Ding Qiunan came into the room and poured a cup of tea for two men. Then she took Lou Xiaoe with her child and ran to the backyard to play.

Li Chu and Xu Damao sat on the bench of the Intermediate People’s Court and got a thermos bottle and poured him a glass of water.
"Tell me what you want to ask."
"Well, Brother Chu, my father-in-law didn’t see that last year’s meeting had begun to encourage liberalization, so he thought about doing something for himself. The old man was really at home, but he was a little uncertain about the policy before he asked me to come to you and see if I could get it."
Smell speech Li Chu smiled. What else is he doing?
Lou’s dad has been idle for more than ten years, and now he wants to move at once.
After thinking for a while, he said, "It is better not to do it. Although the meeting has been confirmed, this policy has not been implemented yet, and it is estimated that it may be repeated."
Xu Damao was disappointed at his words, and he really hoped that his father-in-law could do business.
"Brother Chu, that is, you can’t do it."
"It’s not impossible to do it, but we should pay attention to a way." Li Chu hesitated but said it.
"What way, Brother Chu?"
Chapter three hundred and sixty Make money
I heard that there is still a possibility of doing business, and Xu Damao has already been forced to wait.
"The only way and the safest way is to form a joint venture with the government."
A big question mark appeared on the top of Xu Damao’s head.
He can understand every word of this sentence separately, but together he is not white.
Looking at Xu Damao leng silly Li Chu smiled and didn’t speak and took a sip of water from the tea urn.
"Brother Chu, please explain to me. I’m not too white."
"I’ll explain to you a fart. Have you done business or something?"
Xu Damao understood the meaning of this sentence, which means that people will not hesitate to tell him.
He’s not annoyed. After all, people are telling the truth, even if they want to do business, their father-in-law will do it. I’m telling you, you don’t understand, so why bother?
Xu Damao also took a sip of water and said, "Brother Chu, that’s this. Wait a minute. I’ll call my father-in-law in the past. You tell him that the old man’s house is really suppressed."
"Fine, you go. I have nothing to do anyway."
"Okay, I’ll go now."
Say that finish Xu Damao up and walked to the front yard.
"Brother Chu, you tell Xiaoe."
"got it"
Li Chu has been lying on the soles of his feet. When he saw Xu Damao running away, he looked at the host again. When he saw that the host didn’t move, he jumped to the front yard and prepared to bolt the door.
When Hairball came back from the front yard, Li Chucai got up and walked back to the garden.
It’s getting dark and the backyard lights are turned on.
Ding Qiunan and Lou Xiaoe sit in the gazebo, eating peanuts and drinking tea, and the children sit on the ground and play with toys with mats.
See their own men to the back Ding Qiunan strange asked "Xu Damao? Why are you alone? "
Li Chu walked into the pavilion and sat down beside his wife to "go back"
This even froze Lou Xiaoe. This guy can’t be so unreliable, can he? He left their mother here and he ran away?
Ding Qiunan knew he was joking when he saw his man’s appearance. He raised his hand and patted him on the arm to "talk it over."
"Go back to pick up his father-in-law, and then come over."
"Pick up my dad?"
"Yes, Uncle Lou doesn’t want to do some business. I said that your big Mao couldn’t understand and he could go back and pick up his father-in-law."
"Snow" Lou Xiaoe couldn’t help laughing-she could imagine that her man didn’t understand and was wronged.
Xu Damao ran for more than twenty minutes and came with his father-in-law.
Li Chu led them directly to the backyard.
There are trees and water in the back, which is much cooler than the Intermediate People’s Court, and there are almost no such things as Li Chu with mosquito repellent everywhere.
Lou Dad sighs every time he comes to Li Chu’s house.
His family must be a capitalist, but how does he feel that Li Chu is more like a capitalist than he is?
"Little Chu Damao didn’t make it clear to me just now. What is the joint venture? What’s going on? Tell me in detail."
Before sitting Lou dad asked in a hurry.
Li Chu smiled and poured Lou Dad a glass of water and filled himself and Xu Damao’s quilt with water. This was unhurried and said, "Uncle Lou, if you want to do your own business, I advise you not to do it for the time being, but if you are idle and want to move, you can find a public joint venture."
"Joint venture?" Lou dad muttered in his mouth.
See Lou dad low head that brood Li Chu also didn’t say again, he also looked down at Xu Damao daughter sitting on a mat to catch a dog.
We should pay attention to this. His dogs are good-natured. Family members hurt them the most. Just lick their tongues, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same for others. If the child scratches the dog and bites her, it will be troublesome.
See lying next to a little black already a little impatient Li Chu hurriedly motioned Ding Qiunan picked up the child.
As a result, the child was not willing to push her legs. Lou Xiaoe also knew why she picked up the child. She quickly took her daughter over.
Just now, it’s a little wrinkled nose. Little black looked up and looked at his master. He rubbed his head against Li Chu’s calf and lay down again next to him.
"Xiao Chu, do you think the joint venture is similar to the public-private partnership in 1955?"
Lou’s dad finally figured it out.
"Almost, Uncle Lou, but there are also differences. In those days, the government asked you to run the government. You have dividends. Now it’s different. You go to the government on your own initiative and you must take the management into your hands."
Can you still fuck like this? Lou dad is also a little confused.
See Lou dad face blank sample Li Chu know he is a little dizzy, gave him a detailed explanation.
"Let’s make an analogy. For example, Uncle Lou, a canteen in a steel mill, do you think that canteen is losing money or making money now?"
"That must be losing money."
"Yes, the canteen must be losing money. For example, he has to pay 1,000 yuan a month. Let’s contract the canteen now. I don’t want your factory to give me 1,000 yuan a month. In turn, I will pay the factory every month. Uncle Lou, do you think the steel factory leaders will be tempted?"
Li Chu dialect has made Lou Dad’s eyes brighter and brighter.