Elegant and polite Lori is completely different from the vulgar Lori-leaning forward in the angled chair on the sofa-there is a glass bowl on the glass table in front of you. He unhurriedly and slowly took pieces of ice out of the bowl and threw it into the wine glass to make it sound crisp. He carefully hit a bottle of Scotch whisky and touched the glass to pour out two fingers of deep wine.

When Lori bent down to pour the wine and continued to delay, his thick blond hair has now turned silver with a long thick neck and a determined head. His appearance has given him a lot of help. He is handsome and angular, but people say that he looks like an astronaut or an old-school movie star, but they have never seen photos of Lori after he returned from the first exploration. His face is like being out of water, and his face is still engraved with the impact of this experience. After all, Lori has been to places that no one else has ever been to. Once upon a time, he was a "respectable person". Rate and charm, even if it is a little fat and slightly convex, even if the left eye tends to lean to one side, it seems that an asteroid is pulled by something outside its orbit and wants to get out of orbit. If those bright and sharp blue eyes are more bright, his charm will wave-the straight nose is firm and powerful, just like deliberately imitating the coastline of a secret country-the ice-like eyes will destroy the effect, but there is still a little warmth in his eyes that can retain the illusion.
"Well," he said, "you are very upset when you are calm and cautious when you pour wine."
It is absurd for Lori to transform a group of bunkers hidden in a nearby hill into a laboratory. It is said that there are many higher animals in the laboratory to bear Lori’s strong imagination, which seems to torture nature. Because nature tortured him first, he talked about experiments on neurons, neural links and synapses. It is incredible that his summer villa is very convenient nearby, but you suspect that he has never brought his fourth wife and children here. Dad’s workplace does not accept sightseeing.
You wonder what Lori does for fun. Maybe he is having fun at the moment.
He turned around with a glass of wine in one hand. He was wearing an expensive dark blue suit and gold-toed shoes. He smiled and stretched out his arms to hand out two glasses of wine. This movement also reflected in the mirror behind him that perfect teeth were shining. Politicians laughed happily and dangerously.
He flicked his wrist, cleverly and concisely, and moved his elbow and arm slightly. For a moment, you didn’t even realize that the glass of wine had come to you.
His left hand cup hit your head, and the window broke into pieces. You were taken aback. You hid from the side and kept your eyes on Lori. Your shoes spilled liquid, and your ankles were smashed into the window by broken glass. It was reinforced bulletproof glass, and there was not even a vibration. Lori’s right hand didn’t tremble at all, but you didn’t tremble either.
Lori is still smiling.
He said, "I’ve already poured you wine. Maybe we can have a fucking talk."
You don’t feel comfortable on the cushion. You look at the ocean and the lighthouse. You look at the remains of that whisky. You wonder if he specially ordered these glasses to make them more fragile. Lori leans forward in his chair like a predator. You still don’t move. Your heartbeat is like a password. Even you can crack Lori’s big face. His eyes are flushed with alcohol. His generous shoulders are drooping. Because he leans forward, his stomach covers his knees. His wine is still in his hand. But you know that the security guard is outside the door.
"So you want to take a closer look at well Cynthia? I can’t help but want to see what’s behind the curtain when I sneak a look around your company with my password. "
This is a weekly plan. No one should see it when you wear it back, but there is a secret agent in Lori’s border command post. He has been warned that the best grace can do is to take them back to the cathedral-like storage room of the South Border Bureau and put them on the exploration label. Lori took you to the military base before the plane sent you here. This is top secret. After Viterbi was questioned, Ji was placed under house arrest.
I already know what’s there.
A hard stuffy hum-contempt doubt "a typical office clerk knows nothing just because he is in charge because he has read a few reports" and irony.
His breath is sweet and greasy, and the smell is too strong, as if other substances tend to rot. His eyes are erratic and hostile, but other than that, his expression is hard to guess. He looks like he can do anything if he wants one more drink.
"So you leisurely through the past spent a happy holiday lying on the beach to relax a couple? Do you have any thoughts on Viterbi, your little white-faced follower, once you get there? A little entertainment on the lighthouse steps? "
Silence is the best response. Headquarters sees Lori’s sophisticated side, and you see his bad side and hide it.
"So you have nothing to say to me? Don’t even give a sign? I don’t want to explain further? "
"I handed in my report."
He almost jumped out of the chair, but you didn’t move. When you were nine years old, you were forgotten about the coast. You had to face bears and wild dogs in vain. You had to face them firmly and growl when the rules changed. Will you do the same when you need to face the area? You don’t know those ridiculous lights. You’re sweating all over.
"I tried to get into your head, but I didn’t really get into your head, if you don’t know what I mean," Lori said. "I want to know how this situation came about and see if there is really a good fucking reason for headquarters not to get rid of you."
As tight as an egg, the headquarters may open its mouth and issue an order to make you automatic into a flame or more likely to make you evaporate like fog. However, it also means that you are not fired mainly because of Lori, and you feel a glimmer of hope again.
"I can’t always order others to explore myself without taking part." You can’t let them monopolize this experience.
"You command? I ordered it, not you. You have to find out. "He put the glass heavily on your table, and a piece of ice fell off the table and fell to the ground. You resisted the urge to pick it up and put it back in the glass.
"And Viterbi-is it necessary to drag him into your pathetic exploration?"
You can reveal that Viterbi really wants to go, but you can predict Lori’s reaction. Lori has never understood Viterbi’s sadness because they belong to different life forms and are full of misunderstandings.
"I don’t want to go alone. I need backup."
"I am your support and involve the deputy director-is this a good idea?"
Grace may hate Lori, but somehow Lori seems to like Grace better. If she knew, she would feel sick.
"It’s not a good idea, it’s a misjudgment … but it’s hard to do it when you send people to the front and don’t fight yourself." This defense is that Grace’s idea is simple and unified
"Cut the crap. Does Grace suggest you say that? I bet it’s her. "
You missed a bug this time? Or is it speculation?
Again, "You have our report."
Lori was the only one who got the report. The border army command center knew about it, but Lori asked Grace to keep it from the South Border Bureau-"for reasons of morale and security"-until the final decision was made. According to the official statement, you still took a long vacation and Viterbi was forced to take a vacation.
"Go to hell with your report. You tried to hide Viterbi from me"-strictly speaking, it’s not correct-"and you found that it rarely seems incomplete. You stayed in it for nearly three weeks, and the report was four pages long?"
"there’s nothing unusual. Generally speaking"
"In general a fart Viterbi see? Is it a real thing or a fucking illusion? Do you know what will happen if you go in there? Do you know what reaction may be aroused? " His pronunciation is vague, and the syllables are connected together.
"I know" the toy lighthouse suddenly came to life.
Lori suddenly leaned forward and breathed with rotten sweetness. "Do you want to know something interesting? Do you fucking want to know?"