It’s a pity that no matter what he does, he can bring his son back from the dead.

Wait, no matter how much it costs, I will find the murderer and avenge you.
Xie Yuan Kouga secretly swore in his heart, but at this moment, the belly of a base car in front suddenly blew up a fire.
It’s like the base car ran over a mine
Chapter 252 Spider nest
Xie Yuan Zheng, this is the public passage from the base to each family’s headquarters, and which guy with long eyes dares to plant mines here. If it accidentally hurts its family, it will cause public outrage.
Even five doors dare not be so arrogant.
The driver next to him suddenly pointed to the corner of the front passage. "Look over there, my Lord!"
Xie Yuan looked in the direction of his finger and saw a Okumo crawling out of the front corridor wall. When the light shone, he saw that the root was not a spider but a machine.
It has a mechanical joint with the same shape as a spider, and quickly crawls into the belly of a base car in front.
As soon as the robot spider got into the belly, it jumped up and attached to the bottom of the car
There was a light flashing on the surface, and a flame suddenly exploded in the belly of the car from blue to red, which not only blew up the base car, but also blew off the axle and paralyzed the power of the car.
Xie Yuan had never seen anything like this before, and gasped and shouted, "The car is ready to meet the enemy!"
The team hurriedly stopped, including Xie Yuan’s team escort. Before they were ready, a similar robot spider climbed up from the corridor floor, walls and even the ceiling.
The audio-visual images of those mechanical joints paddling in unison were like death-tellers, which made everyone breathless.
There are a lot of robot spiders, which are laid out like a carpet, making people’s scalp numb.
Xie Yuan snorted and shouted, "Why are you still attacking?"
The guards just woke up from a rude awakening, picked up their rifles and threw them at Lei Chao’s spider swarm.
These robot spiders must carry explosives in their bodies. When they hit them, the robot spiders stopped sparks and then suddenly exploded, causing the whole passage to shake.
Once they cross the blockade, the robot spider will get into the bottom of the car and explode.
In a moment, at least half of the vehicles in the motorcade have been paralyzed.
Xie Yuan was so anxious that he shouted, "These things need manual control. Find the controller for me! Damn it, which bastard made such a thing! "
Having said that, it’s easy to find out who’s in charge of the explosion and the flashing of fire in the tunnel.
Moreover, at this time, new species appeared in the spider colony, some of which were larger and had two sharp long-edged sword spiders installed at the front end.
The armor of these swordfish spiders is thicker, even if the star beam hits them, it will break through, leaving a fiery red patch.
A dozen sword spiders rushed into the motorcade against the impact of light beams and grenades. These things avoided the sublimators and chose the hands of ordinary soldiers in protective clothing.
So Xie Jiawei team immediately appeared a chaos Xie Yuan decided to order sublimation to deal with these sword spiders.
Unexpectedly, at the end of a wave, there was another wave.
More than a dozen sublimators just didn’t destroy the sword spider. In front of the passage, there was a shock. When Xie Yuan looked at it, the pupil expanded slightly, and a monster appeared in the front corridor.
Almost the same size as a base car, with the same spider structure, the unknown machine climbed out from the other end of the corridor, and it was not close, and suddenly a row of missiles were launched across the distance.
A dull whistling missile immediately sounded in the corridor and went straight to the motorcade to detonate, but instead of blowing up the flame, it sprinkled black smoke.
Black smoke must contain some special substance, so the smoke is rolling instead of rising.
A moment Xie Gu motorcade has covered this piece of black smoke.
Xie Yuan has held her breath for fear that the black smoke is toxic, but the instrument scan can’t detect the toxin. As far as he is concerned, a sublimator stumbled like a drunk.
To kill a sword spider, but missed the opportunity because of this mistake, it gave the sword spider a chance to overturn a soldier next to it and then jump on another target.
Xie Yuan immediately knew that this black smoke was different. When he drew a sword and waved it, he cut out a piece of sword wind to blow the smoke away.
But when the star aggregates are running, Xie Yuan clearly feels that the usual star aggregates seem to be out of control at the moment. This sword Xie Yuan wants to push out the black smoke, but the power of the sword is greatly reduced, only half of the smoke is blown away, and there is a mass behind the team.
The corner of my eye lights up
Xie Yuan looked that the giant mechanical spider like a chariot was coming this way. This machine stretched out many barrels and even a barrel.
Beams, live ammunition, missiles … This giant spider seems to be like a moving powder magazine, pouring out the fire and making it accurate, which is almost a false shot.
Even those who sublimate have been pushed back by this fire.
Xie Yuan angrily drank a star, showing that he rushed at his sword and waved it constantly. Both the solid warhead and the star beam were split by Xie Yuan.
Soon Xie Yuan has come to the front of the giant spider, and he wants to cut the machine with a sword. Suddenly, the machine has a warning sign. On the left side, the wall suddenly burst, and the damaged armored wall smashed towards him with a dull roar. Xie Yuan had to let go of the mechanical giant spider sword and even waved the armored wall to pieces.
After the debris, Xie Yuan saw a figure coming towards him. The figure of Liang Zhou’s yellow light was shrouded in darkness, and the scene was like a corona.
"White pole!"
Xie Yuan is surprised and angry, so there is only a semicolon in Baiji’s family! Xie Yuan never dreamed that the White House young genius would attack.
But Baijigen, no matter what his idea is, once he rushes through the armor fragments, Bai tries his best to run the star aggregates, which will fuel the limit of special physical strength.
Contact Xie Yuan suddenly stopped his right foot and slid across the ground to form a strong air billow.
Bai Ji’s right hand clenched his fist, and the yellow light around him was incorporated into the fist, and the yellow mans burst like a palm!
Blow it out with one punch
Xie Yuan hastily sealed the case with a sword.
When the blade hits the fist, Xie Yuanjue cuts a swelling storm with a sword.