General Wood didn’t panic at all. He called out to the magician. As soon as the words sound fell, a group of people came to drain the water. Magic blocked the night maple fireball. General Wood saw it and said that the magician attacked.

Night maple built an energy shield in front of her, and those army magics cast fireballs, wind blades and water spears disappeared in front of the night maple energy shield.
General Mu saw the magic army and didn’t say that the archery team was accurate. The magic team retired very rhythmically. When the archery team followed closely, it was pulled up. General Mu saw that the archery team was accurate and ordered the shooting.
As soon as thousands of arrows came to the night maple, the night maple flew up in the sand, and the hands kept flying steel arrows.
General Mu saw that Ye Feng was in a half-hearted tunnel. This is a good opportunity to rob the Lord. When he rushed at the front with dozens of soldiers, he was ready to rob Sha Shaocheng.
Night maple saw Sha Shaozhi rushing at the front and knew what he wanted to do. Night maple suddenly stopped spinning his body. An energy wave hit an arrow. The arrow was scattered around by the energy wave force, and it also missed the soldier. Night maple rushed at the front. Sha Shaozhi threw his hand at the steel arrow, and the speed and strength were better than those from the bow.
Sha Shaozhi saw thousands of flashing white steel arrows flying towards him, stopped walking, grabbed the soldiers around him with both hands and threw them at the pile of flying steel arrows.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
General Mu saw that Ye Feng had left with Sha Shaozhi. He shouted, "Go after yourself quickly" and followed behind. This time, he was too refined to go ahead again for fear that Ye Feng would shoot thousands of arrows at him again.
Twenty thousand soldiers surrounded the forest heard the general’s order to walk into the forest step by step. At night, Feng flew back to Twelve Music, where they threw sand and put a barrier to protect everyone.
The soldiers approached the night maple step by step. General Mu saw the twelve girls’ band, Night Maple, there was nothing moving. When he was happy, he shouted, "If you catch a person, you will get a thousand gold coins."
Looking at the soldiers rushing to the front, the night maple’s face evoked a cold smile and said that greed is always a person’s grave. The bigger the desire, the bigger the grave.
Those soldiers who rushed to the front stepped on the trap that had already been laid, and immediately they were dressed in fire and frozen into an ice man. The soldiers were on fire, and they rolled in the hope that they could roll out of the fire. The ice bomb soldiers were still able to walk, so it was difficult to jump into the fire pit. General Iceberg didn’t expect that the night maple would roll around here and jump into the fire. The soldiers shouted, "Get back! Get back!" Unfortunately, he shouted on the spot, "Too big a tree!"
Night maple looked at the soldier’s face outside and raised a kind of heart smile, and the smile grew louder and louder. Later, when she saw night maple laughing like this, it was really not a taste in her heart. After all, the girl saw the unfortunate soldiers outside and dared not look again. At the same time, she regretted that if I had known, I would not have laid a magic trap.
Night maple eyes almost twelve le coldly said, what do you think this is too cruel, right?
Twelve members didn’t dare to look at the night maple and nodded with his head down. Night maple called Zizhu’s sword and cut Sha Shaozhi’s head. Later, he said coldly, go to break through and go back to the enchantment to take the lead.
Night maple walked a long way and found that no one came behind and turned around and said, if we don’t break through, we will die.
A word shocked Da Le Da Le. Looking at the man in front of him, he felt a lot of feelings about killing people. It was like talking flat, but he didn’t take it seriously. Da Le said to his sisters, Let’s break through or we will die.
When they come, kill them for me. They killed the duke. Kill them for me. General Mu shouted with red eyes.
The soldiers heard the night maple coming and rushed desperately.
Night maple kills people with a purple bamboo sword, just like chopping vegetables. It shouldn’t be more chopping vegetables than chopping vegetables. Shock wave is full of flying heads or broken limbs.
At this time, one word in Ye Feng’s eyes is to kill.
Night maple doesn’t know how many people have been killed. She turned to them and said, "Kill our way out." The words sound just fell and several people became sword souls.
General Mu looked at Ye Feng and killed 5,000 soldiers. Pointing to Ye Feng’s eyes, he said that he was not a man but a devil.
Finally, the soldiers were killed and afraid to move, so that they could get out of the way. After watching Twelve Music, they said to the soldiers with about 7,000 people left, don’t be a soldier again.
After Ye Feng and others left, all the soldiers hid their faces and cried bitterly. They have been fighting in the battlefield for many years, but it is the first time to see a killer like Ye Feng.
Back to the headquarters of the Twelve Girls’ Band, Ye Feng fell down. Before Da Le, she picked up the night maple covered in blood and said, What’s the matter? Are you hurt? But Ye Feng closed her eyes.
Seven years ago, Yaqi checked the night maple and said, Boss, it’s nothing. You will wake up after a rest when the energy is over. Don’t worry about it.
Da Le nodded and carried Ye Feng to the bed, watching quietly. Even in a coma, Ye Feng said in his heart, Alas, what kind of person are you? Just kill a chicken, and you have suffered a lot from your eyes.
Da Le sighed gently and said to her sisters, Let’s all go and don’t disturb their rest.
Le pointed to Feng who slept in bed at night and said, Sister, I can’t stay with him.
What did Da Le ask?
Happy face turned red and said, I think he is so dirty and I want to help him change his clothes.
Da Le looked at Le and turned his eyes to Ye Feng and said, Well, whatever.
Yaqi saw the eldest beauty accompany depressed and said, I wish I had known.
Jiu Le suddenly said in front of Yaqi when he heard Yaqi’s words, Brother, do you want me to stay with you?
Yaqi was suddenly shocked by the sight of Qile, patting his chest and saying, No, I have to take care of it later.
Chapter 27 Storm 1
The sun is burning the earth like a fire, giving off hot air, which makes people feel unbearable for a moment. Even so, three people are walking slowly on the avenue with a faint light, even if the sun is big and hot, they are not like it.
I’m so hot. Stop and give me a rest.
Yes, boss, I really can’t. I don’t even know if the sun has been kicked out of bed by my wife these days, otherwise why would it be so big these days?
Well, that’s right. When the sun goes to mix with a woman, let her wife know and call it brittle. The sun sends fire to the ground.