It’s like stepping into the battlefield. After hearing this sound, everyone knows who the newcomers are. This is an army! !

"Not good!" When the immortal from Taifu saw it, his expression changed greatly: "Why would the bow attract the army of David dynasty in such a remote place?"
"No! This is a conspiracy against Taidian! "
"This is a secret designer ready! ’
At this point, he was very unwilling to stare at the dying elixir cultivator and immediately shouted to his companions: "They can’t see us! Withdraw! ! !”
Too late!
A breath of terror will lock their department. This is impressively the breath of Yuan Ying’s realm of cultivating immortals.
At that moment, everyone froze
A group of them really want to rush away from the light.
But they can’t.
Body spirit force is like being stagnant.
Everyone seems to have experienced a great horror, like a cold sweat dripping from his forehead.
Sweat like pulp!
"Thief! Robbery of the road and disaster relief! Who killed the court of the Great Wei Dynasty and cultivated immortals still want to escape? Hum! Wishful thinking! Are you really a general? !
A cold and fierce roar poured into a group of people’s ears from all sides of the virtual space.
Then all the soldiers of the Great Wei Dynasty came with swords.
And extremely fast formed a large array in the army.
There are people in the trapped place!
Crisis theory is everywhere in the large array, and any breakthrough from any angle can get away in a short time.
Plus a baby realm strong bring up the rear.
Don’t get away with a fly.
Taifu people are as white as a sheet, and all of them know that they have fallen into a trap.
I also know that I and others may have to hurt Taidian badly.
Locked in by a baby, they have no chance to commit suicide even if they want to.
"Too temple.
A group of people sent by Tai Wei were fooled by the staff, and a group of people were arrested by an army of Wei Dynasty.
Everyone was sealed and repaired and escorted away in the direction of the imperial city
Tai Wei doesn’t know about it for the time being, but he still thinks he is sure to win this time.
Mr. staff, the advantage of assistance is definitely on his side!
Plus, he has an important chess game, Gentiana.
All the factors are combined, so how can he lose?
There is no reason to lose!
"Go and call Mr. Qin and Gentiana." The more Tai Wei in the Imperial Palace wanted to feel more relaxed, he ordered to a nearby bodyguard: "I have found some good spirits and I want to invite them to have a drink together. Hahaha.
Guards nodded and hurried away.
after that
before long
He came back without stopping.
And brought back a message that made Mrs. Wei feel a little bad: "I don’t know if I can’t find him, Mr. Temple Staff, and I don’t know if I went to Beizhi Taifu to look for them three or four times, but I couldn’t find them."
After hearing these words, Tai Wei couldn’t help but be stunned.
He couldn’t help frowning and asked, "Neither of them? ! ’
Guards nodded again.
not to know
Mrs. Wei feels a little uneasy now, as if something is about to happen
He chose to believe his hunch: "Send someone to find them both at once!
"here! ‘
However, Tai Wei didn’t expect to send more people to look for these two men himself, but they still couldn’t be found.
The chief of staff, who gave him advice, received many good things from him. He worked for Qin Gui.
There is no trace of it, as if people had completely evaporated.
Tai Wei feels more and more wrong!
A sense of crisis arises spontaneously!
Make him uneasy
A little restless
"A person see also calculate but two people together to see this is not what’s the catch in it somewhere? And so on. "Wei Tai suddenly reacted, and his expression became extremely wonderful at this moment.
Even he doesn’t believe this kind of speculation in his mind, because if he believes this kind of speculation.
That would make him look like a top ten idiot.
"They will betray the lonely? Loneliness thinks it’s all in your hands, but loneliness is a drama in others’ eyes? ’
"No impossible absolutely impossible! !”
Wei tried too hard to throw away his thoughts. He gritted his teeth and muttered, "Maybe it’s just a coincidence."
"yes! It should be a coincidence! ’
As time goes by
The last thing Tai Wei wants to see now is that one day, when he suddenly found that the atmosphere at the court today was very wrong.
From the moment he stepped into the court, it seemed that all eyes were focused on him.
The eyes of the ministers of the Great Wei Dynasty sparkled with consternation, anger or hatred.
Mrs. Wei caught a glimpse of two familiar figures, which suddenly disappeared before Qin Yan!
Next to Qin Genting is Chen Qianxue, the sister he hates the most and the person he feels the greatest threat!
Mrs. Wei also felt a look, which contained angry color.
Make him scared!
Dare not look up!
The owner of this vision is the emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty and his father!
Chen fengyin!
"vertical!" A sudden anger of Tathagata makes the realm of self-cultivation be the realm of then. Too big Wei’s feet can’t help but be soft and almost didn’t kneel in court.
Big Wei was too stunned and stiff to look up and see his father’s face, which implied anger.