"Your foundation is too poor. Well, in other words, you don’t know anything about all kinds of weapons. If the battlefield can become the enemy’s meritorious service!"

Indeed, before he fought at random with his body and mana, there was no discipline. Now he can be killed in the dead in the battlefield, and it is natural to play an extremely spirit under the guidance of fierce people
"Next, I will start to teach you skills and play besides piles, and you can catch a monster for me every three days, okay?"
Wu Ming nodded his head. The monster is a mountain.
Who will catch the Buddha? It’s not that you will understand yourself if you catch them …
In the evening, Wu Mingzheng practiced.
There is a demon wind falling gently outside the Taoist temple.
"Why is this Taoist temple so deserted?"
Then he pulled a hair and called a dragonfly to fly into the Taoist temple.
Today, it’s a coincidence that the Big Immortal of Five Poisons happened to have something to go out, and there were a few younger brothers left in the Taoist temple.
Road flyover toad’s ears moved and he was just about to go out to have a look. He thought about it and sat back.
Wu Ming is still practicing. This time, he didn’t show himself, but sat in a quiet room to practice the avatar spider spirits, and all of them were on the roof.
In the night, a dragonfly waved two pairs of little wings and flew over the main halls such as Sanqing Hall and Tianwang Hall. No one was seen and flew into the backyard.
Just flying, poof, a spider web will cover it, and then the little purple spider will drag the web back quickly and swallow it.
"Xiao qi, you steal to eat worms again, and you will be punished when you see it …"
The man outside the Taoist temple suddenly found himself distracted and disappeared, and hurriedly fled with the wind.
Awesome, awesome, this Taoist temple is really weird. I didn’t realize what killed my distraction!
The next day
Wu Ming went to the mountains first and wandered around. The monsters have been killed by officers and men for days, and they have been hidden so tightly that it is difficult to find them.
However, it is also difficult to resist the former King of Crouching Tiger Mountain.
After going deep into the mountains, I caught a big mouse in a short time. It was shiny and shiny, and the fur was very colorful and painted with rouge and smelled of flowers.
Wu Ming was found in a cave on a cliff, and when a golden light turned out, he went to the martial arts school with a demon corpse.
"How is the mouse? You’re not an old cat, are you? "
Xu Lingyao immediately dragged the rat corpse away for half an hour before returning.
Professor marksmanship today
At the end of Wu’s famous pile, Xu Lingyao first explained to him what the pike style is like.
After rehearsing several times, Wu Ming was asked to fight with him.
Ding ding …
By sunset, Wu Ming had been able to hold on for five rounds.
The golden-nosed yellow-haired rat in Wohu Mountain was ready to be favored before it fell into the cliff cave with a demon wind-it just married a beauty not long ago.
Cross one’s feet and drill into the hole
"Beauty husband is coming ~"
"ah! Damn human … my beauty! "
What’s the point of a rat sitting on the ground without its favorite son, a newly married beauty and living …
Immediately, he got up and patted his fat ass, hating, "I have to report to Lord Rat. These humans are going to die and be buried with my son and beauty!" "
Immediately constipation method combined with the mouse king.
Fenglei martial arts school
Both figures in the tinker were armed with long guns and played very fiercely.
Although one person wields a gun with one arm, it is seamless, and one pick and one stab can be traced like a gazelle.
One-man marksmanship is tender and restrained everywhere, but it is steady and steady.