When the time comes, there won’t be much to say.

Feel the terror outside. Red crescent force Liu Yuan secretly has a headache.
Here … What the hell happened!
At this moment, where Liu Yuan is, it is not clear that he has an accident.
It just practiced for three more days before it met this strange situation.
If I had known this strange scene would happen.
He must have left Moonlight Forest long ago!
When the land source was trapped in the ruins,
Adolf, locate in that wizard tower deep in the moonlight for, also woke up.
The top of his wizard tower looks grim and becomes more restless than the moonlight forest.
"Red crescent tide actually appeared before …"
Look at that moonlight forest swept by the red crescent tide
Adolf don’t know what to think at this time.
In a second, the wizard tower of Adolf began to emit white light.
This light shines on the lake around the wizard tower.
Immediately let the lake make a sound similar to frying.
A closer look will reveal that.
A large number of red crescent forces are reflected from the lake and the scarlet moon is emitting.
The white light of the wizard tower is to suppress these red crescent forces.
The scarlet moon reflected on the lake can also release the red moon force!
This reflected scarlet moon on the lake should not be just a reflection!
And a black piece of meat in the depths of the lake suppressed by Adolf is constantly crawling.
It looks like a meat ball.
This meat ball is constantly whispering strangely at this time.
These words are not complete words, but repeated several words.
These words are’ parasitism’ and’ recovery’ …
These two words are weird meatballs, but they have been said several times.
Who does it want to parasitize and who does it want to revive?
It is not clear.
Yueguang forest shuilu college yuanchu
Several teachers sat together looking somberly at the moonlight forest outside the protective cover.
And this dignified face of several teachers also vaguely revealed puzzled expression.
"It’s strange that this time, the pet animals in the red moon tide moonlight forest didn’t storm the courtyard?"
"I don’t know, and I think they seem to be looking for something."
"looking for? Is there anything else they need to find in this moonlight forest? "
"Then I don’t know. Why don’t we report this to the headmaster?"
"The headmaster must be suppressing the scarlet moon in Yuehua Lake at this time. It is impossible for us to contact him at this time."
"Are you sure there are no students in our college in the moonlight forest?"
"It’s safe to say that it’s winter vacation, and the students from other colleges have already gone back for a holiday, and no one has recently entered the moonlight forest."
"So I’m pretty sure there are no students in our college in Moonlight Forest at this time."
"In that case, I’m relieved that pet animals can find whatever they want. We’ll wait until the red crescent tide is over and then reflect this situation to the principal’s old man’s house and let him check the reason."
Chapter 44 Be cornered!
Teachers don’t know if it is.
At this time, they are alone in the moonlight forest
There is an unlucky handsome boy who has been trapped by the red crescent tide.
At this time, Liu Yuan, who is hiding in the ruins, is carefully observing the external situation.
He is domineering with knowledge and color.
Can observe the external changes without attracting the attention of the external pets.
Terrestrial observation
At this time, those pet animals that are highly infected by Red Crescent Force
Behavior is very strange.
Their faces look crazy.
But they didn’t attack each other.
More than Lu Yuan, they feel as if they are working together to find something in the moonlight forest.
A group of pet animals who don’t know each other and have different shapes joined hands to find something in the forest.
This reaction let Liu Yuan suddenly have a bad feeling.
They ….. It won’t be looking for me?
As soon as this idea came out, Liu Yuan was sweating all over.
No, I have nothing to look for. Why are you looking for me?
At this time, Liu Yuanbi regretted that he should have left the moonlight forest with Xiafa.