On the first day of siege, all the obstacles outside the city were clear, but the Cangtou army suffered casualties. Although Yuan Xiao was not too knowledgeable, he also knew that the siege was very smooth. On that night, Koguryo prisoners were sent to dig trenches at 200 steps in the city.

That night, when they heard the horseshoes, they woke up and looked at the east plain and suddenly there was a spark jitter.
They all know that this is the cavalry wandering around with torches. Look at this number. Obviously, there are still many people who frown. The bottom of my heart is not good, but look at Li Chongjiu’s army. It is still awkward and orderly, and there is no panic.
It is strange that they admire Li Chongjiu for running the army well. Is Li Chongjiu not worried at all?
The two of them spent a night in anxiety, and when they got up the next day, they found that the trench dug by the Han army had been completed overnight. Li Chongjiu boldly approached the camp directly and put a spear on the nose of Koguryo people.
Of course, to prevent Koguryo people from sneaking into the camp at night, last night, 500 Han troops were carrying weapons to endure the cold in the early spring. They crouched in an ambush all night, and the next morning, they all withdrew to the camp. Someone sent them hot wine, ginger soup blankets to warm up and rest.
The next day, 3,000 county soldiers who didn’t play yesterday were transferred to the first line, and Shan found that yesterday they were guarding the flanking cavalry, but they immediately relieved that the city camp had become really not worried about Goguryeo’s attack out of the city.
On the second day, the Han army continued to attack the city, and launched the nest building to erect the city edge, and continued to suppress the Koguryo people with arrows. After harassing the Koguryo people in the city yesterday night, they seemed to know that reinforcements were not far away, and immediately their morale was greatly boosted, and they fought hard to resist the Cangtou army’s siege.
Note 1: When Li Shimin attacked Luoyang, Tang Jun cannon slungshot weighed 50 Jin, throwing 200 steps, crossbows and arrows like spokes, arrowheads like giant axes, and shooting 500 steps to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and one Cheap and shameless
The stone city heads of Baiyan City are now densely packed with giant arrows. I have to say that the stone city walls are strong and the crossbow bed volley of the general rammed earth city wall would have broken the city. This is also the limitation of Liaodong terrain. Koguryo people are all built in Shicheng Mountain City, and the cities in the Central Plains are all made of rammed earth except Luoyang Xijing. Otherwise, Sui Jun would not have attacked Liaodong City for three months.
But even if there is a strong city to lean on, the Koguryo foot soldiers in Chengtou still try to hook and grab the arrow in Chengtou, but every time they do so, they will be shot by crossbowmen, the nest car city of Cangtou Army.
The foot soldiers pushed a three-story nest car covered with cowhide and slowly approached the wall.
Each nest car has more than a dozen crossbowmen holding three stone crossbows, but due to the limitation of the city’s terrain, all nest cars can approach the wall and shoot from the side.
After yesterday’s night, the army craftsmen made seven more riprappers. This simple riprapper can be fixed in place and cannot move, but it can project 30 kilograms of boulders into the city wall in 300 steps.
However, even if a boulder is thrown away, the wall of Baiyan City can be smashed, and the roots can’t break the city except a piece of stone chips.
Koguryo Army also saw that Sui Jun crossbow array was fierce after yesterday’s confrontation with Cangtou Army. When giving up the shooting method, Sui Jun shooting was generally not exposed, but once the Sui army soldiers approached the city wall, they threw stones, oil and arrows to prevent the county soldiers from approaching the city.
At the same time, the county soldiers climbed the wall with their bare hands through the giant arrows tied to the wall, but once this happens, Koguryo people will drive Sui Jun out of the wall regardless of the flying crossbows of the nest car.
Although these Koguryo people have no rules, they all fought to surround their homes. With a bloody courage, although they were shot at Chengtou by Cangtou army shooters, the county soldiers always managed to gain a foothold in Chengtou.
Looking at Koguryo’s foot soldiers, they are so brave that they are not afraid of life and death. They also feel that this city is really difficult to attack.
