"Damn it!"

"I was wrong-"
"ah! ! ! ! ! !”
The screams suddenly sounded in the chaos of flying sand and stones.
Every scream is short and full of fear, like waking from a nightmare and losing the ability to speak instantly.
-this is repentance and despair before dying.
The wind is rolling and the smoke is turning sharply. The hurricane is wrapped in rocks and flies far away and disappears at the end of the sky.
Scared dreams pass like quicksand.
Sword array blanking
All the sights gradually became clear again.
The body was wiped away by the sword wind and there was no trace.
There are only dozens of human heads piled together at random on the earth.
All the overlords who came to intercept almost died, and the last one was alive for the time being because he had something to ask.
Short man
He sat on the ground and was blown by the sword wind, and he dared not move.
The little man shouted in panic, "please leave me alone. I can give you everything. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have come to steal your secret!" "
"What did the big goblin tell you?" Gu Qingshan light way
"He said that you have a lot of secrets for you, so you can get those amazing secrets for free and sell them to him," the little man hurriedly said.
Gu Qingshan wanted to think about putting away his double swords.
He turned and walked towards Lin and Shannv.
The little man was greatly relieved to see him leave and felt that he had finally recovered his life.
He hurriedly got up and flew to escape from this horrible place.
One second, the short man suddenly rose into the sky and flew far away.
Soon he will be far away.
One thing fell from a high place and hit the ground hard until it rolled to the side of another head and slowly stopped.
Short male skull
His face is still frozen with the color of happiness for the rest of his life
Actually, he is dead.
It’s the sword that’s too fast. The head hasn’t lost its vitality yet, and it’s still alive for the time being
Gu Qingshan walked back to Lin and Shannv.
"A few people have interesting abilities, and it’s really interesting that I ended up without seeing anything."
Lin dislikes talking but her eyes are bright.
"And you don’t understand power?" Gu Qingshan asked
"Of course, all kinds of new abilities emerge one after another in the universe, and I am very interested in these," Lin said naturally
"I’m sorry, I don’t like to give others a chance." Gu Qingshan apologized.
He looked at the sky and sighed, "We missed the moment to go to a world."
"So you want the world to measure robbery?" Lin asked.
"I remember you said that there is a big demon in this world, and these people are also inspired by him. If you want to be here, Du Jie must be careful," Lin woke him up.
As soon as the mountain girl heard it, she tugged at Gu Qingshan’s sleeve and said, "I’m not afraid of any witchcraft. Let me kill that demon!"
Gu Qingshan shook his head and reached for a sword tactic.
Secret sword torrent
The shrill whistle suddenly sounded.
The yellow sword light pierced the night and went away.
Ground sword
The mountain girl looked at the broken sword and thought about it carefully, and gradually felt at ease.
Lin held her arms and said with interest, "What power does the sword have after awakening?"
Gu Qingshan said frankly, "It’s nothing but killing everything."
"The goblin lair is not easy to break into," Lin said.
"I added a little weight to the sword and cut it together with the world."
Gu Qingshan said
They waited for a few minutes in the night.
The line of sight method saw an earth-shattering sound coming from the other side of the horizon.
This sound is getting louder and louder.
Ground fissure