Speaking of it, this 32-peak cloud magic array is not loved by many people because it only has illusions and attack ability. With these 32 precious faces, it should never appear on the fourth day.

"21 million"
"23 million"
"25 million"
Although this is only a set of magic array, the protection of Zongmen is very suitable. Just after the auction, the auction will ring again and again.
Even Xia Qi hasn’t come to bid yet. The price of these 32 flags has been quickly and deeply, reaching 30 million, and the horse will exceed 40 million.
Even knowing that the auction price is far lower than the actual price, many people keep asking for it, but such a horrible price speed is really shocking to Xia Qi.
"Xia Qi’s magic array will eventually be afraid that the price will be close to 100 million, which also requires no competition from the strong with strong financial resources, otherwise it is possible to break through 100 million."
Gu Yue’s eyebrows were wrinkled with anger.
"Rest assured that I will auction this 32-peak cloud magic array even if it is 200 million."
Xia Qi is bound to be determined.
This set of flags is an extra layer of protection for ordinary clan doors, but it is different for Danzong. If it can be arranged at the entrance, life will be greatly guaranteed.
"50 million immortal stones"
Xia Qi Xia Qi resolute voice just fell in a VIP room and suddenly came out with a loud voice with coercion, although not Xianwang, but it is definitely the top in Jin Xian.
Perhaps this person is dignified, perhaps the price of 50 million is amazing. At this moment, the auction hall was quiet for an instant, and no one bid.
"Fu Yuan Zong’s patriarch’ Fu Kuan’ It is said that this Fu Yuan Zong has just discovered a fairy stone vein, and I still have a rumor. Now, I don’t hesitate to ask for 50 million yuan, even if it is true."
"Hey hey, it is said that during this period, several small clans have joined forces to test the house garden clan. This house garden clan should not want to auction this set of array flags and then cover up that fairy stone vein."
"Ha ha, it’s not safe to have a magic array guardian even if there is a rich fairy stone vein in the mansion garden …"
After a moment’s silence in the auction hall, I remembered a few words. The identity of the bidder had already been exposed.
Of course, this is also the reason why Fuyuan Zongkuan didn’t deliberately hide it. Even there is the idea of deterring a bidding opponent by the title of Fuyuan Zongkuan.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Identity checked
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Identity checked
"Fifty million, I’ll take this 32-peak cloud magic array."
In the noisy discussion, the width of the house in the VIP room once again resounded through the entire auction hall, showing a domineering attitude.
Originally, there were several small clan doors that also planned to bid for this set of array flags to guard the clan doors, but at the moment, when they saw that the attitude of the house garden was so firm, they all hesitated and didn’t bid.
In the VIP room, the government smiled proudly.
He is so bold that he wants to tell these house garden families that they are almost the same family, and they are bound to win this set of 32 peaks cloud magic array
As you can imagine, the only thing that can’t be seen by the top strong men and large gates in this set of flags seems to be to make a small clan guardian array.
The resolute attitude of Fu Yuanzong was frightened by the fact that it was almost the same as Fu Yuanzong. The clan did not continue to bid, but the big door and the strong people could not see this set of flags, which made Fu Kuan pick up a big bargain.
Of course, the former is that all this is as wide as the government imagined.
And eye mansion wide idea obviously appeared an accident.
"60 million immortal stones"
At the auction table, when the auctioneer was about to announce that this set of flags belonged to the government, there was a sudden sound in the VIP room on the first floor, which suppressed all the alto in the auction hall.
Hearing this sound, many immortals were startled, and they misunderstood Fu Yuanzong’s attitude so firmly that some people dared to compete for which clan had a hard time with Fu Yuanzong, or which big shot saw the 32-peak cloud magic array.
"Who is it?"
Different from the fairy surprise in the auction hall, Fu Kuan was furious at this time.
He stood up and clapped his hands on the table in front of him, and the sullen house collapsed directly. There was a blinding opportunity in his eyes to see who the bidder was.
"65 million"