"See you later, Lu Xuedi and Tina Xuemei!"

"See you later" Lu Yuan and Tina responded in unison.
Wait until Shen Yuntao and Xia Qing left Liu Yuan turned to Tina.
"Tina, let’s go. I remember that the map of the freshman handbook is not far away to help the freshmen report."
Liu Yuan recalled what Shen Yuntao had just said while going to the auxiliary college.
The trials of the Wild Tower … That’s really interesting.
I don’t know if I am an animal bender or not.
If it is counted, it is more difficult for others to test.
It’s not a little difficult for Liu Yuan.
After all, the strength of Liu Yuan’s beast is not necessarily worse than that of ordinary pets.
Chapter 155 Multi-legged caterpillar? Split seat!
When Lu Yuan and Tina entered the Wild Veterinary College, they found that the environment inside was different from what they had imagined before.
It turned out that the gate of the tall college they saw before was not the entrance of the Wild Tower, but the entrance of the wall of the Wild Veterinary College.
It is because the city wall is too high and its appearance is somewhat similar to that of the Wild Pagoda that Liu Yuan and others mistakenly believe that the whole college is the Wild Pagoda.
But in fact, the Wild Pagoda is independent, and the teaching area and living area of the building are completely separated.
It is worth noting that next to the Great Wilderness College is the Great Wilderness City, the main city of the Great Wilderness.
Wild city is different from the main city in other central areas.
Wild city is a city, but it is more like a fortress.
Because the wild city is very dangerous and wild
There are not only a lot of horrible beasts, but also many aliens who are hostile to the alliance.
These guys attack the wilderness every once in a while
It is precisely because of the special environment of life that the whole wild city is a wild area and the folk customs are very tough
This can be seen from Lu Yuan’s seeing those new breath all the way.
The tough breath shows that they have experienced many battles.
It is the same whether it is a human student or an alien student.
Moreover, Lu Yuan also carefully found that there were many foreign students in the college.
From the school gate to the auxiliary college, Luyuan saw many foreign students.
And these students, like Catherine, are pure-blooded.
However, these aliens seem to have become accustomed to human life, although there are great differences in their appearance.
But they get along very well.
Let Lu Yuan have a fantastic feeling of straying into a’ different world’
Not long after entering the college, Lu Yuan and Tina came to the auxiliary college according to the map.
Two people came to the auxiliary college newspaper everywhere, but I didn’t expect a middle-aged counselor to wait for them here early.
"Lu Yuan and Tina, right?"
Liu Yuan and Tina looked at each other and nodded their heads.
The counselor looked at the two faces and smiled brightly. "My name is Lego, and I am your freshman counselor."
"I have heard from Dean Chen about both of you."
"He said that two monsters came to our tutoring this year, one is a gourmet animal bender with horrible knife skills."
"The other is a mixed-race alien with terrorist fighting skills."
"As soon as I saw you two dressed up, I knew Dean Chen said it was you."
"Well, you don’t want to be here. You two come with me. I’ll help you with the entrance formalities first, and then I’ll tell you something you should pay attention to after."
Liu Yuan said politely and Tina followed the counselor to go through the admission formalities.
The procedure is not complicated, and it will be completed in less than ten minutes.
After Lu Yuan and Tina received their dormitory keys and an exclusive watch.
Due to the enrollment status of Lu Yuan and Tina Te, their dormitory is a luxury single person.
Generally speaking, normal students are four people in a dormitory.
If you want a single person, you have to pay extra points.
A single person needs 1 credit a month.
The average student can’t afford it.
And Lu Yuan and Tina, two special enrollment students, stayed alone for one year.
You don’t need to collect it until the second year, which is equivalent to giving Liu Yuan and Tina 1200 points in disguise.
And that watch they receive is the exclusive watch of wild students.
In addition to being able to contact the outside world, you can also record your own credits.
Credits, that is, the wild points received by Lu Yuan before, are the exclusive currency of Wild College.
The union currency of Wild Veterinary College can’t buy things and can be exchanged for credits.
And credits can buy a lot of things.
Pet animals and eggs, pet animals, cultivate resources, and even some special training venues require credits.
It can be said that credits are the lifeblood of students.
Without credits, it’s almost impossible for you to move at Wild Animal Husbandry College.
There are generally three ways to obtain credits.
The first one is that every time you climb a new tower floor, you will get a credit reward.
And you can get the corresponding credit reward every month.
The second way to get credit is the credit fight.
The so-called credit fight is that two students fight by mortgage credit.
Whoever wins takes the gambling credits.
However, there is also a limit here, not that students can press as much as they want.
It is precisely because of this way of obtaining credits that some students who are keen on fighting will find some students to fight for credits every month, which will gain a lot of points.
And the third way to earn credits is to complete the college.
However, this can only be accepted by students after their sophomore year.
Because many colleges need to leave the college to complete and it is dangerous.
Freshmen are not physically strong enough, and they must be the learners in their first year.
In order to prevent freshmen from aiming too high, the college has stipulated that only sophomores can begin to accept the college.
And even sophomores, they can generally receive some less dangerous ones.
Those such as resisting the tide of fierce beasts will not be exposed until junior year.
These three are the main ways to get credit.
Of course, attendance in class will also earn some credits.
But these credits are generally not many, and you can get basic credits if you study normally.
Generally speaking, credits are a special resource.