"There are more than two then" Chen Qianxue suddenly plugged in a word to make Fu double neon leng one.

Then you will know what Chen Qianxue means by double neon.
Because she felt something!
Fu Shuang neon looked up.
A middle-aged man who looks better than Mu Na has actually come to the county government and even this courtyard.
The other person’s expression didn’t fluctuate, and those eyes didn’t seem to have feelings.
It feels as if Root is not a living person.
Very strange
Death is
Fu Shuangni found herself unable to see through each other’s repairs! Lian Chen Qianxue said that sentence before.
"Three then!"
These four words were uttered by her gritting her teeth.
She wants to get rid of herself. It’s already a big deal to send two elixirs.
leave sth out of account
The other side has written more. Three then realms have been sent out.
Just get rid of yourself
I really respect her!
Chapter one hundred and sixty You Taoist friends have something to say!
Fu Shuang neon has quietly injected a trace of spiritual power into the hidden charm in his hand, and she will instantly escape dozens of miles away if the wooden-looking elixir cultivator makes a slight change.
But she was still a little worried.
Because she is not too sure that she can escape from a spiritual practitioner in the realm of then.
Hiding symbol can make her hide dozens of miles away.
Dozens of miles is a long way to cultivate immortals in the realm of refining gas and building foundation.
But for the alchemist,
Is it really far?
Although his hands except for Chen Qianxue that a hidden escape operator, there are still two hidden escape operators left, which is almost enough to make her far away from hundreds of miles away.
But it’s still the same sentence-is a hundred miles far for those who cultivate immortality?
After all, it is Fu Shuangni’s lack of strength that makes her not know much about then.
The sense of crisis that lingers in my heart has not dissipated much.
It is not enough to make her heart rise a little bit.
That look looks very wooden, then the realm of cultivating immortals finally moved the other side and slowly lifted it up with one hand spread out, facing the double neon of Fu, which made the alarm in Fu’s heart big!
Just as she was about to move the symbol.
Abrupt change!
A figure appeared from nowhere and flashed by, accompanied by a sweet sword.
Sword songs fall
The wooden-looking elixir cultivator gave him a meal. His double god eyes glazed over and he held out a hand.
The hand has dropped to wrist cross-section smoothness ratio.
As if it had been carefully polished.
"This is?"
Looking at the sudden appearance of the figure, the double neon movement also shocked her. "Another then?" !”
This is not the imperial city of Dayan Dynasty.
This is Qinghe county!
Six elixirs have sprung up in a Qinghe county? It is estimated that few people will believe it if it goes out.