After such a day’s attack, there was no progress. Yuan Xiao Shanxin knew that Koguryo reinforcements had arrived, and they were all anxious that Li Chongjiu could beat the city earlier. But after watching one day, Li Chongjiu’s soldiers fell into the situation of levying Liao and Sui Jun and generally holding Koguryo to establish a city.
So once Koguryo reinforcements arrive, they will be caught in an unfavorable situation of external attack.
Yuan Xiao Mountain deliberated for a while and felt that the situation was unfavorable, but seeing Li Chongjiu’s people is still a leisurely look when secretly surprised.
On the third day, the ladder on the side of the Cangtou Army was built, and the terrain craftsmen on the hillside of Kecheng also built a batch of ladders suitable for erecting the wall overnight.
After lunch, 500 county soldiers lined up, covered with a layer of cloth armor and covered with fine scales. Finally, soft armor tied an iron shoulder armor and protective goggles, armed with a fine iron long knife and a leather small round shield, followed the ladder to attack the city. When the ladder hooked the wall, the foot soldiers entered from the back door of the ladder and began to fight in the city.
After approaching the city wall, the county soldiers began to file up the stairs to attack the city and climb to the top of the city. Because their own troops climbed into the city, the crossbowman dared not shoot the crossbow again. When Koguryo defenders freed themselves from the crossbow suppression, they rushed together.
The fierce fighting in Chengtou is fierce. Koguryo people and county soldiers are so delicate and heavily armored, and there is no crossbow with such a long range. But the defenders are all wearing white headscarves, holding hooks and collars, knives and forks, almost like militia. Koguryo people are desperate to form a flesh and blood body to resist those armed to Tooth County soldiers.
Blood from the wall overflowed the battlements and moored along the wall.
They could see that although the equipment was inferior, the Koguryo people suffered more casualties than the county soldiers, but the Koguryo people played very tenaciously and fought back bravely several times, almost driving the county soldiers out of the city.
The siege is progressing slowly here. Li Chongjiu got the news from the nest car investigation that women in Koguryo, the city, mobilized to take care of and dress up the wounded soldiers, cooked food, delivered food, and carried the stones. Although the siege was always suppressed by the county soldiers and was in the wind, the reinforcements inspired the defenders yesterday, but the city was a scene of solidarity.
The two sides fought fiercely until dusk, and Koguryo was finally exhausted. Although the defenders were not afraid of death and casualties, it was a heavy effort to regain the foothold of Chengtou.
But the eyes are also dark, and the county soldiers are also worried that Koguryo people will sneak up on the field at night. When they give up Chengtou and gain several foothold, the nest car will shoot arrows and rain again to suppress Chengtou, while the soldiers in armored county will be evacuated from the ladder in an orderly manner, and the ladder of the nest car will be pushed back to its original place.
The third night
A self-proclaimed Koguryo messenger dropped from the hanging basket of the city wall and came to Li Chongjiu camp, which was to ask Li Chongjiu to surrender.
Li Chongjiu’s generals met with the Koguryo emissary.
The other person is an old man, who seems to be quite kind. When he saw Li Chongjiu, he bowed down and said, "Sinning the people in the city to save the people in the city, please come to your majesty and beg you to spare the lives of the people in the city."
Seeing each other’s age, Li Chongjiu is not difficult to let the other party get up and say, "If you are now in Kaesong, I can promise you the conditions."
The old man said, "Thank you for your mercy. The Chinese army is good at fighting against the weak people in our city, but it is just a matter of obeying the people’s will. The sinful people have an ungrateful invitation."
"But say no harm"
The old man said, "Wang, a suspicious man, will not rest assured, so he will move all my family members to Pyongyang. If we surrender, Wang will definitely hold them accountable."
"If the city can be defended for five days, the king will not hold us accountable afterwards, so the wife, children and family in Pyongyang will not be implicated. Please also ask your grace for two days."
The old man spoke very sincerely, but everyone laughed.
The old man’s face sank and he said, "Don’t you believe in our sincerity?"
Li Chongjiu smiled and said, "I am willing to believe in your sincerity and I will promise you."
