hand.
The housekeeper, the God King, reacted quickly. After she got the white pearl, she didn’t think about the evil spirit, so she wrapped her son Guan Yiwei and ran away at full speed.
Several other God kings are not faster than the housekeeper, and they are all injured. At this time, it is basically hopeless to catch up with the housekeeper, so some of them aim at Xiao Lingyu, while others aim at the evil spirit.
Xiao Lingyu knows that he can’t deal with so many gods, but if he wants to escape, he can only rely on the sacristy …
Under such circumstances, Xiao Lingyu did not hesitate. He offered the tubular sacristy and entered it with the static girl, intending to escape directly.
That a few god king can’t let Xiao Lingyu also escape, it’s a pity that their attack can’t destroy the tubular hallows, even the acceleration of the tubular hallows has not provided power.
"That should be a superb flying artifact!"
Looking at the tubular hallows flying away as a streamer, a god king said with narrow eyes.
No one can believe that a monk like Xiao Lingyu, who has just entered the period of being a monarch, will have a sacristy.
"It’s really unkind of them to keep two treasures for themselves. They seem to forget that they just started in Duhucheng!" A god king looks pale tunnel.
"Let’s talk about this matter when we go back. There is still an evil heart here." City guard marshal said with a wave.
"This heart is a bit strange, I am afraid it is not easy to be taken away." Sloppy god is king.
As he spoke, there was already a god king who couldn’t help himself and jumped into the evil spirit. But as soon as he got close to the past, he was hit by a strong blood vessel that suddenly came out, and his body was swept away, spilling blood along the way.
Seeing this situation, everyone is more cautious. They all choose to wait and see first and dare not make a move.
Everyone looked at it carefully for a while, and their hearts were even more surprised.
The evil spirit’s heart is crystal clear and almost transparent. At this time, although there are thick bloody fog circulating in it, everyone can vaguely see that there is a human monk in the center of the evil spirit.
"That’s my Hongxuan!"
Sloppy God King looked horrified, but he still swallowed the low voice that had just been on his lips.
After observing for a while, another God Wang Jiangzhe couldn’t help but make moves, but they were all whipped back by the blood vessels.
The scruffy God King of terms knew that his own JiHongXuan was not dead, so he didn’t make moves. He thought of what JiHongXuan had said to himself before, and vaguely felt that the younger generation of terms had a great chance.
Xiao Lingyu quickly flew to the forbidden light gate with the static girl, penetrated the light gate, and then flew over the passage. After several twists and turns, they lost the obstruction and interference of those evil things, and they easily reached the outside of the evil wind valley.
Just after a few breaths, Guan Yiwei and the woman God King also flew out.
Chapter 728 Whether the girl is married or not
? Chapter 728 Whether the girl is married or not
As he spoke, there was already a god king who couldn’t help himself and jumped into the evil spirit. But as soon as he got close to the past, he was hit by a strong blood vessel that suddenly came out, and his body was swept away, spilling blood along the way.
Seeing this situation, everyone is more cautious, and they all choose to wait and see first, and dare not be light …
Chapter 729 You never know
? Chapter 729 You never know
"Ok, I promised!" Static girl didn’t hesitate, a promise.