For them, even if it’s easy for Kawaguchi to let them personally serve their heads, I’m afraid they can’t resist

It’s not that cowardice saints will be eclipsed in front of them for ten days. They don’t choose!
People drove the carriage to turn around in the heavy rain.
He is now a puppet before riding in a carriage with his sword on his back and his hair burning red. Natural law gives orders to these fierce horses.
I don’t know if it’s because the school is lost or the younger brother of Jiange Pavilion is sloppy and old-fashioned, but his heart seems calm but he is wary. The martial brothers of the school, together with the one-armed enlightenment, are all in a speeding carriage in the rainstorm.
The atmosphere is very depressing, and it’s a little weird.
The wind in the wilderness lifted the car curtain and looked at the curtain. I just missed the wilderness scene and flashed through the eyes again. Luo Changfeng finally didn’t hold back the question in my heart. "Senior, we are …"
"Go to Kunlun" The star-gazing old man smoothed his gray beard.
"Is it a green plum washing sword?" Luo Changfeng remembered that during his stay in Tiewangcheng some time ago, he saw that practitioners from all sides of heaven were curious to hear the news in the city.
"oh? Have you also heard of the sword washing in childhood? "
"Every spring, the younger generation is slightly heard of washing flowers and swords once every four years."
Cooking wine on the elegance of sword
It is a rare event for Kunlun Jiange to wash the sword once every four years, which is no less than that of Puyuan once every three years.
If it weren’t for Luo Changfeng’s mess, I’d really like to climb to the top of the seventy-two peaks of Kunlun Mountain. It’s content to take a look at even the green plum cooking wine without taking part in the sword washing.
"Then, are you interested in seeing the great event of cooking wine and discussing swords in the Kendo Holy Land today?"
Luo Changfeng was silent.
He doesn’t know how easy it is for Sichuan to suddenly appear in the wilderness, but he can’t figure out what it is to go to Kunlun. If Jiange’s thousand-year-old news is true, it’s easy for Sichuan to pick up stars. The old man and the bodhi old ancestor of Jiange compete for Jiange’s position. There should be a big hatred gap, but it’s hard to cross it, but he still insists on climbing Kunlun again and again.
Luo Changfeng looked at the sloppy road in front of him very seriously.
He has never seen the sage who has lived in Bann Kwan Khiang Dao for a long time on the top of Kunlun Mountain, and even more speculated on how many majors he majored in Jiange.
Is it vaguely felt that a man who was seriously injured and lost his memory thousands of years ago was sealed in the sloppy old road of the body residence, and a man who had lived in the kendo holy land for a long time learned the spiritual power of heaven and earth and was worshipped by thousands of brothers? Even though they are both saints in the realm of God, there is still a slight gap between them?
What’s more, how can a saint be thousands of miles away from each other? Thousands of years ago, the old man who watched the stars was defeated by the old man who picked the stars. After thousands of years, what is the chance of revenge?
It is speculated that a sage’s mind is different from that of the cat. The old man snoops on the cat and Luo Changfeng doesn’t want to think much.
"You know that the younger brother repairs knives," said Luo Changfeng after a long silence.
Luo Changfeng tactfully refused an invitation from a God-introduced saint.
From the cold face reveals a little surprised.
Brother Huangfuyi also patted Luo Changfeng on the shoulder.
The stargazing old man didn’t get angry.
Like this, a sword can chop a star into a galaxy, and a kind look and a smile can kill people. There is really no need to get angry.
Stargazing old man looked at Luo Changfeng’s deep eyes and showed some appreciation.
He didn’t have the problem of cooking swords in childhood. He turned the conversation and said, "Let me tell you a story about going to Kunlun for three hundred miles."
"All ears" Luo Changfeng bows his hand
Horseshoe breaks beans, big raindrops break muddy mountain wasteland, it’s a long way from Zhongzhou to Kunlun Mountain, and the story of the past year told by the sage in the carriage is also very long
The old man who has grown to stargazing can’t remember whether it was a thousand years ago or a thousand years ago.
At that time, Jiange was not like tens of thousands of younger brothers in this evening. At that time, Jiange had only a handful of three people.
One teacher and two disciples!
Teacher is naturally the founder of Jiange Mountain.
The founder of Jiange accepted the sword entropy of two young disciples and the sword entropy of younger brother.
Getting started early, my senior brother is calm and diligent, and my junior brother is smart and smart halfway up the mountain. It’s like waiting to carve rough jade, hard stone, Jiange, and the founder’s carving is hard to hide, and the light is more and more dazzling.
Until one day, the founder of Jiange wanted to be brothers and sisters, and two brothers chose one person to experience.
"Brother Entropy, come and have a rest and practice. You are not in a hurry."
Junxiu Peak flows in Jiange 72 Qifeng Cloud Creek, and Jianheng has set up a grill, which is a shiny golden goat.
The sword was drawn by the sword’s enthalpy, which was aroused by the attractive shine. He cut a piece from the goat’s leg and threw it into his mouth. He was scalded and said vaguely
Beside him, that cloud stream is connecte with the waterfall that falls from the top. A graceful young man repeatedly cut the waterfall with his sword.
"On the Master’s Day, we will choose a person with higher swordsmanship. I don’t know if there will be a debate on how can Brother Jian be so deserted?" Brother Yun Waterfall wiped the outline of his sleeve and put away his cheeks. Long Yuanjian sat beside the grill and said
"What’s good about mountains? Trivial troubles! It’s better that this Kunlun Mountain Heaven and Earth is free and unfettered by friends of spiritual birds. If you talk about martial brother Jian in the future, I will directly give up and become a senior mountain experience idea. "
Sword entropy slightly nai glanced at teacher younger brother.
Thinking that Teacher Enthalpy is talented and has great wisdom, but he is just too playful.
Sigh to sigh, different life paths are forced by law.
Sword entropy got his wish, and he defended the road by removing demons.
Chapter 51 There were two disciples in Jiange that year
The first encounter at the Cape was pursued by the magic door, and the sword of entropy stabbed into the body of the magic door master. He saved the red Luan.
Hongluan incarnates a delicate and charming girl, and since then, she has been stalking Jian Entropy.
"My name is Hongluan. What’s your name?"