A German soldier raised his pistol at an opponent who couldn’t see clearly, and then he dropped his weapon and ran in the opposite direction. As a result, he was hit by a bullet before he ran a few steps. The Germans resisted for more than ten seconds and collapsed. Finally, a German soldier fell down near his car, a few steps away from his submachine gun.

The Norwegian was not unscathed. Two members were shot and killed, and the first old man was badly injured. He had to be supported by two people to sit against the anti-aircraft gun. He gasped and pulled over Axel and said with a trembling voice, "… This cannon … hit … hit the German factory!"
At this time, there was still chaos around. Did guns come from some places? However, the gun battle at this anti-aircraft gun position still shocked a German patrol in the factory. He frowned and went to the mailroom. He grabbed the words and asked what happened at that anti-aircraft gun position.
As far as he was concerned, members of Norwegian resistance groups had groped to lower the muzzle of the cannon, and the whole millimeter cannon was aimed at it to protect the building. Unfortunately, these members of resistance groups did not go through the gun training institute, and it took them half a day to load the first shell into the cannon muzzle.
They can’t read the ruler. German is a good way to aim at the target. The target is very close and very huge. It is not necessary to aim accurately. It is not easy to get ready before these people can shoot a powerful shell.
After a flash, a shell quickly rushed to the factory wall. After the shell shattered the factory wall, it exploded and shattered the installation windows of several factories not far away. With a loud bang and the sound of crashing glass, these guns were too close for laymen to find their way for a long time.
German soldiers on duty watched the factory’s outer wall collapse with a loud bang, and the words in their hands almost fell to the ground. At this time, the receiver came to connect. "Hello? Hello? This is the factory area of No.4 anti-gun position command. What’s the situation there? "
"I don’t know what happened! However, about 4 meters to the left of the side door, an anti-aircraft gun position came to the gun and then the courtyard wall collapsed! " German soldiers on duty answered the opposite question with trembling hands on the receiver.
"What? What? Can you speak more clearly? " The people over there looked very anxious as they asked.
"I’m afraid you have to quickly send someone to support me! I saw an anti-aircraft gun destroy the outer wall of the factory! Near the side door of the factory exterior wall! " The German soldier shouted into the receiver.
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Chapter 99 99 Fighting in the middle of the night
The American bomber fleet saw that a large number of bombs were dropped near the fire. These planes, German anti-aircraft guns and night fighters were carrying out their own multiple interceptions. This battle was the first time that the American strategic bomber fleet really bombed Germany, and their best result was to fly to Romania.
This time, they can finally finish their important place in Germany and give their opponents a fatal blow, but the situation is not right now. They cheer because they are still in danger and have not returned to the relative Anhai.
Bombers can fly more briskly without bombs. These were dispersed by anti-aircraft guns or chased by night fighters. American planes finally got together in the middle of the night and flew back to Iceland base. They just completed a major bombing, and now they have only one way to escape.
Run! Desperate to escape, they want to find their way home in the dark before Lebanon, and the Germans find their way out in the fire all over the sky, hoping that the mysterious and horrible night fighters will chase and escape … It’s not that they are too unlucky, because there are too many people who are less fortunate than them in this war.
For example, at this moment, this unlucky German patrol next to the outer wall of the ore processing plant, he picked up his rifle from behind, and he could run as fast as he could to the problematic area. He didn’t know what he could do on his own, and he knew that he should fulfill his oath before the national flag.
He comes from that proud town, which gave birth to the famous saying "Even if our department is killed, Germany will never die!" He has always been proud of his identity in this small town. At this moment, he felt from the bottom of his heart that he should come out of this village and continue to write brilliantly.
So he took his weapon and stuck it to the wall, bypassing the easy-to-expose position, sticking it to the wall and approaching the outer wall collapsed by anti-aircraft guns. He approached carefully and dared not make a noise.
At this time, the Norwegian resistance clearly found the secret of the fire. It didn’t take long for the second gun to come out. The shells flew directly to a factory building behind the courtyard wall, which blew a huge hole in the wall there. The great destructive power may have hurt some machinery, but it was too dark to see clearly.
The German patrol was blown away by air billow, and his eyes narrowed. He touched the gap in the wall and leaned out to take a look at the possible place of the enemy. As a result, it was too dark at night, he vaguely saw the shadow of the cannon.
Without hesitation, he pointed his rifle at that position and carefully aimed at the cannon shadow. He knew that his weapon method had broken the anti-aircraft gun, but he had to stop the other side from shelling and destroying those precious factory equipment.
From the anti-aircraft gun position, the Norwegian vaguely spoke. The German patrol felt his heartbeat, but he decided to do what a soldier should do. He should do his duty in this position.