At this time, it is not the case that Shan Yuanxiao is one leng, and Li Chongjiu is so confused.
When the old man heard the news, he said with great joy, "Thank you for this, then please make your prince withdraw."
Li Chongjiu smiled and suddenly said, "Who said I was going to withdraw?"
When the old man heard this, his face changed and he said, "Did you bully me?"
Li Chongjiu said, "I came to bully you. You said you wanted to surrender, but I didn’t say I wanted to withdraw. The Japanese army will continue to attack the city in the future!"
Here, Li Chongjiu smiled and said, "When I attacked Liaodong City in the Sui Dynasty, whenever the city was broken, please surrender. After a few days, the city will renege again and the Koguryo people will be shameless. I have already seen it. Now, please surrender. Who will believe it? It’s not bad for me to listen as a joke."
Speaking of which, all the people laughed in succession.
The old man left when he became angry from embarrassment.
The next day, Baiyan City expected that the Han army would violently attack the city and mobilize the city leaders, even women and children to distribute weapons.
However, to the surprise of Koguryo people, the Han army in the city did not move, and there was no intention of siege in the distance. The defenders of the city could not figure out the number of roads of the Han army. When they were very confused, they would have given up the siege if they had not seen the rows of Han army crossbows hiding in the trenches.
At noon, the smoke suddenly rose in the north of the city. Obviously, the cavalry were fighting fiercely. The defenders of Koguryo knew that reinforcements arrived from Liaodong City and did not cheer. At the same time, they were relieved that the defenders did not attack the city.
However, the cheers of Koguryo people didn’t last long. In the city’s hiding ditch, the crossbowman came to Chengtou with a volley. Several people were accidentally shot at Chengtou. When the defenders were furious, 300 dead people were hiding in the city gate hole, ready to go out and fight after gathering reinforcements.
Shan Yuanxiao knew that he was very worried after the fierce fighting outside the city. Of course, they were more worried about the attack of the enemy out of the city, so they came to wake Li Chongjiu to be careful and retreat if the situation was unfavorable.
Shan Yan said, "We are very grateful to Li Shijun for his kindness. I will take the place of our king when Koguryo talks about whether to withdraw troops from the downtown. Thank you for your attack on Baiyan City. Although it has not achieved its goal, it is enough to deter Liaodong. Please send troops to attack again in autumn."
The other side is considerate, but for Cang Tou Army, money and food are not available yet. Li Chongjiu heard a smile and said, "Thank you for your understanding, Master Shan, but I don’t think it’s time to withdraw."
Just as we were talking, a general with blood all over his body rode straight to see the other side of Li Chong-Jiu Zhongjun Mountain, feeling bad.
The other side is a Xi man riding near and turning over Ma Yan said, "Meet Khan!" "
Li Chongjiu nodded and immediately asked, "Did Wang Ma Hanying and He Futuo tell the winner?"
The war in the north of the city has been quelled. After hiding from the battlements, Koguryo people are so anxious that they don’t know whether they have won or lost when they see the war subsided.
They would have stretched their necks and went to see it if they hadn’t taken care of the Cangtou army shooters.
At this time, the city suddenly opened its camp, and a general ranks came to the gate with a line of prisoners.
And the city standard is one side and one side straight throw people trample.
This general raised a head from the edge of the horse and said, "Ten thousand reinforcements in Liaodong City have been wiped out by the army, and the city has been cut by my king Mahan. Don’t surrender quickly!"
Chapter three hundred and twenty The cymbal warrior
The Koguryo people in Chengtou looked at the dozens of people who were left in a row with a shirt and long hair. At this moment, there was no way to believe that they were the original arrogant and expensive generals in Liaodong City.
However, the head of the general of Liaodong City, who lost the city’s flags, confirmed that they suspected that 10,000 reinforcements were really destroyed. Although I can’t believe it, it is really real. The last hope of the people suddenly went up in smoke.
Looking at Koguryo, a fellow city, kneeling in front of the city gate, people shed tears one after another, and many of them lamented their chests and wept bitterly.
"Down or not!"
Wang Ma Seoul shouted