Otherwise, see one and kill one!

Taurus got up by putting out cigarette butts, moved his hands and feet, and gritted his teeth to exercise.
Push-ups, sit-ups and squats are done in turn one after another.
Taurus didn’t stop until he was sweating and exhausted.
Hoo hoo!
After a lot of exercise, dopamine will accelerate the secretion of this stimulant-like substance, but it will make Taurus feel that Shu Tai is comfortable and troubled
Brush your teeth, wash your face and take a shower in exchange for a high-quality sleep all night. Taurus didn’t feel sore, numb and bloated until she was awakened by the alarm clock! Addicted!
Morning exercises can’t be abandoned. It is impossible to fulfill Xiaoyu’s requirements with weak will!
Moreover, Taurus also knows that the fatigue period will not be too long, and everything will be K for a few more days!
Xiaoyu sent several messages asking Taurus how he slept last night, and what he wanted for breakfast was always full of love.
It is natural for young men and women to taste love for the first time, but they will miss each other for a night.
I can’t help but smile bitterly when I think of the rooster dressed as a Taurus last night. I finally won the favor of my mother-in-law. I hope Xiaoyu will never be so "good" to him again
I made an appointment with the aggregation allies, and Jinniu arrived at the camp at 7: 30.
Coincidentally, I met Shen’s brother and sister Xiaoyu at the door, and prepared a nutritious and varied breakfast for three people. The package on the second floor is naturally talking and laughing, refreshing and heart-warming.
"Niu Ge is counted in the morning! Come on!"
When logging in to the game, Xiaoyu waved her fist at Taurus.
"We must work together!"
Taurus really wants to pick up kannika nimtragol and make out, but it’s a pity that big uncle is so shy!
"Hey, hey, I’ll go upstairs and see the brothers!"
Shen Yong got up and patted his ass as if he got the message.
As soon as Shen Yong went out, Taurus took Xiaoyu into his arms.
"Oh, I’m not ashamed early in the morning!"
Xiaoyu Jinniu escaped like a slippery fish with a kiss on the cheek and said, "Be careful in class!" "
"Ha ha …"
Taurus often reaches the lowest point of his IQ at this time, and will giggle and be so stupid that he can’t even say a word.
Accompanied by Taurus, it is natural for him to summon three generals. At this time, the sky is covered with fine snowflakes, and the four figures of the stone bridge at the east gate of the dark city are thin and powerful in the cold wind.
Shua shua shua!
The white light of Taurus’s palm flashes to take back the compass of the three star gods. At this time, it is two minutes short of Taurus’s aiming direction and going straight to the delivery direction.
"Yo yo yo! Someone seems to be not punctual enough! "
Dynasty is too left pie mouth words slightly dissatisfied and said
And the other three people look at Taurus eyes also some strange.
Last night, the sixteen-wing presiding judge fought Ye Zhenlong live. Of course, they all saw the nature and knew that Jinniu sold the tenth-level star god to the presiding judge.
But they are all curious about when the two of them have a friendship that will make Taurus give up what one favours so much.
"Sorry to have kept you waiting."
"Taurus, how much silver did the presiding judge pay for me?"
Tried to ask.
Hearing the word Taurus, the presiding judge, he felt chest tightness and waved his hand and said, "Don’t talk to me like a scum!"
Hmm? ?
Four people smell speech is one leng, two people in their cognition should be very iron!
In fact, except for the Sixteen Wings and Taurus, no one knows that Taurus has never been in the mood to play live broadcast in Shiqiao World War I, and the Sixteen Wings know that they are indefensible and it is impossible to make live broadcast.
"Scum? ?”
In the eyes of the players, most of the images are just, calm and clear-headed, which is a mess.
"It’s urgent to leave him first. It should be all right to tell you yesterday that you will prepare Dan medicine adequately?"
Taurus estimated yesterday that the distance to Beichuan ice sheet will be close to three hours even if you run non-stop.
If you make the mount, of course, it will save a lot of time, but it is limited to Taurus flying mount fighting chicken. After all, it is high to walk in a straight line!
However, this thing is that Taurus is reasonable, and it is impossible for him to throw four people first, and there is not much difference in speed between the four of them, so it is really urgent to figure out what to blame on the way.
"Don’t worry, Dan medicine is well prepared, but should the five of us form a team before we leave?"
Month heart added
"It is good to say that whoever is the captain will apply!"
Taurus certainly knows that these people are not worried about him!