Suddenly, a mighty force came towards Zhang Sheng, which was incredibly powerful. Even Zhang Sheng had to force himself to compete. Fortunately, this force came and went faster. It was a moment when Zhang Sheng’s repression department disappeared.

Odin’s majestic voice plays Ozzie. No, I should call you Zhang Sheng.
Hehe, my father can call me Archie. After all, I’m still Archie Zhang Sheng, raising my head and smiling at Odin’s eyes.
Odin took a deep look at Zhang Sheng and suddenly laughed. It’s really worthy of me. Odin, you are Zhang Sheng or Audi. You are my child after all in this life.
Hehe, my father is right. In this life, I will be your son after all. Zhang Sheng also laughed
All right, take a seat, Odin said with a wave of his hand
Darius didn’t dare to say anything. Zhang Sheng found a seat and sat down. At the same time, she secretly looked at Yahua sitting opposite them. On the other hand, Yahua looked calm and leisurely drinking drinks, which was abnormal. Handsome than her face, she smiled a little.
Er Yahua definitely unites us against Shiva. What do you think? Odin asked Zhang Sheng with a smile.
Zhang Sheng smiled indifferently. Lord Yahua knows the time.
Yehua suddenly looked up and looked at Zhang Sheng with a real eye. Zhang Sheng didn’t avoid the sight of two people gathering in the middle, and both of them secretly praised this fellow for being easy to repair.
Yehua looked at Zhang Sheng and laughed. It’s a good thing that this fairy friend can hide Odin’s brother for so long. I wonder what this fairy friend meant when he came to our western celestial world.
Zhang Sheng scolded a face but smiled. Is this what it is now?
Then I don’t need to tell you. After all, you are just an outsider.
You, Yahua, glanced at Zhang Sheng coldly and stopped talking.
Odin smiled indifferently, saying that you would help me deal with Shiva, so can we discuss a specific policy?
Yehua has recovered, saying from a faint expression that the three of us deal with Shiva alone, which is very easy for the Heavenly Christians. I believe that the Heavenly Legion and Odin Legion will be wiped out completely.
Zhang Sheng frowned and suddenly laughed. Can I ask a question?
Xianyou said
Zhang Shengdao: I also know that it is very simple to destroy Shiva, but what about the aftermath after destroying her? I think this is the key point, and I don’t think even Zeus will remain silent when one of the top three western celestial bodies is killed.
Yehua’s eyes flashed a cold mountain. What about Xianyou?
Zhang Sheng laughed and I was confused. I asked Xianyou if Xianyou would put all the blame on my father in the future. Wouldn’t it be bad?
How come? Yahua smiled reluctantly.
What? No, if I guess it’s right, when Zeus asks about it in the future, you must say that Odin colluded with the immortals of the Eastern Fairy World to kill Shiva for his own gain, and then you can get away from the ground and retreat, and my father will become the scapegoat, right?
Yehua’s look changed. He didn’t expect Zhang Sheng to be so clever that he could guess his plan clearly. But Yehua has experienced several storms after all, and his horse laughs well. This inference fits very well. So what can I do to dispel your concerns?
Zhang Sheng shrugged his shoulders and laughed. In fact, it’s very simple. Then we will give Xianyou the final fatal blow when we besiege Shiva. I don’t think Xianyou will refuse it.
Yahua took a deep look at Zhang Sheng before saying, Hehe, of course not.
Odin looked at Zhang Sheng with satisfaction and thought of me as a cheap son. It seems that he is really not an extraordinary fairy. Now it seems that he still has some feelings for me. In this case, I will not pursue this matter any more.
Odin missed the sharp flash in his eyes, and looked around at everyone. Suddenly, he felt a great power and shouted, "Since Shiva came to die, I will become her."
Chapter two hundred and seventeen Amazing World War I
Chapter two hundred and seventeen Amazing World War I
The sun has long been buried by the gradually accumulated gray-black clouds, and the light keeps fading away, as if someone’s ink was coated with a layer of black in the sky, and this light ink surface was coated with a thicker black, which seems to be falling from the sky drop by drop.
It was a gloomy and terrible day, and a depressing atmosphere surrounded Odin. Just now, the immortal guarding the city received an order. In the early hours of the morning, they will lead an attack in Odin with the twelve immortals. The Christians in Heaven are very excited about this. After all, they have lived a comfortable life in the celestial world for so long and finally won a war. Of course, they will not miss such a good opportunity.