Side with long soldiers qi qi to stab …

The mouth overflowed with thick blood, and the moon looked at it alone. The breath was falling through the heart by an arrow, and the brothers who had already been lying in the pile of corpses smiled.
The mountain charm didn’t go after Luo Changfeng, who escaped and killed two people.
Facing the fire, he took a cold look at the Moon Shadow Villa, which was about to be burned out in the soaked blood.
He ordered people to throw these bodies into the cliff, flat and qijiang river, whether it was the black moon or the heavily armored cavalry killed in this battle
The bluebird dialed the moonlight and set down. He sent a message about the war.
That night, the You Jiang River washed out and couldn’t tell the true identity. Bodies were everywhere …
Chapter 34 Mo Qinan lost a daughter seventeen years ago
Spacious carriage driving in wasteland
The escort carriage has ten riders.
A wide black robe covers the wind and sand, riding a pike with a red tassel.
There is a fine bow and arrow bag hanging on the right side of the horse, and each bow is also equipped with ten arrows
The horseshoe is inlaid with Xuan Bing iron, which is long and bitter in the north. It is as hard as the earth, even the bumpy mountain road is flat.
The bluebird plucked the blue sky and rushed down to the clouds.
The bluebird fell beside the driver, who was ugly. The driver took the bluebird’s foot bamboo stationery and presented it to the owner of the carriage who closed his eyes.
The thirteen royal families of the Imperial League, one Shen Jiagu, opened their eyes and opened the letterhead from Moon Shadow Villa, then frowned slightly for a moment.
Nine quicksands were lost when the two disciples of Chuanzi in the Academy were intercepted early. Now, three people are dispatched together with more than a thousand riders, and even the Moon Shadow Villa has escaped from the net …
Deep and angry
He closed his eyes again to meditate.
Since that little man with a broken sky saved the moon phase, he saved a lot of things. If he can strangle the identity-sensitive moon phase leader in Los Angeles, it will surely be a great achievement.
Shen Li calculated.
Being able to give birth to Shen Tianxin, a daughter who is familiar with Tianxin’s calculation of beads, is naturally not an ordinary person.
Careful thinking has always hidden the appearance of impatience, that is, the thirteen royal families are rarely known to each other, keeping a low profile.
After half a column of incense, Shen Li lifted the car curtain and told the housekeeper to say, "Go to Bailucheng."
Qi You Jiang
A small town far away from the world’s grievances, after a heavy rain, the river rose and the bodies rushed out of the fields. For the people in the small town who rarely saw Jianghu killing on weekdays, this was a rare event for decades.
In particular, more than 1,000 unidentified bodies suddenly appeared at the height of the war in Dayan Empire in seven states, and even more dare not turn a blind eye.
So layers of newspapers
From small towns to counties to state capitals, more and more officials of Dayan Empire were alarmed. Although imperial officials tried their best to keep their mouths shut, things remained completely confidential.
The governor who came by the river to investigate the state animal husbandry couldn’t get rid of the residents in the nearby onlookers, and some Jianghu people finally decided not to stop these curious people unless it affected the verification and adjudication.
There is a figure in the crowd of onlookers who is extremely conspicuous. The man looks at about half a hundred years old, dressed in a pale blue cassock, with a calm breath and eyes like a great master of some sect involved in Jianghu.
However, if the word "true guru" is used to form this person, I am afraid that this person’s identity is somewhat underestimated.