"bang!" The German patrol fired his first shot at the shadow in the dark, and then he nervously reloaded and continued the second shot. He found that the other side did not fire back, so he reloaded the rifle for the third time and continued to fire the third shot at the shadow.
Axel took over from the master and was busy commanding the artillery to attack the German factory. He felt that he would not be found out because there was chaos outside, and the gun root would not attract too many people’s attention. These unprofessional Norwegian resistance groups did not set up peripheral defensive positions. They swarmed around the artillery and were shocked by the power of this German weapon
"Hurry up loading! Fill it quickly! " While taking care of his master Axel, he urged his comrades to load a new shell into the cannon. When he knew that he might be running out, his nervous hands kept shaking slightly.
"Kid … kid …" After the cannon, the master was moved from the cannon. He is now looking at two ammunition boxes, and he is dying. But he still reluctantly said to Axel around him, "Light up as soon as possible … all Germans who can light up the shells may come soon."
Axel has never seen the real reaction speed of the German team. He is a hidden forest shotgun, practiced shooting roots and has not received formal military training. Now he is also utterly confused and has not come up with any effective countermeasures against the current situation.
This is the same as most resistance organizations. In most cases, they come out to resist with enthusiasm and their own ideals, but they have no specific plans and implementation steps, and they resist the fate of slavery with enthusiasm.
Although this kind of work is lamentable, they also paid a lot of heavy prices in the process of fighting because of their own quality and lack of training. For example, this Norwegian resistance team is now in such trouble
Just as everyone was about to fire the third shell, suddenly a bullet hit the main gun and pointed it at the Norwegian resistance fighter. It can be said that the German patrol was too lucky, or maybe the Norwegian was too unlucky. The chief patrol hit the poor guy with the first bullet and went through his chest with one shot.
When everyone didn’t come to their senses, the second shot woke them up, and they didn’t know what had happened. The members of the Norwegian resistance quickly fell down and moved behind them with submachine guns, but in panic, these people didn’t know where the bullets came from, and they didn’t know how many Germans had arrived here
After all, they are a group of civilians who have not been strictly trained. When they really fight, they are more calm than the irregulars. These people can get together and fight with the wind. Once they are caught in a tangled tug-of-war, their timid side takes over.
By the time the German patrol fired the third shot, the Norwegians finally found the enemy’s fire position, so the dense bombs fired at the hiding place of the German patrol. In the past, submachine guns suppressed it at close range, and a series of bombs with unparalleled advantages smashed it everywhere.
German patrol killed an opponent by luck, but these Norwegian resistance members took aim. After all, they saw the dazzling muzzle flash in the night and roughly saw the German position, but these people forgot to allocate people to continue to operate the more powerful millimeter anti-aircraft gun.
"Cease fire! Stop shooting! " Axel finally realized the problem. What they lack now is precious. For a lucky gun, they destroyed the quantity of equipment in the German factory! But they’re surfing now, and they finally got the opportunity.
The longer this place drags on, the more likely it is that the German troops will move closer, and a large number of Germans will move closer to them, which is very unfavorable for civilians who have no combat experience. What they should do now is to facilitate the artillery to continue bombarding the factory building, not to kill a German who blindly waves ammunition and time.
He finally stopped his companions from shooting endlessly and then assigned "you guys go on manipulating the artillery!" Keep shooting at the factory building! I and the remaining two people suppressed the Germans over there! "
Unfortunately, the Germans with relatively strong mobility have already arrived. After receiving the alarm, the factory defense forces immediately dispatched a platoon of Germans to investigate what happened nearby. As a result, more than 30 German soldiers just arrived nearby and heard the sound of secret weapons shooting.
If they don’t know what happened now, then these German brains will grow in vain. With the German platoon leader’s order, more than three Germans broke up and approached these members of the Norwegian resistance organization who kept firing at the wall under the cover of night.
Compared with just now, only the attacker and the defender switched positions, this time it was a German attack, and those poor Norwegians also occupied the artillery. None of them found the danger coming, and they all continued to fight by themselves.
Soon the Germans were close to the distance where they could easily attack, and they were responsible for covering the Germans’ habitual machine guns in a bush. Everything was quietly prepared in the process. With the German platoon leader’s order, these German Wehrmacht immediately showed their strongest army fighting style in the world.
The machine gun fired a short shot in the direction of the anti-aircraft gun, and the tracer flew to the target in a straight line in the dark. The metal gun body sputtered out a gorgeous fireworks, and two terrible p44 assault rifles directly killed two Norwegians with their precise shooting. The sudden fire made these members of the rebel group flee about, and they were completely suppressed by the more powerful German fire in an instant.