When the red pulp attacks the shape, they secretly input some deformation data into many red pulp … brains when they fight.

After that, the red pulp recognized that they had defeated the random separation.
And the input deformation data to them slowly takes effect.
Most of the deformation data will be deformed by Red Paste itself, but the front red paste body doesn’t know what effect these data will play. If Red Paste wants to read these data by itself, their bodies will react and deform.
Some red pulp found an extra piece of data in their brain memory. They became curious about it and read it …
Let it find itself changing.
Mainly brain changes, they completely deformed their brains into a similar shape and installed that kind of’ monitoring’ for them before.
That is, a structure that can be connecte with form consciousness anytime and anywhere.
Because almost all red pulp read the brain data out of curiosity, the result is that they are all shape-controlled.
Of course, this time, they have no public identity, but continue to move forward.
At this time, I still want to continue to observe this group of red pulp.
It noticed that the group of red pulp who’ defeated it’ declared their victory when they returned. They described Xing as a very … evil creature and declared everywhere that they had defeated it after a fierce battle.
So the whole red pulp country celebrated their victory together. At that time, there were also many props and mud that they turned into celebrations … props or food to celebrate.
After observing this situation, Xing was not angry but found it very interesting.
At the same time, I had a new idea … It wanted to go out and have a look.
The shape has always been small. At first, it didn’t feel anything, but when it found that life outside was so wonderful, it wanted to move away from this small normal imaginary.
But it is very difficult to figure it out.
It is not a simple reason that "law adapts to normal virtual environment", but … it can be said that small is its body.
Its body is closely’ fused’ together, which may be something like the channel brain.
Other methods are directly separated.
But after careful study of red pulp, it found hope.
To be precise, this hope was discovered from ancient mud bodies.
Shape has been controlling the investigation of ancient mud bodies that monitor red mud, and it has long noticed that ancient mud has quite rich knowledge.
And this investigation is getting easier and easier.
At first, the red mud was established by ancient mud bodies, but with the development, they all moved out of the body, and some parts of the original ancient mud bodies were produced with tool mud, but others were abandoned.
The investigation here is very smooth, and some news about’ Heng Gu Ni’ was found in the ancient mud body.
This older mud creature may make the shape and energy break away from the bondage and go to the normal emptiness.
There is no direct difference between Heng Gu Ni and modern and ancient mud.
Simply put, it is … if the ancient mud obtains the data of deformation and constant Gu Ni, it can deform itself and’ upgrade’ itself into constant Gu Ni in a short time.
And some organs of Gu Ni can accept somatotype.
But there is no way to get the constant Gu Ni data at present.
However, the shape still found some possibilities because of its ancient mud body found in the model sand sea
It is known from the records that the model sand sea can record the complete shape of a thing.
Is to include and everything outside.
It is indeed possible to upgrade the ancient mud to obtain the model sand data of the model sand sea … a constant Gu Ni.
But only by its own method to find the model sand sea.
At the beginning, the model sand sea was too far away. Although the shape can control it, those places where the monitoring is far away from themselves will lose contact with the model sand sea.
So it just wants to help this group of red pulp to find it
However, Xing doesn’t want them to find it in a simple way, but intends to play a foreplay.
That’s the plot of the enslaved against the enslaved.
I just want to see this kind of plot. If the purpose is only to let Red Slurry go to Shahai … there is an easier way.
It’s a bit like Phoenix likes to watch some special … plots.
So it took action. It let itself control and monitor, and attacked the red pulp everywhere.
And it has made some minor adjustments to its own monitoring, which always makes Red Paste feel that it is … itself after seeing them.
That is, red pulp feels that a large number of shapes appear and attacks them everywhere.
Of course, monitoring also includes making those props mud rebel and other things.
Shapes make them very powerful by monitoring some special deformation data and have a splitting organ.
This is a time when it fooled a group of prop mud, which occupied a splitting organ and brought it out.
Although it seems that it is difficult to make an organ that big from the ancient mud, that is, the core of the red paste text, it can be done.
Now it is the separatist organ that continues to produce and attacks the Red Pulp Army.
It is hard to resist the attack of the red pulp by the troops.
After all, shape can be said to be … the creature that knows them best.