Drinking just fell into a familiar figure is now. Before Lin Dong, he punched lightly, while Leishan, like a bull, was hit hard and rubbed on the ground and flew backwards.

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Looking at the figure before now, Lin is also micro-quickly cried
You little brat told you that you still dare to break into Zhuang. Now, if you see the signal before Lin Dong, you will rush in and Lin Xiao. At the moment, he also turned his head and shouted at Lin Dong’s thin nu way
Third Master, don’t be in a hurry to blame Master Lin for not bringing us in. I’m afraid this Tiemuzhuang will be ruined by Lei’s family. Qin Ying hurried over and pointed to the mess behind him and said,
Wen Yan Lin Xiao was also surprised. His eyes followed Qin Ying’s expectation, and then he saw the black forest full of potions. When his face was so ugly, he became extremely ugly.
Lin Xiao, although my Lei family lost to you in Tiemu Village, it was my Lei family property before it was picked up. It’s too contemptuous of you to rush into this village today.
When Lin Xiao looks ugly, it’s not far away, but also to huff and drink, followed by the Lei Ying, who is quickly swept away with dozens of figures.
Hum, if we don’t rush, I’m afraid this Tiemuzhuang will be destroyed by your thunder family. Lin Xiao stares sullenly at Lei Ying and others and sneers.
Upon hearing this, Lei Ying’s face was also slightly changed, and he looked at that piece of Tiemulinyu’s eyebrows without trace, wrinkly to knit the brows, and secretly scolded a nothing.
What’s the matter with Third Brother?
At the moment, Lincoln also rushed in with the Lins’ good players to see this way is also heavy way
Lin Xiao briefly said something about it, and when Lincoln heard that the Lei family actually wanted to completely destroy the soil of Tiemuzhuang, even his mind was flooded with evil fire, which was really despicable.
Ray’s family is really a means. It has been delayed for so long because it wants to take a drastic measure to cut off all the vitality of Tiemuzhuang. Lincoln stared at Lei Ying and others with cold eyes and dew.
Aside those Lins’ players are also clutching their swords at the moment, and their eyes are not good. It is obviously a trend that a word is inconsistent and they will be big thugs.
See caught the plan that Lei Ying and others face is also some less immediately simply will no longer hide a light smile Tiemuzhuang is my Lei family business for many years into you Lins want this to just enjoy the world which is so good.
Hearing this, Lincoln and others flew into a rage.
Lei’s family nature makes people admire her. Now this Tiemuzhuang is my Lins’ family. If you are not angry in your heart, I can accompany you in Lin Xiao’s eyes.
Smell speech Lei Ying and others are also fresh, but they can swallow their anger at the thought of Lin Xiao’s mid-term strength that day. If there is conflict now, they really can’t get many benefits here.
Hey, since the Lins are so interested in Tiemuzhuang, I’ll give it to you, but I’ll manage these things well, and my Lei family will get them back one by one in the future.
Lei Ying gloomy eyes staring at Lin Xiao and others suddenly sneer at a was didn’t say much, a wave of his hand is turned away with people.
Looking at Lei Ying and others far away, Lin Xiao and others face is still not much better. Even if Tiemuzhuang is damaged like this, I’m afraid the output will be greatly reduced.
The son of a bitch Lincoln was livid and low scold a way
Lin Xiao is also a light sigh. Check a Timuzhuang Timulin area first to see what it looks like to be roughly damaged.
Hearing his words, the Lins’ guards quickly dispersed and rushed into the pieces of ironwood forest land.
This kind of search lasted for half an hour or so, and they came again and heard those returns. Lin Xiao Lincoln’s face became more and more ugly.
One side of the forest is also frowning. Tiemuzhuang has grown up. Tiemuzhuang still has some amount, but the biggest loss is that even if the soil here is destroyed by Lei’s potion, the output of Tiemuzhuang will drop greatly.
Alas, let my father know what’s going on here. His old man’s house pays great attention to this Tiemuzhuang. If he learns, he will even be angry. Lin Xiao sighed and looked at Lincoln’s way
Lincoln also nodded his head with a wry smile. This plan can also be used.
Looking at the two people’s depressed and angry faces, Lin is also sighing that the Lei family is really vicious.
After the news came back to the Lins’ home for just half a day, Lin Zhentian arrived at Tiemuzhuang with his troops, looking at the horribly grim-faced woodlands filled with foul smell.
Lin Dong sat on a steep mountain and looked down at Fang Yi Hall. At the moment, Lin Zhen roared, from which he heard that kind of roar. Even if he didn’t sit inside, Lin Dong couldn’t help shrinking his neck. It was the first time he saw Lin Zhen so furious. It seems that Lei Jia really made him angry this time.
It’s terrible
Vomitted to stick out powder tongue on the side of sandalwood whispered, this time she followed Lin Zhentian them to come over.
Lin gave a wry smile. Let’s walk around, Grandpa. I’m afraid this fire will not rest for a while. Let Dad and them carry it.
Well wingceltis nodded with a smile.
Lin moved the Pteroceltis tatarinowii to sit on the back of the tiger, and then he led the way to the depths of Tiemuzhuang.
Tiemuzhuang occupies an active area on the ground, but the scenery is very beautiful. If it weren’t for the faint smell, it would be a very good summer resort from all around.
Tiemuzhuang has a unique black soil, which is a necessary condition for planting Tiemuzhuang. It is said that Tiemuzhuang was a volcano in this area a long time ago, and the black soil was ejected from the ground, but now the volcano has disappeared, and the black soil is limited. This time, it was destroyed by the Lei family, and the output of Tiemuzhuang will be much less. Grandpa will be angry and walk in the quiet and deep forest, and he will also explain it to the girl at random.
Oh, wingceltis nodded slightly, and her eyes swept around, saying that the temperature inside is higher than that outside.