Liu Jiaoshou has never been eager to save a person’s life. How much he hopes that he can break through this peace and spend the rest of his life.

Conway’s family members who are seriously ill must be informed and consulted. His brother, Kangqiao, signed the operation agreement on behalf of Kangjia. Liu Jiaoshou said a bold treatment plan and wanted Kangqiao to choose Dr. Conway, a world-famous brain expert, for a second operation.
I really want him to get better. I recommend you to contact Dr. Kentoko, the father of brain surgery in the Netherlands. He has excellent medical skills, especially in the department of intractable diseases of brain edema. I have communicated with Dr. Already. He is very interested in Conway’s illness and hopes that we can send him to the Netherlands as soon as possible.
Cambridge has always been calm, and he asked my brother with worries, can he stand the fatigue of long-distance flight?
I will go to the operation with the general medical team, and I will attend your family.
Cambridge nodded and said, Professor, I’ll arrange it.
A few days later, Su Changqing and his party flew from Beijing to Amsterdam by special plane.
Qin Jun didn’t list in the medical team. She gave up the opportunity voluntarily.
She thought Gu Mengmeng might be the only motivation to inspire Conway’s hope. She called Gu Mengmeng in Conway’s ward after the special plane took off.
Put the phone on, her expression is light, and she doesn’t have too many emotional ups and downs. She thinks she did the right thing, so that she won’t leave the couple with bad feelings and regrets.
Conway said not to inform my wife before the operation.
She didn’t approve of that statement at all.
She wants to Gu Mengmeng also won’t agree.
Beyond life and death, how can love be afraid of another wave?
Gu Mengmeng sat on the sofa for a long time until she heard the doorbell ringing, so she couldn’t help walking over and knocking.
It’s aunt
Holding a big plate of fresh fragrant Dutch fried rice, she said with pity that the girl should eat something, and your lover will be blessed by God.
She nodded slightly and smiled at the aunt and accepted the thanks.
Aunt touched her hair, and her gray-blue eyes were full of love.
God bless you. Everything will be fine.
She sat back to the dining table and looked at a large plate of fried rice rich in food, and suddenly burst into tears.
She can’t be depressed. Conway still needs her.
Pick up a silver spoon and gulp down this meaningful fried rice with tears.
She must summon up her courage to accompany Conway through the second hurdle of life like going to Iraq to find her relatives.
The next day
It rained lightly in Amsterdam.
She took an umbrella to give the students the last lesson.
Before, she discussed with the organizing committee that there were two major classes left, and she compressed them into a saving part, which was replaced by two other teachers. The chairman of the organizing committee understood her practice very well and took the initiative to contact his good friend Dr. Kentoko to introduce Gu Mengmeng to him. When the doctor learned that she was the wife of Conway, a patient who came to Beijing, he marveled at Chinese and said that your husband was great. Liu Jiaoshou, I told you that you can rest assured that I will try my best to heal him.
I don’t know how to thank these two kind people.
The chairman said that although I hope you can keep yourself strong, it is enough to repay me.
Moved by the inexplicable, she only focused on the last class, reading idealism and teaching what she knows to the students, which is what she feels best. Chapter 294 Meet each other.
The outside of the airport VIP room was filled with people who came to pick up the plane.
They are curious about the martial law scene of the army, and they are all amazed at the treatment of being separated from the door.
Gu Mengmeng when the time comes, it’s a little early when Dr. Kentoko agreed. Looking at the armed Dutch soldiers inside, he thought, is it Uncle Su’s former Dutch official who said hello to martial law to pick up the plane?
Later people became more and more crowded, and she was submerged behind the big foreigners, and she couldn’t see the scene inside.
Dr. Kentoko is still missing, and she is getting anxious and afraid of missing Conway Gate.
Finally, regardless of politeness, she arrived in the chair, dressed in pine branches and green China military doctors. They were experts of the medical team in Qin Jun’s mouth, carefully holding the stretcher and walking briskly out of the passage.
Gu Mengmeng bit his lip and rushed to the crowd gathering place.
Walk forward with difficulty and say sorry to the person in front.
Serious-looking Dutch soldiers isolated the spectators, and the China team made a passage.
After the crowd crowded Gu Mengmeng was crowded again.
She was furious at the sight.
Despite being pushed down by soldiers in front, the crowd pushed forward desperately.
She kept shouting Conway Conway Conway, and finally she squeezed into front of the Dutch soldiers and protected the barrier through their palms. She saw people lying quietly in the encirclement of military doctors.
She covered her lips and tried her best not to let her fall in the shoving. About ten meters away, her tears blurred and she cried Conway Conway MengMeng is here.
The Dutch soldier was surprised to see her, and when she saw her escorting China guests, they were dressed the same, and their hands were much lighter.
Suddenly, she saw Cambridge, and his expression was cold. What did the other party say? She waved her arms desperately, but he was so absorbed that he ignored Gu Mengmeng, who was blocked by Dutch soldiers.